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  1. Don't care, lol. Got it by myself
  2. if anyone is interested, i'm looking for help with this trophy
  3. Many thanks for the link, evidently i didn't search well
  4. Terrible sorry, in fact i've searched how to report him but i didn't find anything, so that's my fault... but this should be reported for over 200 games platinumed in 10 seconds each... Reported on a single trophy list, and deleted the nickname in my first post
  5. deleted link I mean, come on, this is a cheater...
  6. Sorry for replying only now Yeah you can earn online trophy on PS Vita (but the server are completly empty). You can boost only by the same console: so only Vita-Vita and PS4-PS4, there's no cross-play The trophy list is shared, so this means you can continue on both console. I can confirme you all this because i'm playing this game on my both 2 PS Vita, so basically i'm helping myself, otherwise is impossible
  7. Anyway, i like both system, and love many games on both system. It's the same for me
  8. It's a masterpiece... i've never played many point and click game... i've played Monkey Island SE on PS3 (blocked almost at the end) and i've finished this one last year. Saying "it's awesome" it's reductive for me
  9. Just a simple question: i have bought TxK for 3 bucks, but i see that there are two trophies which nobody got it. Why? Are they so hard to obtain or are the glitched? Regards
  10. I'm looking for that DLC for making the only trophy available. But i can't find it on the store... where is it? This? Help me
  11. Sorry if I post here, but i have some explanations: 1)"what the hell is the void that Chases Murphy?" Do you remember some documents where there was written Murphy steals a car for being chased for over 11 hours? Well, that void which chases Murphy it means "Do you like to run? Then, RUN"; 2) Yes, Nepier killed Charlie, probably he makes him drown; 3) The Postman isn't anyone, i mean he's like a guide for Murphy; a little tip: this isn't the first time that the postman appears in a Silent Hill; it appears in a Silent Hill's comic book, but i don't remember which one.
  12. Obviously Silent Hill Downpour.