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  1. I agree yes. With PS4 its seem to sucks not with PS3. I never had any downloading issues with my PS3 and specially after I got better internet speed and it went so fast. Even when I do the internet test connection on my PS4. The results are horrible compare to the PS3. From 60 MB download and 10 MB upload. I get 18 and 2. I don't think so its because of the maintenance. It has been like that for very long time and even before the updates. I guarantee you either Sony uses cheap service or the ethernet port Sony installed is cheap. Sony is well known a cheap company. I will not do that for every download. There is a problem for sure and this dam Sony should fix it. With my PS3 I downloaded so many games and some of them had 11 GB. It didn't take me more than I remember 40 minutes. But with this PS4 its horrible and crazy. I haven't tried the pausing things and I will try the sandy by mode and see how is it for the next download. I haven't tried that out yet. skateak, on 30 Jul 2015 - 02:50 AM, said: I noticed this too. I have a 50mb connection and it seems like I don't even get half that. I swear my PS3 downloaded faster at 18mb than my PS4 does at 50mb. PS3 downloaded faster Wi-Fi then my PS4 does hardwired it seems like. One of the things I noticed, if it is going super slow, pause the download for 5 secs and then start it back up. I have seen downloads drop from saying 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Indeed the PS3 is faster. As I mentioned above. Even by doing the internet connection test. My PS4 results are horrible. I have 60 MB download and 10 upload. I get 16 or 17 MB download and 3 upload it shows on the PS4 results. But with my PS3 I get around 38, 39 download and 7 or 8 upload. There is a problem for sure with this PS4. Super-Fly Spider-Guy, on 30 Jul 2015 - 03:03 AM, said: Mine is sometimes a slow asshole and other times a swell guy. Example, when I bought Batman, the day one patch and DLC and whatnot was around 3 gig in total, and that took a few hours to download, I played the game anyway and eventually it downloaded. Other times, like with the Final Fantasy 14 or 15 or whatever the online one was called's beta, it downloaed around 15 gig in about 50 minutes. You wanna talk bad download speeds, talk to a Vita owner, it's so much worse than you think. God forbid to download anything on VITA. We don't need another headache as its enough with this da PS4. Mcbeanstr, on 30 Jul 2015 - 04:14 AM, said: Happens a lot to me as well. Sometimes it's the connection but the ps4 has that problem I hardly have any issues downloading on ps3 Same here PS3 it takes way better speed to download and as I remember. I never had any issues while downloading no matter how big the game was. zafira1290, on 30 Jul 2015 - 04:48 AM, said: I redownloaded all battlefield 3 patches which were something about bit over 2gb and it took me really stupidly unnecessary long time which was atleast 8 hours if i remember correctly. I did not really understand why it just went so slow because first it was like normal speed but also my ps4 has had slow download speed for some time now when i've downloaded it can be even slower than my ps3's at times... T_T There is a problem for sure with PS4. Either hardware problem or its servers. Satoshi Ookami, on 30 Jul 2015 - 04:48 AM, said: Ethernet or wi-fi? I use ethernet. StrickenBiged, on 30 Jul 2015 - 04:53 AM, said: It could also be Sony's servers, couldn't it? I usually get a good speed, but occasionally it's crappy - usually around what I assume would be peak download times, e.g. just got home from work and downloading a new release, or downloading the PS+ games on the day they launch. As has been said above, try pausing and resuming the download. I have also found that re-starting the system helps too. For sure there is a problem and as you said. It could be Sony's servers as Sony uses's cheap old servers for sure or its the PS4. There is no way people have high speed internet and dealing with this useless issues.
  2. For God holy name! Tomorrow I have work and at 9 30 I purchased the game and said to my self will play Legend Of Kay until 11 and go to sleep. Until now the download bar it shows 37 minutes still there. This is completely stupid and making me to buy another system.
  3. Has anyone paying attention to their PS4 system while downloading something? I searched the forum and couldn't find a topic regarding that. My internet speed is 60 download and 10 upload. When downloading a file size of 1 GB. The bar it says 2 hours and etc. This is completely stupid and I never had any issues with my PS3. Only God knows what kind of ethernet port Sony installed on the PS4 motherboard. I just bought the game called The Legend Of Kay and its 3 GB. The bar downloading is saying 3 hours!
  4. I got my PS3 system on November 22, 2005. Since than I have the system plus 3 more I own lol.
  5. Got Platinum in God Of War Remastered and now Playing Wolfesntein!

  6. My cousin has a video game store. I always get my games early from him.
  7. Yes it is better more than 8 times. Thank you. Stream isn't clear to much as you mentioned their settings and Internet connection effect the image.
  8. You are wrong my friend. I have played GOD 3 the PS3 version and with this PS4 version. You can tell the big improvements that has been made to the game from graphics, physx, effects, character layout, enemies, water, and shinning objects. This game looks better than some of new games that has been made for the next gen. Its impossible to get a great looking game like that for 39.99 and overall its not beating a dead horse. It is the perfect time for you and especially its only 39.99 and you will get great experience and how the game will amaze you. It is not the game and it will give you different experience when you will play it. The game is way better than the PS3 version. Thank you. Iam enjoying the game 100 percent as it delivers something different than the ps3 version which will amaze you. Not really. Sony didn't get greedy this time and this game by all means it looks really great and it should priced higher than 39.99 but Sony made the right choice.
  9. After playing it about 3 hours to say the truth. The game looks so great and it seems its next gen. The graphics are great, more details effects are being added on the walls, ground, enemies, objects, Kratos sword, shield looks impressive, and the environments in general looks better. I'm surprised the game price is 39.99 and not more. Sony didn't get greedy this time. This game by all means definitely is great and way better than some of the newer games that we have.
  10. My PS4 download speed is horrible and I don't to play with my router settings. There is an issue for sure Sony needs to fix it.
  11. Yea true I forgot lol.
  12. Mine is Batman Arkham Knight.
  13. Two days left until you will play it.
  14. Thank you.
  15. Me too I got the game and uploaded a short video. "SPOILER ALERT!"