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  1. This game just finally came to PlayStation and it's trophy list can be very time consuming and grindy. What did you guys think?
  2. I was on Fill_Fill's Realm server and pressing the OPTIONS on another controller. Game crashed after because there's an another player had a second controller.
  3. I also entered @Fill_Fill's or @CookiestMonsterr's Realm servers but the game won't let me join because of the outdated server and it's in the different version. Does anyone have the issue?
  4. To be honest, this game just came to PC on July 28th. I really enjoyed the design. What did you guys think?
  5. Huge congrats on the fastest achiever.
  6. I have won 2-3 streaks and the bad team when players eliminated on, and it will end the streak and it's so difficult. That is why the platinum difficulty being 10/10, according to the guide. Any tips for this?
  7. I did the same...
  8. A Pickle Running Game from SMobile?! One of the funniest shit I've seen. I'll go for that.
  9. Getting sick and tired of having the game disconnected while playing Fall Guys. My internet works fine and the Disconnect bug keeps popping while playing the game. It's so annoying!
  10. Anyone have the issues of game crashes on that game? I have. Played it on the blank, was doing a mission and the battle system was not that good because CPU blocks and dodges your attacks and it's annoying. I decided to surrender and the game crashed after it.
  11. I'm having trouble beating a Level 68 world boss. Channel 1 is when other people are defeating it. I got the platinum on the NA/EU version. I am working on the Asian version and the World Bosses was the only hard part due to the longer spawn time.
  12. The Run version of Canada Break is coming in development. Cannot wait for this!!! When it comes with trophy list, it's kinda fast, quick, and easy 1-2 minute platinum. And a highly enjoyable little game. This was one true Smobile Run game out there.
  13. I don't see the point that was easy for the Clan of Yeetus. This was pure heavily RNG and luck based when getting the Infallible trophy. And it's very difficult for Track Star as well because randoms taking first place quicker.
  14. I have no idea what happened. I was playing on the Clan of Yeetus and I was in the matchmaking. During the loading, the game crashed and froze my PS4. I'm so angry about this. Do you guys have the issues of crashing bugs?
  15. Trophy list just arrived on PSNProfiles