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  1. Platinum Trophy 66 - The DioField Chronicle - Master of Diofield 🏆 🕑 Time to Platinum: 37 Hours ⚔️ Difficulty: 2/10 ⏩️ Playthroughs: 1 I think this is the first time I've Plat a game without a trophy guide! Pros ✅️ Great Blend of RTS and turned based RPG mechanics ✅️ Characters Designs Cons ❌️ Story takes a while to get going ❌️ Battles become repetitive after about 20 hours. I recommend grabbing it when it's dropped in price. 6/10
  2. Platinum #65 YS IX: King of the Monstrums. 🕑Time to Plat: 58 Hours ⚔️ Difficulty: 4/10 ⏩️ Playthroughs: 2 (1 on Nightmare) Solid game. Loved it from start to finish. I'm tempted to go back and Plat Lacrimosa of Dana now.
  3. Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Kingdom Hearts 2 HD and Birth by Sleep HD Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 HD Strangely no PS4 Games as of yet...
  4. Well this came out of the blue!! Great news.
  5. The game looks disappointing to me. Its going to sell though as it will be one of the few launch titles exclusive to ps4 available no doubt.
  6. Whilst Dead Space 3 wasnt my favourite, it was still a good game. Id like Dead Space 4 to be more like Dead Space 2. Be a few years away yet though if they do decide to make a full game and not any spin offs...
  7. Finished this the other day. I really enjoyed the beginning, and though wow this is going to be awsome. However it sort of went downhill for me until after the City bit (After the car crash) Where it picked up again and became one of my favourite games ever. The writing and acting in this game is sublime! Best money ive spent on a game this year so far this year. The ending at first was a that it. But after giving it some thought it was perfect. Im more sad the we wont get to see any more of the Ellie and Joel as i doubt if a sequel is made then it wont feature either of them.
  8. Your star hope last hope international I really was determined to 100% this but all the battle trophies put me off..
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the opening of the game, but for me everything has been downhill from there.. I do love the characters though and their interactions, the voice acting is Top Notch. Maybe i was just expecting too much after the 10/10 scores, i just feel its not really going anywhere and im about 45% though the game.
  10. 1) Final Fantasy X (My god that story is brilliant..) 2) Final Fantasy VII (Never get over that death..) 3) Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Highly improved over 13 and extremely fun to play IMO)
  11. Ive died so many times its unbelievable! Either im crap at stealth, or im just not being clever enough with distractions. Its highly frustrating when you spend 20 ish minutes on an area..only to be killed by a clicker you didnt see behind you..and have to start all over again.
  12. What? Surely you mean next year...and if so its more likely to be the back end of next year. I think FFXV looks amazing! I loved how on the trailer they said the legend meets its match, meaning FF7 of course. Kingdom hearts 3 is a good announcement but that trailer was underwhelming, but i get what they were trying to do.
  13. Wernt too sure at first but its grown on me now. Id prefer it if it was just square edged rather than slantered, but im sure it will look very nice sitting under my tv
  14. I cant remember on the Phat one, but on the Slim it dont break the warranty Seal. Cant say for the super slim though, doubt it.
  15. Isnt that just about the price you pay for plus anyway? And thats 3 games out of like 40? Its easily worth the money.