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  1. I'm glad you mentioned the Aim controller, I never would have tried it if you hadn't mentioned it. Was not bad using the AIM, but still, not a great game.
  2. Yeah, wish i had found this thread before i started playing. I've actually enjoyed the Aery games, relaxing and easy trophies, but this one was a simple cut and paste job and they still messed it up. If they fix it, I'll go back to supporting them, but until they do, I'm done with the developer.
  3. Was having a lot of fun with this til I got to the stacking challenges. They're killing me lol
  4. @The_Hunter_Fr Thanks for the video! I've got a couple of other questions for you: Zapped! - Save the workers using only 10 zappers - Does this have to be exact? I used 8 and didn't get the trophy Tentacle Aim - Same level, but can't use the powerline. How do you do this? I can't seem to throw the zappers with any accuracy and run out
  5. OMG Finally Got it, I followed the French guide to a tee, ran through all of the levels, didn't worry about Akuma mode, and it popped right when the party started in the park. I've never been so happy to delete a game off my hard drive. Weird thing is, I've followed that guide like 2-3 times before and no trophy,
  6. @huntingfever Thanks for that tip, I went into my trophies and manually snyced, now they are appearing. I did NOT want to start all over!
  7. I'll try that, I probably don't have one that isn't several hours back. It also just glitched the Delicate Excavation trophy as well. It popped on the screen but not on my trophy list.
  8. Playing the PS4 version, I have all 6 attachments for the Prime Vista Pro but the trophy didn't unlock. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix?
  9. Replaying the PSVR2 version, I did 5 memories (first fishing memory, caught the dragonflies, and all 3 painting memories) but my count only said 4. Anyone else had this happen? I don't want to get through every memory just to find out I'm short one due to a glitch. Guess I'll wrap up the forest memories first to see if that happens. UPDATE: Turns out there's only 2 memories for the painting, not 3. No glitch!
  10. I followed the guide to a tee, and no trophy. It actually doesn't max out Nino's and Kagami's friendship. It even misses some opportunities that I outlined in my post. Are you playing the patched version or unpatched? I've emailed GameMill, I've emailed Magic Pockets, nobody is responding to my inquriies.
  11. My guess is the Map Chamber is fairly early in the game, which might mean 3 extra partial playthroughs of 20-30 minutes to get those other houses.
  12. Thanks, I'd rather the trophy pop but a salute will work.
  13. Here's my quick walkthrough of moments and the correct answers, but again, I still can't get the stupid trophy. The only thing I can think is that you have to respond to each conversation with a specific answer, and the wrong answer locks you out. A user that recently got the trophy was kind enough to link a trophy guide that he used but it's in French (thank you Google Translate), so I'm going to try that today and see if it works. 1. PLAY PROLOGUE LEVEL 2. FREE ROAM A. Talk to Master Fu B. Talk to Chloe as Adrian C. Talk to Alya at High School (1. I'll need all the help of my friends) - Fills 1.25 bars D. Talk to Nino 3. PLAY CHAPTER 1 LEVEL 4. FREE ROAM A. Go to School B. Talk to Alya at Marinette's House (1. Good point! The more personal the better!) - Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 2.5 total C. Find Luka at Liberty (1. You Know, I was thinking of you actually!) - Fills 1.25 bars D. Find Nino at Place des Vosges (1. Sure, it's what you do best!) - Fills 1.25 bars E. Talk to 3 Customers F. Find Kagami at Liberty (1. It doesn't Matter) - Fills 2 bars G. Talk to Alya at School 5. PLAY CHAPTER 2 LEVEL 6. FREE ROAM A. Talk to Luka (1. I know I can confide in you) - Fills 1.5 bars, should be at 2.75 total B. Find Nino at School (1. Yes, Excellent Idea!) - Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 2.5 total C. Find Kagami at School (1. Did Adrien invite you personally?) - Fills 1.75 bars, should be at 3.75 total D. Find Alya at School (1. Thanks for asking!) - Fills .75 bars, should be at 3.25 total E. Go to Barge F. Talk to Nino FIRST!! (1. Are you going to go talk to him?) - Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 3.75 total G. Talk to Alya (2. You're never wrong about people) - Fills 1 bar, should be at 4.25 total H. Talk to Max as Adrian 7. PLAY CHAPTER 3 LEVEL 8. FREE ROAM A. Find Luka at Liberty (1. You're not that kind of guy) - Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 4.0 total B. Find Nino at Liberty (2. Play his game even more!) Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 5.0 total C. Talk to Alya at Barge D. Find Kagami's copycat E. Find Alya at Marinette's House (2. I should go talk to him) - Fills .75 bars, should be at 5.0 total F. Ask the Parisians 9. PLAY CHAPTER 4 LEVEL 10. FREE ROAM A. Find Nino at Le Grand Paris (2. It's Because youre so caring) - Fills 1 bar, FRIENDSHIP COMPLETE B. Find Luka at Liberty (2. Are you feeling ok?) - Fills 1.25 bars, should be at 5.25 total C. Find ALya at Marinette's House (2. How are you holding up? - Fills 1 bar, FRIENDSHIP COMPLETE D. Find Kagami at School (2. I agree with your mother) - Fills 2 bars, should be at 5.75 total E. Pick up Silk Pieces 11. PLAY CHAPTER 5 LEVEL 12. FREE ROAM A. Check on Master Fu B. Find Baby Caterpillars 13. PLAY CHAPTER 6 LEVEL 14. FREE ROAM A. Talk to Alya (1. Youre always here to support me) B. Find Nino in Place des Vosges (1. Alya is Amazing) C. Find Luka at Liberty (1. I'm glad you care so much about me) - Fills ,75 bars, FRIENDSHIP COMPLETE D. Find Kagami at Grand Paris (1. You're way stronger than Chloe) - Fills .25 bars, FRIENDSHIP COMPLETE. Everyone's maxed, so you think now you can go have the party. Talk to Luka First, then Kagami, then Alya, then you SHOULD get the picture with Adrian, but it's not unlocking. If anyone sees anything above that needs to be fixed, let me know!
  14. Did you ever find it? It's tough once you've completed the level because you can't narrow down your search. I used this guide as a checklist to make sure I cleared all of an area before moving on:
  15. Im at an absolute loss. I read on another forum that you had to 100% the game completely and fill up your scrapbook before the party, so played through AGAIN, 100% each level both normal and Akuma, bought everything from shop, EVERYTHING. Still no trophy. WTF. Can someone who earned the trophy post exactly what they did?