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  1. Are the storm or earthquake miracles missable? Another guide suggests I might have missed the storm miracle from the "God general of staff Hookmen" mission, and that the earthquake one drops during "Living Fortress Cannodears" but I can't find that one in chapter select. I haven't finished all the chapters yet, I'm right before the epilogue, at "Archdevil that devastates the Patapons". So I'm past the storm mission for sure. NVM - I got storm, just had to beat Dokaknel level 3
  2. Didn't pop for me for a relic my mercenary found, nor for the one I got from beating some monster along the way. I'm not timeskipping (not yet, anyway) so it's not that.
  3. Welp, Ubisoft's response, beyond the steps suggested above, was to rebuild the databases from Safe Mode, but that didn't help either -- because the DLC had never been downloaded in the first place. I feel kinda stupid about this, but I also blame the language on the screen, saying that the DLC was "installed". This is probably referring to the activation license, without it bothering to check that the actual software was there. I know this to be the case because I went back to my first console where I noticed the problem, downloaded the DLC, and suddenly the quest was available without even having to restart the game (though I did return to the title screen). I'm so accustomed to patches and pre-orders downloading automatically that it never occurred to me that I needed to download this separately, especially when the game tells me it's already installed. So, there you go.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I've restarted the PS4, reinstalled the game/DLC, and restored the licenses -- didn't solve the problem. I have this issue on both of my PS4s (one Pro and one not) so it might be a problem with my account. I'll keep poking around... Edit: I opened a case with Ubisoft. We'll see what they say.
  5. I pre-ordered the Gold edition (or whichever one included the Season Pass). The DLC is shown in the game as "Installed" and I have the Platinum trophy so I've completed the entire storyline and my character is now at level 59, but the first quest for "Legacy of the First Blade", "The Horseman Cometh". is not among my quests and there is no marker in the starting location on the map (Makedonia). I've restarted the game a couple of times. I occasionally see the popup message that new content is available and I have to go back to the title screen, but all I can see around there is that the DLC is installed. There are a couple of comments among the YouTube videos suggesting I'm not alone with this problem but no mention of how to solve it. Any ideas?
  6. The first AC game was released in 2007, several months before the PS3 had trophies. I had already finished the game by then. I was hoping trophies would be added later (as with Burnout Paradise), and I would have played it again. But, no.
  7. I did play the first one, as I said I played them all. It had no trophies so it doesn't appear in my profile. I can't tell you anything about its story either, for the same reason as all the others: I don't care about any of the stories. So I'll take your word for that analysis. That's an interesting point about the Leap of Faith, and it was useful in lots of other places besides synchronization points -- sometimes it helped stay undetected during a mission that required it (this concept doesn't exist in Odyssey or Origins) or a quick way to hide during a chase. This also reminds me of objectives and concepts from the prior games that added variety, some of which worked while others didn't: all those climbing puzzles to reach the collectibles (some less obvious than others), parkour races, tower defense, interceptions, blending, factions, bounty targets, first-person challenges, offline fleet missions... No game had everything but they all tried something new. In Odyssey, I haven't yet encountered much that's vastly different from the others (including Origins) except the execution of the storyline. And because all of the quests are so similar, there's no chance for variety unless you play a different game entirely.
  8. I play these games for the action/adventure, not the alleged story. I skip the dialog as quickly as I can because it does not interest me in the slightest. Side quests, by their general nature, are not part of the main storyline. In this one, there are an awful lot of them, it's basically required to play them just to be able to proceed through the main storyline, and they're very similar in their objectives. So as I'm playing my way through this thing (because I'm addicted to the franchise, at least I was) it's totally transparent to me that there is a story. I'm sure it's there because people talk about it. I just don't see it, and yes, that's my choice. So this was bad phrasing on my part. I just find this game so immensely frustrating because I don't love what they've done with the franchise. For the record, I've played all of them (except III) all the way through and I loved them all (except III). Still, the only thing I can tell you about any of their stories is beating up the pope.
  9. This is far from the truth. This is not Assassin's Creed, at least not like it's been "for the past decade". There is no motivation for stealth. There are no missions that require it. There is no hidden blade. There are no locked regions that require you to progress through the game to unlock them. You do, however, have to do a bunch of side quests to earn enough XP to make the entire world possible to play. There are endless cutscenes and dialog choices that you cannot skip except one line at a time. If there's a story, I can't tell you anything about it because it's boring as hell. I can't even really tell which of the missions are part of the story and which are side quests. I'm just roaming around, leveling up, and doing whichever quest is closest or a change of pace from the last one. That isn't very easy because they're all pretty much the same: go there, kill things, come back. In one case (kill all the wolves), I didn't even have to kill the wolves -- I got to the location, sent the eagle to scope things out, and watched a couple of bears kill the wolves for me. Back to the starting point, got my reward. This is not fun. They've taken the best parts of the franchise and dropped them. They've taken the worst parts of Origins and enhanced them. And the one thing that I've said "never gets old", the Leap of Faith, has gotten old because as soon as you land, you jump right out again. What used to be a pleasant, calming activity has become anything but because it forces you back into the game instantly. Sure, the map is huge, but that means it takes a lot longer to run from place to place. Fast Travel points are too far apart to be useful here and sometimes they aren't enabled very quickly after you finish a location so you have to wait or run somewhere else before you can use them. Like I said, this is not fun.
  10. I must be missing something or just not paying close attention. I don't recall ever getting more than 750, even when hitting a heart near dead-center.
  11. I'm pretty sure I've gotten "Beauty" many times without being caught by a flipper. I haven't noticed any reliable factor that determines which one I'll get, except the 1UP one.
  12. The description is "Get 5 or more hearts during warpout". I had a lucky run in Survival mode where almost all of the hearts appeared near centered with the warp target. It feels like I went through 10 of them but the trophy did not pop. I might have missed some of those, but is there something else I should be doing? None of the buttons seem to do anything during warpout, and the hearts (when they appear at all) are often to the side so I have to choose between the target and the heart and even then it's hard to hit the center. Maybe that's why only three of us have this trophy so far.
  13. It's true that this game doesn't need VR, but it does look a whole lot better that way. I tried both yesterday -- the visuals are a lot clearer to me in VR (and so the puzzles are easier to solve). Buggy trophies are nothing new (Color Zen, anyone?). But it looks like I shouldn't hurry my way through this one.
  14. You should look in the "Grinding levels" thread, where the answer is given: 100.
  15. I'm seeing a few replies (dated March 8) on Milestone's Twitter account that they're working on a fix for this trophy in the next patch.