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  1. 2 high budget games and people still complain.
  2. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. First platinum I ever got and the first time I played a game on the hardest difficulty. Never had any reason to do that before. GTA 4 is a close second because it took me 10 years to get it. I gave up multiple times but eventually I actually finished it.
  3. Looks like you might be lost. This is a trophy hunting website after all.
  4. I didn't have any issues with this game. Probably my favorite of the series.
  5. It took me just over 200 hours to get the platinum. That was with losing some progress for a corrupted HDD. The online probably won't take as long as it did early on. During the first few months progress was really slow.
  6. So because they closed the ps3 servers, while the ps4 ones are still up, you aren't going to play the series? The stupidity in this reasoning is... incomprehensible. You could still buy it on ps3 and play it on an alt since you really want to play the original version. If not you had 6 freakin years to play it before the online closed.
  7. Horrible in every way, just kidding I loved it. I wish they'd made the passage of time more obvious though. I had the same issue with 12 Years a Slave. In both it just didn't convey that so much time had passed in their stories.
  8. Finished off Death of the Outsider.
  9. Lot of people predicting Doom so I'm gonna hop on that train. Doom (2016) A Way Out
  10. How did it take some of you guys so long for 100%? I did everything and finished it around 130 hours.
  11. Vanquish is amazing and a remaster sounds awesome but the platinum is way too hard. I'm never doing that again.
  12. The most recent update made that codex easier than it originally was. There are plenty of video guides showing you where and when to shoot.
  13. You'll need to find a boosting partner. You might find some games on weekends but you could play all day and not have anyone use your supply boxes much. When I started nearly 2 years ago it was pretty much dead already. You need to do the collectibles trophy, from Insurgent DLC, in public matches. Luckily it'll put you in a game alone if no one else is playing. Then you can freely run around looking for it.
  14. I hate MP trophies but the ps4 version of them are really easy. If they turn you off of playing this then I'd question why you are even trophy hunting in the first place. I would play 1 match then quit the next 2.
  15. Baseball is pretty popular in Japan and a lot of central American countries. I love baseball in real life but I don't care for sports games, just another PS+ game I'll add to my library but never play.