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  1. I can only buy $10 of Dr Pepper for the PS Store credit but I don't drink soda. Its not worth the free 10 bucks for me.
  2. I deleted the game and save from ps4. Then I deleted the cloud save on ps3 and resynced to the cloud. After re-downloading it on ps4 and syncing with cloud, Aquatica popped but no others did sadly.
  3. All 5 that didn't pop were death levels... naturally. Couldn't be easy ones that didn't unlock. One of them is freakin Aquatica.
  4. I got the platinum on ps3 last night but when I cloud sync on ps4 some trophies won't pop. I tried resetting local progress and re-syncing a dozen times and it still doesn't fix the issue. Anyone know a way to fix this?
  5. I finished them finally. You have to play them repeatedly until you master them then keep playing until you get lucky with note spawns. Terrible design.
  6. Rockstar loves their bronze trophies so I expect a lot of those and a lot of stupid MP trophies that rely on other people to pull off. The online trophies for RDR and GTAIV suck ass.
  7. Some of them seem impossible. Spent 2 hours on a level last night and got nowhere close to completing it.
  8. After the grind of BO3 I'm staying away from this unless its a lot easier.
  9. Always wanted to play Friday the 13th but the trophy list is too ridiculous. Still working on BO3. No more grindy games for a while.
  10. I don't think they'll patch this either, they care way too much about BO4 right now. This seems like an easy fix and its been broken for too long at this point. Either they have no idea what they are doing or this issue doesn't matter to them. I'd believe both.
  11. I hate stuff like this. I got hate mail in TLoU because I had a really bad game. Went like 0-10 or something. After the match one of my teammates messaged me saying I sucked and that I should quit and go kill myself.
  12. There's no way to tell who was a victim and who did the hacking themselves. Its never gonna happen.
  13. People always say on these things that the game glitched and just popped a bunch of trophies at once but that has never happened to me. Its always a trophy not popping when it should. A game doesn't just give you a bunch of trophies at once unless you use a save file.
  14. I'm usually pretty optimistic about flash sales when a lot of other people call them crappy but this is the worst one I've seen. Not very many games and most of the discounts are pretty minimal.
  15. I kinda did this already. I played Max Payne 3, Metal Gear Rising, and MoH on it. But I didn't think of this back in the day so some games are stuck on my profile. If I hide a game, with undearned trophies, will all of those still count against me in the "unearned trophies" category?