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  1. Is that even possible? I don't think trophies popped retroactively after the patch dropped. I've been playing with a guy that got 6 wins before the patch and he had to get 10 more before the trophy popped. I got a few dagger kills before the patch as well but I had to do it again after it was fixed.
  2. Sign me up please, just got Metro: Last Light (4.36%). Too bad I finished SoTC a few days before January ended.
  3. I don't think the MP is very fun. Its what made me need to take a break from this game. Never felt any fatigue from SP but after a few hours of MP I couldn't keep playing anymore.
  4. I played all of part 1 in part 2 at release and everything works perfectly.
  5. Or maybe you should just relax. I didn't actually insult just pointed out a bit of whining. If you took it as an insult then that's on you.
  6. I got 100% in Hitman 1 twice and Hitman 2 and I never had a single problem with challenges or trophies. This is far from a POS game. Maybe you should just delete it and play something else. Perhaps something where the main character whines a lot so you'll be able to relate to them.
  7. I agree, I didn't have much fun with the online. Still gotta get to level 50 then I'm never gonna touch the MP again. Unless they add more online trophies later.
  8. Far Cry 2. Getting all the field manuals online is too much of a grind for me.
  9. Could you sign me up for Champion of the Gods? I got all 7 platinums.
  10. Oh no... I'm not a worth trophy hunter. My life is a failure now. How will I ever go on? Oh yeah, nobody freaking cares.
  11. They've been "working" on fixing this for a while. Wouldn't be surprised if it never actually gets fixed at this point.
  12. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic in GTAIV. Boosted with a partner for 21 hours straight for that damn thing. Rockstar likes mocking trophy hunters it seems. They usually have ridiculous bronze trophies.
  13. Great, more Hitman trophies. Always excited for more Hitman.
  14. Complaining about getting more trophies? (And free ones at that, provided you own the first one). I would consider having 3 versions of 36 Fragments of Midnight embarrassing. I guess you'd only get Hitman 2 if the trophies were as piss easy to get as that game.
  15. Its possible but insanely time consuming and you'll definitely need to boost. No way you'll be able to just hop in and get the stuff done that you need to. It took me nearly 10 years to get the plat.