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  1. Complaining about getting more trophies? (And free ones at that, provided you own the first one). I would consider having 3 versions of 36 Fragments of Midnight embarrassing. I guess you'd only get Hitman 2 if the trophies were as piss easy to get as that game.
  2. Its possible but insanely time consuming and you'll definitely need to boost. No way you'll be able to just hop in and get the stuff done that you need to. It took me nearly 10 years to get the plat.
  3. For a lot of the DLC trophies I was only able to find games on the weekend. Gotta try during peak times and hopefully there will be enough others playing.
  4. I don't know if you'll add it but I got 100% of Hitman Season 2.
  5. Luckily it popped fine for me. Didn't do either bonus mission for Sapienza before hitting 20 though.
  6. Anyone know how to drop it on Rangan and Kale? I got the meeting setup but they meet on the barge. If I drop it where it currently is then it falls onto the construction area. Is it possible to move it so its above the meeting spot? Edit: Never mind, find a video showing where to control it.
  7. One of the few platinums I got where I wasn't sick of the game by the time it was done. Wish I'd had more to do in game.
  8. Yeah, that way people think they are working on it and will bug them less. Like you said, hardly anyone spends money on that mode anyway so for them its a waste of resources. Glad I finished up breach mode a long time ago.
  9. Call of Duty: BO3, 0.89%. I only played it because it was free and a friend from home downloaded it too. He's so busy we never even got to play together... Never playing CoD again after that nightmare.
  10. I couldn't get it to spawn until some time during chapter 6.
  11. They wanted to cash in on those sweet mobile microtransactions. This is what happens when you get too greedy.
  12. Amazing, going to be really helpful. Thanks.
  13. I can only buy $10 of Dr Pepper for the PS Store credit but I don't drink soda. Its not worth the free 10 bucks for me.
  14. I deleted the game and save from ps4. Then I deleted the cloud save on ps3 and resynced to the cloud. After re-downloading it on ps4 and syncing with cloud, Aquatica popped but no others did sadly.
  15. All 5 that didn't pop were death levels... naturally. Couldn't be easy ones that didn't unlock. One of them is freakin Aquatica.