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  1. Lego Indiana Jones - When my ps3 was getting repaired the guy played that to test it. It was on my profile for years before sony enabled the deleting feature.
  2. The story is fantastic and combat is only as simple as you make it. If you don't mix up the weapons then that's on you. I don't recall a single glitch during 2 entire playthroughs + DLC.
  3. Nah, it is great. One of the most fun games I've played in the past 5 years.
  4. I also just completed Drowning and Planet Rix-13. I'd like Awesome Pea NA code.
  5. I will probably end up buying this some time. I've stayed far away from the others because of the grind required. Smart move by the developers.
  6. Seriously. This game is criminally underrated.
  7. Anyone with Black Ops 3 change their ID? I saw someone with BO2 had major issues so I'd like to know if 3 does as well. I'd like to grab some more DLC trophies before I delete it forever.
  8. Flags are flags and it sucks you got 5 at once but getting banned from the leaderboards isn't a big deal. You don't get any extra perks, money, or fame for being on them. You can still use everything else on the site.
  9. 4 if you're not counting Alaska and Hawaii.
  10. *COULDN'T care less. I hate being a grammar nazi but I hate that mistake. It keeps me up most nights. But on topic, I really want to change mine but I'm working on some of the games that have issues.
  11. You're taking this way too seriously. Why are you so concerned with the way other people earn trophies? You can play the game without buying it and others can play with or without, its their choice.
  12. If you like 1 then you'll definitely like 2. Easier platinum as well.
  13. Its easier to just replay the last chapter on Uber rather than the whole game again.
  14. You have to be connected, nothing you do while offline will count towards any challenges.
  15. Uncharted 4 is pretty easy to get to 96%. Its just those 2 last tough DLC trophies that are a grind.