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  1. Is Night owl trophy bugged or how am i supposed to obtain it? I complete many mission in the both evening and night (just to be sure) and trophy did not pop.
  2. I still think this should be handled better in this site. Competition sites use existing times from other trophies of the same game for missing timestamps trophies, so milestones and level history does not get messed up which seems like much better solution to me.
  3. wow

    Wow, i had no idea this is coming to PS4. I loved the game back in 90s, bought the remake on Steam and now I will need to buy it again on my PS4. Still it is strange, i cannot find any info about PS4 version on google.
  4. yes, it is a cross buy, as for cross popping trophies like in Soundshapes, not sure
  5. I have bought the game in UK and I am having this list.
  6. I would vote for this. Having the missing timestamp trophies count as the latest one would fix all the milestone and Level history issues. I understand for some players missing timestamp trophies were really their first ones. Maybe there could be a switch in settings to count them either as first or last ones.
  7. You should. I have about 200 hours played on PS4 PRO and I never had any problems. I even started to play when there were no patches. I don't use Rest Mode at all.
  8. Rogue and Black Flag were best for me by far (due to ships). I enjoyed rest of them except AC3 which I really hated due to too scripted quests. I started it like 5 times and I was never able to finish it. Its the only AC game I did not finish.
  9. Maybe best way to handle this would be to automatically give trophies without timestamp some invisible timestamp equal to first timestamped trophy from that specific game. I believe one of the competition trophy sites uses something like that, becouse all my milestones are correct there. Becouse although current way fixed the first trophy milestone, all the next ones are still affected, at least for those who got no timestamp trophy after years of playing. Now my two nontimestamped trophies moves all milestones by two, since they still count as my first two trophies and only FIRST TROPHY milestone is not affected by them now after the recent fix.
  10. Thanks much. This solved my problem. Great work!
  11. I believe Sly would simply add some option to either ignore all trophies without timestamps for purpose of milestones or not. You cannot expect him to allow you to choose which to ignore and which not.
  12. This is one of the (many) know issues with this game at the moment. They will hopefully fix it soon.
  13. If you could do something like that, it would be great. Unfortunatelly I got one missing timestamp recently when my VITA battery completely died, clock reseted and then I gained the trophy before syncing with PSN.
  14. I followed the guide on this site and got the trophy without any problems. This guide differed a little from the one I used while playing the game on PS3 (characters died at different places), so I can't say if requirements changed.
  15. Personally I think this is much better than Infamous 1 and quite worse than Infamous 2. Story is not very interesting and very short, it takes almost no time to finish the game even on highest difficulty and even if you collect everything. I have spent much more time with Infamous 2. There is practically no difference between good and bad except few different cutscenes. There was much better difference in Infamous 2. Still its very good game.