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  1. First of the year. Finally got rid of this. I already had the dlc made via cloud save, but had to do the base game trophies. Sound Shapes • EU All 89 Trophies 8th January 2021 • Completed in 2 years, 5 months Rarity:17.12%
  2. Hey guys, happy new year! Here's my second bingo card. I managed to do a second full blackout bingo for this event, like last year. I'm really proud of this achievement, as I had less time available, actually. Here it is: Finished Child of Light [PS3] (Anthropomorphized Animals category) Finished The Mysteries of Little Riddle [PS3] (That You Started But Didn't Finish category) Finished Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage [PS4] (Adventure category) Finished Doodle Kingdom [PS4] (Strategy, Simulation or Management category) Finished 2064: Read Only Memories [PS4] (With Minigames on It category) Finished Resistance 2 [PS3] (Oldest in Your Backlog category) Finished Doodle Devil [PS4] (Player's Choice category) Finished Doodle God [PS4] (Released the Year You joined PSNP category) Finished Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [PS4] (That "Everyone" But You Has Played) category) Finished Horizon Chase Trubo [PS4] (Cooperative Game category) Finished The Swapper [PSVita] (You think You'll Dislike category) Finished Uncanny Valley [PSVita] (Redeemed from PS Plus category) Finished Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut [PS3] (That You Can Beat In One Sitting category) BINGO CARD #1:
  3. I have one last game completed this year: The Mysteries Of Little Riddle All 37 Trophies 31st December 2020 • Completed in 8 years, 1 month I've tried this game as it had the first episode free, so now I had to buy the remaining episodes to complete the game. It's easily done with a guide, and it actually has some fun and challenging puzzles. I'm done for this year, and I'll try to remain completing games from my backlog, but i believe I'll focus more on games that have been sitting on the shelf (physical and digital) for too long without being played even once. Happy new year to everyone and good gaming!
  4. Now I'm almost certain I'll not complete this event. But it was worth the effort, I believe. 7 to go. C - Child of Light [PS3] E - Erica O - OnRush Q - Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut [PS3] # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Backup #1 Backup #2 Backup #3 Complete list:
  5. One more for December: Child of Light All 20 Trophies 21st December 2020 • Completed in 7 months, 4 weeks
  6. Game for December: Erica • EU All 34 Trophies 15th December 2020 • Platinum in 11 months, 1 week This game requires too many playthroughs, with few changes to the story. It's a bit boring, honestly. Almost had a perfect year, but sadly I failed a month clearing my backlog. Although, considering my playtime, I guess I'm still proud of my achievements. I think next year I'll focus on starting some new games, instead of worrying with the backlog, as I have many waiting to be started.
  7. Noticed that I forgot to add a # game, so i added 2064: Read Only Memories. Also I've seen the spreadsheet and seen some of my games are missing there. 3 more games done, 11 to go. I don't think I'll manage to complete this, but I'll do my best. J - Journey (PS3) N - Nihilumbra U - Until Dawn # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Backup #1 Backup #2 Backup #3 Complete list:
  8. So, after my full blackout bingo, I'll keep you posted on my progress on my second card. Only 13 games remaining for my second card completed, lets see if I can make it again this year. These are the updates since the last post: Finished Touch My Katamari [PSVita] (Arcade, Rhythm or Puzzle category) Finished Lone Survivor [PSVita] (Ultra Rare Platinum category) Finished Prince of Persia: Warrior Whitin [PS3] (Historical Fiction or Mythology category) Finished Until Dawn [PS4] (Hype! category) Finished LEGO The Lord Of The Rings [PSVita] (Spawned an Expanded Universe category) Finished OnRush [PS4] (One Word Title category) Finished Run Sackboy! Run! [PSVita] (With a # Or Punctuation Mark in the Title category) Finished Level 22 [PSVita] (By an Independent Developer category) Finished Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones [PS3] (Featuring a Romance or Romance Options) category) Finished Hitman GO [PSVita] (With an Isometric View category) Finished Letter Quest Remastered [PSVita] (Retro Rerelease category) Finished flOw [PSVita] (That You Can Beat In One Sitting category) BINGO CARD #1:
  9. This as been in my backlog for ages. One more for this month! Lone Survivor All 37 Trophies 15th November 2020 • Platinum in 6 years, 4 months
  10. I have already completed a game for November: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood All 61 Trophies 2nd November 2020 • Completed in 2 years, 9 months This game was quite annoying, has I had to replay the game from the beginning only because the chapter 5 trophy didn't unlock. Also because of some online trophies, but those were done a while back.
  11. Game completed for October: Letter Quest Remastered All 12 Trophies 28th October 2020 • Completed in 1 year, 11 months
  12. I would also sugget all Jak & Daxter games , Doki-Doki Universe and The Walking Dead as those are easy to complete. You should also go for Battlefield 3 and AC: Revelations, as those servers won't last forever
  13. With my second update, I bring my full blackout bingo. I have generated a new card, i'll post it here. Finished Batman: The Enemy Within [PS4] (Based on a Non-Gaming IP category) Finished Destroy All Humans! [PS4] (That You've Been Meaning to Get to category) Finished Borderlands 2 [PS3] (Award Winning category) Finished Lara Croft Go [PSVita] (With an Isometric View category) Finished inFamous: Festival of Blood [PS3] (Platform Exclusive category) Finished Zombie Driver HD [PS3] (For Another PSNP Event category - ABC Of Unstarted Games 2020) Finished Journey [PS3] (Player's Choice category) Finished Far Cry Primal [PS4] (That "Everyone" But You Has Played category) Finished Ratchet & Clank [PS4] (Antrohropomorphized Animals) category) Finished That's You [PS4] (That Takes "Forever" To Beat category) Finished LittleBigPlanet 2 [PS3] (Cult Favorite category) Finished Nihilumbra [PSVita] (By an Independent Developer category) Finished The Vanishing of Ethan Carter [PS4] (With Gorgeous Vistas category) NEW BINGO CARD:
  14. +1 for this month: Nihilumbra 100% - Completed in 6 months, 2 weeks (17th August 2020)