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  1. In one go. Harder trophy in the game for me.
  2. Seems like it's glitched for me then. I'm stuck at 80% in the social club.
  3. Do they need to be 5 uniques events? I've done 7 of them but no trophy.
  4. I'm planning to delete my character because i don't like his appearance but i'm scared of glitching trophies. Does someone know?
  5. New eu release date is 6 december.
  6. Good to know it. I'll buy it hoping this is a rare bug.
  7. How are performance and controls on vita? I need a game to play out of my house in the evening.
  8. No plat above.😁
  9. I have an issue with the layout of my trophy card setting'' games and trophies'' : the second game icon is the same of the first. Is there a solution?
  10. I'm searching chunk/pure bladestone and the friend ring. EU server. Soul level 110.
  11. I have 7 ultra rare platinum: gta4 1,57 % gta5 2,21% crysis2 2,32% resistance2 3,13% PES 2013 4,25% Fifa 14 4,46% Little big planet 4,80%