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  1. Slenderman. It was absolutely boring. An accidental comedy than a horror. About as scary as watching the Cabin in the Woods. Secondly; there is a scene in the Trailer were a young girl takes an incision knife to her forehead (I think?) because she is possessed to do this. Completely cut from the theatrical release. Made the entire movie worthless as she would've been the first girl (in order) to die, but she was the only death not seen on screen. Complete waste of time, don't see it.
  2. "When I've proven you wrong and receive FIFA in PS+ I'm going to chug an entire tin of paint and end my subscription because ew football."
  3. 90 Dollarydoos. You're basically fucking Sony in the ass at that point.
  4. I recommend y'all abandon the game until further notice and focus on something else. It's like watching grass grow for this update. Come back to it in a few months.
  5. I recommend Abzu because it is a very fun adventure and collectible game, you experience a very soothing journey and you uncover a rather symbolic story. I recommend Submerged if you've never played a Platformer before. You can't die in the game it essentially teaches you what all Platforming collectible games are like, minus any danger or death or loss of earnings.
  6. Or you could just stop having acute OCD? I read them just fine.
  7. Interesting note on bugs, if for any reason you were to play this on PC and use Mr Antifun's Cheat Trainer, the game was designed to be Anti-Cheat for some reason. If you make yourself indestructible you cause any and all cars to become indestructible locking yourself out of stealing hood ornaments on specific missions.
  8. I feel your pain, I want that Platinum too. It's complete RNG and every YouTube guide I've seen lies. One guy suggested keeping your vault below a certain number of dwellers at all times to get the Platinum, this completely contradicts how you earn some of the rooms which require 10+ dwellers per new room. You literally need 50 Dwellers at one time for a certain room, can't remember which; anyway it contradicted his "Guide" and he expects you to believe he did with only 30. Only if he cheated he did. I don't trust that Time Skip exploit either, I may as well just hack the console and cheat at that stage if all my trophies are going to have unbelievable and inconsistent dates anyway. Some of us spent weeks playing the game whilst others skipped to those weeks then jumped back. Just hack your console at that stage, there's no morally gray area there, you manipulated or exploited something so you wouldn't have to work for it like everyone else. Exploits/Cheats are the same thing: Illegitimate. Either people work for it, get the Platinum and hate the game forever or don't work for it and use the Time Skip exploit, then convince themselves they "worked" for it or you bite the bullet and pump money into the game and have the Platinum in a day, I'd say around 30 Euro worth of Nuka-Cola would get you the Platinum in a day if you use it wisely. If you fuck up then It'd be 150 Euro worth of Nuka-Cola.
  9. Eventually no PS3 Title will have Online support and honestly I would fully welcome either an upgraded service on PlayStation Now that enabled Trophy support for the Online portions of games. Either that or they could remaster them Imagine a Motorstorm Remastered Edition or something like that. I'd like that. But I apply this to past iterations of games too like a FIFA World Cup Collection bundle with all online support reintroduced but let's say for example to cover this the cost of PlayStation Plus goes up. A small price to pay for playing the Classics.
  10. I don't have the game I just want to praise your generosity and say thank you for being, well what's the opposite of a toxic player? An angelic player? Friendly? Either way you are doing something kind that benefits an entire community. I think the ones organizing this and dropping weapons should be given a title under their username that sort of cements their charity, they didn't have to do any of this they're just kind enough to do it and honestly that's pretty heartwarming to see.
  11. I give it 6h before MSM blames Gamers for the these deaths.
  12. Nah, I'm still gonna get it. It's just annoying that they're adding details where I would think this was Sheila's cousin rather than being Sheila. Big huge green eyes, can't miss 'em T.F.B they're right there. They're looking at at you. If they had teeth they've had bitten the developers, but sure Brown eyes because of (((Artistic License))) they can get the guy that did the original music, but can't design a character based on the CG artwork on the Spyro PS1 covers. Mmm yummy Paint.
  13. ...They couldn't even make her eyes the same color.
  14. From where do you hail, friend.
  15. As far as technology will allow no console game has ever been pirated as a package unless it was already available that way, a pirate can extract the files but he can't force the PlayStation/Xbox to play these "cracked" files as an entire game without understanding the coding behind it. Then you have the Switch version to keep in mind. I tip my fucking hat to the absolute fucking madman than can get separated files to act as an entire file without being read as DLC by the machine on a Switch when one half of what they're hacking is a cartridge and the other half is downloadable content hidden/protected behind Nintendo servers and most likely coded completely differently. Oh and keep in mind Spyro had some nasty Anti-Piracy methods during the PS1 era. Imagine there's a checksum not being regularly updated by the Internet, which would cause the game to start acting up. Cracking console games isn't as easy as oh just drag this cracked .exe over the original one or changing a file in the root. There are going to be three types of Spyro games and there's a new Sony firmware coming out. What if this one can't be cracked and honestly, I've no knowledge of Xbox or Nintendo firmware, do those get cracked? I know the 3DS is a little bitch for firmware and can be hacked by a child, the PSP could be too. But I'm not in the mood to near-destroy my PS3 and Xbox 360 to find out how I can pirate games. What they're doing is an Anti-Piracy method by separating the files and hiding each behind their respective servers. "I wanted all my games on the disc though!" yeah and I wish all of Battlefield 1 was on the disc too but 1/3rd of the game is actually not on the disc and isn't DLC or a Day One update, 1/3rd of the base game content is downloaded later on. It's the fucking Multiplayer. I bet you didn't know that any game that let's you play one half while the other half downloads, that game only contained one half of the game, the part it was able to give you in ten seconds despite being 10 or more GBs. the Ezio Collection only has Assassin's Creed II on the Disc and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 only has Kingdom Hearts I and Birth by Sleep available from the get go. Not because they weigh the least, they're the only things on the disc. Why doesn't anyone mention it? Because they don't know their ass from their elbow. Companies have been doing this for years, they've also been deliberately leaving games uncompressed not for "Loading games faster" but so that you'll eventually run out of space and have to upgrade to that 1TB Model that's just so conveniently available and pushed by every store. Spyro isn't the first game to do this (1/3rd Game Data) It's just the first one to get caught doing it. Look into it if you don't believe me.