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  1. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for me. My stat showed 160 gold nuggets in storage and I had already spent numerous, so must've collected way more than 200. I had to collect the 100 nuggets again.
  2. Yeah had the same thing happening to me, I finally decided to play the game on my US account, because it'll probably take a while before we see the non-NA version. By then I'll be on vacation anyway. Game is awesome, so I don't mind playing it again once the EU version's out.
  3. Yeah that's my guess, too. Well, I'm level 1088...
  4. I'd say yeah, it's worth the hassle. Sure, trophy list keeps getting longer every now and then. It's gotten quite grindy, but most trophies are pretty easy to achieve. There's a few exceptions like getting the 2 vaults which was easier in the early days. Regarding the guild trophies... well there's always people looking for active guilds. I for example have someone on my friend's list who is actually lookig for one such guild. You can try boosting here or try your luck at There's even a guild chat here. Plus, now you can grind a few of the trophies at the same time, like getting higher levels, grinding for money, getting resources for Xathenos or waiting for a Vault Gnome to appear. This has been made easier.
  5. Already have a lifetime membership.... My very first console was a Magnavox Odyssey 2.
  6. So in other words, the platinum is unobtainable for the digital version? Now that would be a bummer, since I've gotten the digital version in the flash sale a few days ago...
  7. That's what I'm doing at the moment: logging in every day and hope for a few new shells. Last 3 days I've only gotten one new shell though. Digging gives way too few shells to be effective. Also missing the collectibles. Guess that's the badges you earn from daily quests. Nope, collectibles is really just shells, fish and bugs. Got the last missing shell yesterday and that also popped the collectible trophy even though I'm missing like 4 badges. So badges don't seem to count.
  8. I read ya! I ain't time skipping either, doing it the old-school way: just hanging in there. For me it's not that I am against skipping, I consider it a challenge NOT to skip. I have a plethora of super easy platinums so I don't mind spending some quality time with Fallout Shelter, what with me being a fan of the Fallout franchise. To each their own.
  9. Sadly, I hardly ever post on this forum even though I use PSNP daily for trophy statistics. Here's my first trophy story: Back in January 2010 I bought Fallout 3 for PC and even though my machine was up to specs, the game would constantly crash. At the same time a buddy of mine talked about how awesome his new PS3 looked. Well, seeing that Fallout 3 was actually available on PS3, I bought my console in February. I didn't know about trophies back then. February 28th, I fired the console up for the first time and instead of Fallout 3 I first loaded up Assassin's Creed 2, which came bundled with the PS3. After a few seconds I heard a Ding and that message in the corner, telling me I had earned a trophy. A what? I looked it up and found out about trophies. Interesting, I thought... Turned out Fallout 3 should become my first Platinum
  10. Thanks for the list, trixter, that'll be a big help. Just a note: Miner popper after a third through mining the stones in the mine.
  11. Ehm, thanks for the answer but my question was kinda ironic! Actually I do know what a HEX is... now I feel kinda bad, having you made write so much information and making you feel older... sorry pal! I should've used a few smilies to emphasize the irony factor, but then again, I'm old-school and never use smilies... Still, I appreciate the effort!
  12. Wow, been waiting such a long time for that game now, already given up hope it'll ever come to console... And now that it's up, I ain't got the time to play it! Irony at its best. Yeah, totally began playing Neverwinter Online like a week ago. If I hadn't started on that long-time investment, I'd have bought Blades of Destiny. Though the price is high, would've expected something like 19.99. But 39.99? Will get it once it drops below 20. I don't mind if it looks old, after all, almost 50% of "new" games are retros or remakes. Yep, I'm a gonna play it, sooner or later. Oh, and talking about HEX editors... what's a HEX anyway....?!?
  13. That's so awesome, could be a line out of Hamlet! Anyways, ever since I played this silly game earlier this year, I'm kinda hooked on getting the EU Version, thus getting 2 more platinums.
  14. You get Ancient Souls for collecting Hero Souls. If you check the tab where it says "Transcend for +0", just below is "Next AS: 349K". That's the amount of Hero Souls you have to collect to get the next +1 AS. Once you've reached that amount, the "Next AS:" will rise a little higher than previously. You always need a bit more Hero Souls to gain 1 AS. But as you transcend, you'll gain a lot more Hero Souls each time. This link shows an easy table regarding how many HS are needed for a certain AS level. Most guides say that a good moment to transcend is when you have somewhere between 6-10 AS. You can decide for yourself: if it takes too long, say several Ascensions to reach the next +AS, then it's a good time to transcend. By the way, you wanna activate scientific notations. I've so gotten used to numbers like 5.654e223. It's easier to calculate, 1e20 is 10x 1e19 etc. It's easier on the eye in my opinion.
  15. Yep, got 2 Mongos recently (like last week), one with a gem key, the other from a glory key.