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  1. I tried this in my own game and it did not trigger.
  2. I have the same issue. Was really hoping to avoid glitches in this LEGO game but haha nothing new I suppose.
  3. Which path did you all enjoy the most? Personally I thought Anghel's was the most fun.
  4. What a fantastic method. I will definitely attempt this once I max out Sora in my Crit file.
  5. Oh man I am so excited for this game. I've been debating on getting the PC version but I might pic up the Vita and PS3 versions then top it all off with the PC version (if they don't use JAST's translations :c ) Please let this mean there is hope for some other Nitro+ DRAMAtical Murder re:code. Or maybe getting Robotics;Notes, Clannad on consoles, etc....
  6. Has anybody tried tossing in R3 and L3 into a code? I don't think they do anything in Korra's Room, either.
  7. Ugh, my heart aches just thinking about them. There are a few BL PC games that have come over, but they certainly were not popular in the slightest. This is honestly why it baffles me that DMMD on PC has yet to come over after its popularity exploded last year but...I guess I answered my own question in my own post haha. Dreaming is better than nothing 8D Interesting is an understatement haha Thanks! I will definitely enjoy it! (Now we just need the trophy list to pop up! I need to plan my routes!)
  8. I just wonder what they will do to the bad endings since many of them were extremely graphic in nature. With the regular stuff, just cutting out the explicit CGs and replacing them with more fluffed up situations can work, but those bad endings were really all about the worst turns each path could take. Anyways, I would hope and pray some company can pick this game up in the west. It should be no surprise to any company that localizes VNs that this series is a big cult hit. The problem is JAST USA, the company that has the rights to Nitroplus games in the west, doesn't have any interest in console game releases (i.e. Steins;Gate's situation) and there are rumors that Nitroplus is hard to work with in general... I won't hold my breath for a localization, though...(I just wish JAST would bring over the PC version in general) Anyways, I'm definitely picking this game up. It was always a "must buy" for me.