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  1. I quoted the user who said "who wouldn't want the chance to be Harry Potter in VR" and expressed that I had similar thoughts but the end result was different and lacking. This is also the only topic for this game on this site and I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't sense the same thought train that the other user had (and hopefully stayed away from the game after learning). If you want a direct response to OP: the trophies are easy as fuck but two are tedious unless you have either extreme reflexes or can withstand holding your arm in a certain position to keep time slowed down for 10-20 minutes at a time. It took me just over an hour to get 100% and that included re-doing the labyrinth because it didn't register me kneeling the first time.
  2. This is what I was excited about, but actually playing it had me disappointed. I should have done some proper research on this game though and learnt that it came out in 2016 and was basically a highlight of basic VR elements. I went in thinking it was closer to VR Harry Potter but yeah, that wasn't what was given. I want a Harry Potter VR game now though.
  3. Had the same issue until I completed the We Remember quest. Now the option to finish the DLC quest is available. Thank you @TribalRivals
  4. You have to complete everything on the challenge list because they give you vehicles which count towards 100%.
  5. The trophies are really easy, but I'm struggling with the A-Maze Me trophy. No idea how to find a puppy trapped in a maze. Any tips?