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  1. Apparently they're actually DLC (downloadable).
  2. You could probably Platinum this game without a guide, and yes you can do it in a single playthrough unlike vanilla P5. That being said, there's a guide on GameFaqs that relies a lot on save scumming, but it does make sure you get to the new part and max your social stats. I honestly don't think there are missables, and also a lot of the new trophies are gained automatically. The Reaper is the only tricky one if you don't level up a bit, everything else is piss-easy compared to vanilla P5.Time to platinum, without skipping dialogues, events or cutscenes? 100+ hours if you do the bare minimum, I guess. Hard to say, it has more story content but way less mandatory missions/minigames and "grindy" elements.
  3. I've read they capped save files to
  4. You can do deliveries on Hard, switch to Easy for a fight, then back to Hard.
  5. Rin's origins explanation is a bit out there, but I liked the weight of his existence in Vincent's life. Also, it's still way better than the New/time travel Catherine ending.
  6. This ^ I kept a Night 6 Apartment Hallway save file (the one you're prompted to do before the interior monologue that opens the Rin route) with max Good alignment. This way I plan to cut short at least one playthrough.
  7. So, when in the patch notes they say that Survival vision has been modified, they mean they got rid of it? Also, no HUD whatsoever means no crosshair? And by "no load-out" do you just mean we start from scratch? Thanks a lot for your info.
  8. Nice, I'll add you ASAP. PSN id: allhelluja
  9. I'd say that technically there may be two missable trophies, as humans don't respawn.
  10. I guess Yoko Taro did this to troll trophy hunting. He succeeded.
  11. Much easier than a "Shadow" run. In the first game I did a low chaos, Clean Hands & Shadow run, and while it was good I was sometimes on the verge of killing someone for the sake of it. For Shadow you must have patience, and sometimes luck. A no kill run just needs you to restrain yourself and not kill anyone. BTW, I'll go like this: 1st run Emily, low chaos, no kills, no alerts 2nd run Corvo, high chaos, flesh and steel, kills 3rd ruh the remaining kill trophies that need you to have powers.