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  1. has a great cabinet with a good variety in games also a perfectionist. and the best of all he is from the netherlands!
  2. Uncharted 3 came with it and bought Mw3 with it
  3. Does somebody have any kind of gaming record or a super high ranking in the leaderbords at some game I'm fourth in a stupid minigame in retro city rampage but yeah still fourth in the world lol. So I was just wondering if somebody got a real big record?
  4. I'm just curious mine is 76 this juny
  5. I want to participate
  6. I'm stuck at 349 -.- its the only trophy i need for the plat i did it with the map and still 1 missing now I don't know where to look
  7. I've deleted mine mail adres thanks for the feedback I thought the % of trophies hunters were higher in other countries maybe it was just a dumb idea
  8. This is for dutch people only so thans why I write this in dutch. Hallo, mijn naam is Jeroen en ik verzamel nu ongeveer 2 jaar trophies en heb hier plezier in alleen het gene wat mij stoort is dat veel Nederlandse ps3 gebruikers amper weten of wat trophies inhouden of hebben er geen motivatie naar. Dit wil ik graag veranderen ik zoek mede Nederlandse trophy gekken voor het opzetten van een Youtube kanaal en daarmee de Nederlandse gamers enthousiast te maken voor trophy hunting. Stuur een mailtje of bericht bij interesse, Psn: jeroenstelt Met vriendelijke groet, Jeroen
  9. Why is your 1337th trophy your elite trophy does it means that if you reached that You're an elite trophy hunter or something can somebody explain this to me?
  10. Nice nice I'm looking forward to it!
  11. Worth buying fun and challenging trophy list!
  12. Just got Soulcalibur V plat the link is from the video where I get the trophy!
  13. I just got Soulcalibur V plat a hour ago! here you have the video!
  14. Nice list!