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  1. Only thing i loved about 8 was Triple Triad. Best card game ever invented period.
  2. Saw this earlier today. Going to practice hitting it consistently for WC farming. Knowing Beenox it's going to take a whole month to get this fixed.
  3. Wow, 1000 times better-looking than his MK9 face. Still can't justify buying a season pass that costs about as much as the game itself. Going to wait for a price drop but i really like what i'm seeing so far.
  4. What is even the point of having a Discord when this site serves the same purpose?
  5. Yeah. Been playing online every day for 2 weeks now, no issues or crashes at all.
  6. P2P servers in 2019. What a time we live in huh?
  7. Learn to not watch the lines. After a while you learn the rhythm of when to boost perfectly.
  8. The part of the track that will make or break beating Oxide's time is this part. You need to keep USF at least until that turn at 1:02. Also, the turns at 0:27, try to bunnyhop past them while using the boost from the boost pad. Basically jump left and right repeatedly through the turns instead of taking the turns, that's what i did. Or you could just drive past them, your choice. EDIT: Oh right, before i forget. I used a speed character for the track, just so you know.
  9. Finally beat all Oxide times and got the flex-master skin 😄. Dragon Mines was the only real pain in the ass. Oxide Station was easy enough after a few tries. Time for rest, then platinum relics!
  10. I've experimented with this shortcut for almost an hour and found out as long as you take the shortcut head-on and hold the jump button while holding the left stick down you will always make the jump. It doesn't matter what speed, it worked for me all 3 laps.
  11. Beat all of Tropy's times today. Beaten lots of Oxide's ones too, even if they didn't count for some reason -__- I hope Beenox makes it so that IF you beat his time before you unlock his, it should count. I'm NOT doing Oxide Station all over again lol EDIT: Also, fix the Sewer Speedway shortcut ffs!
  12. I've been playing for 5 days straight now online and no problems yet. Still uploading data after each session just to be sure. EDIT: Game loves to crash a lot. Disconnect issues are frequent as well.
  13. Please don't be open world, please don't be open world... I don't want another disaster like Dynasty Warriors 9.
  14. I'm just going to bite the bullet and play the game. It's easy enough to back up data on PS4, so if it does happen at least i won't lose much. Hopefully...