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  1. That would be a stupid move since they'd lose face if that's the case. And i don't think they want any of that bad press after all the praise this game has been getting.
  2. In your face btw to the people that claimed this game would have microtransactions. https://screenrant.com/crash-team-racing-microtransactions-gameplay-presentation-e3-2019/
  3. Oh my god, did my prediction actually come true? Holy shit. This game man, this game.
  4. Yessir! Sort of like a ranked season mode that most competitive games have. Of course, i don't expect that will happen but i'd like it to.
  5. Honestly, i couldn't give an absolute flying fuck about what you people think or don't think about microtransactions right now. This trailer might have just cured my depression. This is my all-time most wanted dream game and it's actually happening. It's ACTUALLY happening. Everything looks absolutely perfect. All i honestly hope at this point is that they improve online and don't make it barebones. Add ranks, prizes, leagues etc. to give people incentive to play. Mario Kart 8 didn't have much in the online department no matter how many points you got, it was only there just to have a reason to brag and flex on people lol
  6. 5$ for a color swap,and it doesn't seem to have a different formchange or moveset either? Waste of money.
  7. The small roster makes it easier to learn how to fight against characters. I think having a small roster makes it easier to learn the game IMO Agreed. Story was pretty rushed and not something i enjoyed. I wish they'd bring back arcade mode from Tekken 4 & 5 with rival battles as well in the next game. Reason Akuma was in this game was to test out if Street Fighter characters could work in a Tekken game, most likely just a preview of Tekken X Street Fighter, whenever that game comes out. I agree, it's stupid. Harada even said that if it was up to him he would make Legacy characters free. I only bought the first season pass when it first came out. Noctis and Geese were awesome and unique additions, but S2 is just horrible copy/paste. Negan might be worth a buy but not the other characters, for god's sake don't support this kind of BS. At least they're trying something new almost every game. Tekken 3 introduced improved sidestepping, Tag 1 introduced the tag mechanic, Tekken 4 introduced wall mechanics, Tekken 5 introduced the crush mechanic, Tekken 6 introduced bound moves and screws, Tag 2 introduced Floor Breaks, Wall Breaks and Balcony Breaks, and now T7 has Rage Arts/Drives. Can't wait to see what Tekken 8 has to offer.
  8. I know people aren't happy but i usually always eat up Warrior games. It's mindless fun when you just don't know what to play.
  9. After the absolute shitfest that was The Last Jedi, i have no intention of watching this movie. It SERIOUSLY soured my expectations for this movie.
  10. So, i'm guessing that i'm qualified for the Hokage Rank right? If that's how it works. https://psnprofiles.com/Oblivion173?search=naruto
  11. Sad that the JFA bad ending trophy wasn't named "The "miracle" never happen". Otherwise, good list. Not going to play them all again for the umpteenth time though.
  12. Mafia III. No game has made me so bored and frustrated gameplay-wise that i want to smash the disc in and throw it in the toilet like this game. Anybody that defends this game or thinks it's good is an idiot, pure and simple.
  13. The gift of nothing.
  14. Erm, what spoiler if i may ask? From my knowledge this wasn't kept a secret, the news are literally everywhere.
  15. Looks sick. I think i'm going to wear it for Silver Lining when it comes out and for future New Game+ playthroughs.