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  1. What they meant was that the "initial" game was the only thing needed to play the game and get all its DLC unlike vanilla SF4 where you needed to buy Super Street Fighter 4 to purchase the rest of the DLC. So, no. They technically never lied.
  2. One day we will have an open world Star Wars game that follows the movies (1-6). Until that day, this game isn't it 👎
  3. First game that comes to mind is the definition of overrated, Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's a really meh game and nothing special. All the praise it gets is completely unfathomable to me.
  4. Most games go on sale really fast nowadays. Wouldn't be shocked to find it for 50% off in about 6 months.
  5. Correct, i might never have had that problem because i don't really know what a internet cap is and how it affects hard drive space. I'm not ashamed to admit that i'm a total newbie when it comes to technology and i'm open for learning if you have the time to explain
  6. Most of my games are physical and i don't have any issues deleting and re-installing them again. If that's a problem for someone then sorry to say, you're just lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Space should be a non-issue since there is no drawback to deleting games. If you don't play some games just delete them and if you ever feel like playing them again just re-install them. Simple.
  8. Will this game's playerbase even be alive in one year? lol
  9. Fuck man. MP was my favorite thing about the first game even though it's something that most people disliked for some reason. Hopefully they'll add MP as free DLC later.
  10. Only thing i loved about 8 was Triple Triad. Best card game ever invented period.
  11. Saw this earlier today. Going to practice hitting it consistently for WC farming. Knowing Beenox it's going to take a whole month to get this fixed.
  12. Wow, 1000 times better-looking than his MK9 face. Still can't justify buying a season pass that costs about as much as the game itself. Going to wait for a price drop but i really like what i'm seeing so far.
  13. What is even the point of having a Discord when this site serves the same purpose?