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  1. At least you were smart enough to know it was a bad troll. Good job
  2. So just because i play a game that means i like it? Nice logic.
  3. OK then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Don't have one, so joke's on you
  5. What's to be expected? Shit cover for a shit game lol
  6. Welp, time to log back in after two years.
  7. That too.
  8. The stupidity and ignorance in this comment is baffling. What a stupid comparison. It took them around 2-3 years to make the game after switching engines for it and 5 years in total from announcement to release. Anyway, my opinion on the DLC. Re:Mind is 95% re-used content from the main game being sold at a baffling 30 dollars. I feel robbed but at the same i can just tell myself "i SpEnT mOnEy tO sUpPorT tHe gAmE" to feel good about myself 🤓
  9. I swear, people whine about the stupidest things... I had no issues with the game on PC, it's a completely fine game. EDIT: inb4 anyone asks, yes i 100%'ed the game on Jedi Master.
  10. Is there really any point? It won't add anything new to the game except characters that were already in and lazy copy and paste costumes.
  11. Duuuuuude, this screenshot is insane. If anything this alone sold me on the game. Also, is that Jeff Schine as Carlos? Then holy shit, i just love that man's voice. Happy that he's finally moving to a big project, he clearly has a lot of talent.
  12. Nemesis's teeth looking wank though 😁
  13. What they meant was that the "initial" game was the only thing needed to play the game and get all its DLC unlike vanilla SF4 where you needed to buy Super Street Fighter 4 to purchase the rest of the DLC. So, no. They technically never lied.