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  2. Spent 400 hours on the first game. I'd be crazy not to buy the sequel to one of my most played games.
  3. This isn't just aimed at you, it's also for people that can't beat him in general. My mistake, i misread your original post. P.S: Just because you have fighting game plats doesn't mean you're good at them. Look at my Street Fighter and Persona 4 Arena lists. EDIT: My aim was not to sound like a bigshot. i was just trying to be thorough.
  4. Err...He's pretty easy. I've even beaten him on the 10 star difficulty, only took 30 minutes and i'm a scrub at Tekken lol Luck plays a big part in the fight against him on the hardest difficulty but on normal he's a piece of cake. Just stay mid-range, duck and when he teleports towards you just EWGF him 3 times and back away. Rinse and repeat. Don't get reckless and use the laser, he usually avoids it. EDIT: Oh, and regarding the end. You just have to spam the R1 button so you can beat his Rage Art and win the match.
  5. Two years after the second post, so here's an update. John Wolfe WrestletalkTV Little Kuriboh BedBananas SomecallmeJohnny Haedox Wrestling Shorts Yeah, my list is much shorter than last time. Most youtubers i used to watch have quit YouTube and i've unsubscribed from some of them for other reasons.
  6. ,
  7. Kind of expected it to take until June to get the new episode. Nevertheless, it's good that Telltale is back on track with this game.
  8. #1: Randy Savage #2: Chris Jericho #3: Sami Zayn #4: AJ Styles #5: Batista
  9. Nope, you can get everything whenever you wish. But you still need Pagies to proceed through the game.
  10. The whistling comes from you having the Hunter tonic equipped. It's good around early to mid-game but in World 4 that thing becomes pretty useless.
  11. Well, i backed the game so i'm getting it regardless but still pretty bummed to hear about this.
  12. I made a status update maybe a year ago talking about how much i wanted a SC3 HD Online. Hell, it might even come true when Soulcalibur VI comes out.
  13. The fact that Shadow of Mordor got a sequel is good enough for me. I always came back to the gameplay in the original but it looks like this one will be more story-focused which i'm absolutely fine with.
  14. Release date change didn't bother me at all because it was pretty obvious they were going to release it a bit later than initially planned. Pre-ordered my CE and super stoked to finally play it when it comes out.
  15. Chaos Legion remaster pls