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  1. Don't play the game for 10 years? I genuinely hope there is no workaround for this. I want to plat this game in 2032.
  2. Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition is virtually unplayable on PS5 since there is a huge input leg delay, plus the game will crash at the end of every level when playing co-op.
  3. FIFA? More like fuck off.
  4. I haven't read everything here but have Poly said anything in customer support about what the requirements are?
  5. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realise that the account with the trophy unlocked is not hacked. Looking at the name of the account and the trophies they do have it's clearly someone on dev-side testing something, and they've somehow been synced on here
  6. Can't wait to pay £3.49 for a pack of 10 arrows
  7. Are these harder than the GT6 senna challenges? Challenge 2 and 4 on that were pretty difficult
  8. This has also happened to me when I updated one profile..
  9. More than likely a dev, let's be real.
  10. My birthday is July 4th and there's a July 4th trophy, so I kind of feel compelled to now.
  11. Anyone else excited for this absolute unit of a video game?
  12. Is this game as well as Run Sackboy Run still on the ps store still purchasable and fully attainable?
  13. I will absolutely be doing the game from scratch again if another list comes out. Auto-popping is one thing, but auto-popping a game like Cuphead is sacrilege
  14. Are you getting a mission finish screen? If not it won't unlock, it popped after 5 for me with 5 finish screens.
  15. Unattainable or just glitchy?