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  1. Very petty but Mortal Kombat vs DC should be listed as Stage 2, as it's officially the 8th entry in the franchise.
  2. Out of the ones I've played, it'll go: 1) Far Cry 3 2) Far Cry Primal 3) Far Cry 4 4) Far Cry Blood Dragon 5) Trenchfoot 6) Gout 7) Far Cry 2 8) Far Cry Classic
  3. Burn Em Out, Relentless & Heart of the Reich easily take the cake.
  4. Looks as deserving of a platinum as any platinum should be, difficulty trophies are great. Can't wait.
  5. ^Me if 'Take The Cannoli' returns.
  6. Then rockstar can happily bugger my wallet of all its money.
  7. We literally had these on PS4, is this even big news? Unless it's in the GTA5 engine, then that would be a whole different deal..
  8. How many hours is this plat looking to be?
  9. I can't believe I actually have to play the game to earn trophies, unnacceptable!!!
  10. Edit: Now the actual list is up, these look fine, still quite standard for Far Cry.
  11. I have the 100% now, but I'd recommend always going for heavy and light missiles over anything else. Learning the spawns of pickups is most important
  12. The new game looks great, but how is this one? No online trophies but doesn’t seem to have gained much traction. Any recommendations?
  13. Yeah most likely. Good for everyone that still needs them at least! Hopefully the bombardment of emails customer support makes them decide to keep at least 1 of each game mode type running at all time so the trophy stays attainable.
  14. Great news. I do wonder if they only put them back because of all the tickets we were sending them or if that was the plan all along
  15. Very thankful for difficulty trophies! Too many games don't have these! Overall it looks like it's going to be a blast and I cannot wait!