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  1. Man I’m just trying to get an official PS3 controller but all of them, even the ones that seem to be official Sony ones are just replicas that have very poor analog sticks. Has anyone else noticed this? and where can you get ones that are actually proper?
  2. I can understand anyone saying GTAV, however after doing DLC3 doomsday heist, you get given about $8,000,000 so I wouldn’t mind too much if that game got given more to do. I really don’t want to see any DLC trophies on Rainbow Six Siege, especially now as they’ve given that game an overhaul
  3. I’d rather see the backlog manager feature implemented if I’m perfectly honest!
  4. True words
  5. Not sure if I’ve commented on here before, but for now: - MotorStorm Apocalypse - Modnation Racers - GTA 4
  6. I’ve only had the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. I’m what 13 year olds would call a ‘Sony Fanboy’
  7. My bad! Still, I’m glad others agree with me that this would be cool!
  8. I’m not sure if this has been suggested before (I couldn’t find anything), but I think a Backlog Manager tab on our profiles would be a good idea. With the option to have it public or private, it would be helpful to be able to make a list of games in our backlogs in the PSNP listing format, so we can go back and reference this for the future. The ability to drag games in a certain order to our own liking would make this perfect, along with the standard PSNP listing preferences like ‘Rarity’ that already exists if one wished to order their games that way. Does anyone else else think this would be a good idea? I’d much rather organise my backlog on PSNP than on the colour coded Microsoft Word Document I currently have!
  9. If you want couch coop I couldn’t recommend LittleBigPlanet 1 enough. It’s the reason I own a PS3.
  10. What a load of shite. S7 ends with the wall down. Then: S8 mainly focuses about the White Walkers culminating in their defeat (with Cersei actually involved this time). S9 mainly focused about Cersei and the sack of Kings Landing. S10 about Daenerys’ mad queen reign and demise. If only we got something like this.
  11. Am I the one that felt very underwhelmed with this game? This game has a higher metacritic score than Tekken 6, and I don’t understand. I’ll start off with saying I liked the Jukebox option, and the fighting itself is stellar but still repetitious of other Tekken games. If you don’t want to read my boring long-ass rant, that’s fair enough. I don’t blame you, but nonetheless, here are my thoughts summed up: 1) Lackluster Roster - This has the lowest player count of recent games, while I liked some new arrivals such as Deathraven, it all just seems a bit jumbled? With some others just added in as DLC. It’s also insulting to put Mokujin in the character select when choosing left or right stance, but not actually playable. (Also I miss Wang.) 2) Weak Story - I’d already watched the story play through on YouTube, and while that was roughly 3 hours (which is already insulting), when I came to play it, skipping cutscenes it only took 1 hour! Possibly the shortest story mode from any AAA game? Injustice 2 has 76 fights in its story, whereas Tekken 7 has what, 14? Tekken 6, in my opinion at least, had a fun original take with the 3rd person adventure style mode, that was fun! But this game just went back to basics and 75% shorter. Which leads into.. 3) Akuma As Heavy Story Focus - Really? They had to write Akuma into Tekken canon as the main boss? This is the equivalent of having Kratos in MK9 as the main villain, which would be ridiculous. Guest characters are nice to me, but don’t add them to canon! Are we going to Negan as the Tekken 8 antagonist? It just shows laziness that they couldn’t use an existing character or make a new one. 4) Characters and Modes Locked as DLC - firstly there’s 2 season passes which is already poor, but while I know we live in a DLC fuelled gaming world, charging extortionate prices for characters that were ALREADY ON DISC on all past games is insulting. Armor King and Julia were 2 of my favourites from past games, and now I have to pay for them? BS, they should be on disc! Just like the tekken bowl mode from T:TT! It would be fine to charge extra if the game already had a stacked roster and modes, but that’s not the case, clearly. 5) No Innovation - Rage Arts are cool, but it’s just a copy of MK’s X-ray move and we all know it. Apart from that, the Jukebox was cool, but there’s really nothing else new in this game, that I can praise, and honestly it’s a shame. In close, I didn’t hate this game, the fights are fine, but it could have had so much more effort put in, especially due to how long it took to come out after TTT2. It’s a shame as I’ve loved every main game since Tekken 4. Am I the only one that feels this way? Please do comment and let me know, I’m interested to hear all your thoughts! Peace.
  12. I mean with Injustice 2 you can get about 40 trophies within the first 3 hours but it's still one of the worst platinums I've ever done.
  13. PAIN, thank the heavens I swerved that.
  14. Me and you both 😛
  15. I'm coming out here with an existential question here for y'all, simply, to what extent does PSNP influence your trophy hunting? I'm something I've been wondering about lately, as obsessed with trophies I already am, I feel like if PSNP were to suddenly vanish, I wouldn't be as eager to go for trophies and I'd probably quickly give up. I hate looking at my trophy list on my PS4 and I only ever do it if I think I missed a trophy pop or something. I much prefer the layout and style of how your collection looks on this website, and without it I just wouldn't get as much satisfaction looking at what I've already achieved just on my PS4. I've hidden a couple games such as absolute duds like FIFA09 and such, only ones with unattainable trophies, so for me PSNP does influence my trophy hunting a lot. Not to mention the great community this website has and the great trophy guide layout to me makes it much more accessible too, and it makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger rather than just getting trophies by myself. Does it for you? Would you still go for trophies without this site? I'm interested to hear what you all have to say.