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  1. Could a mod change the title of this thread? Wouldn't want to confuse people
  2. The trophy art looks cool doe
  3. Here to Stadia? More like Byedia. COMEDY
  4. This is like being annoyed at fps games for the enemy players shooting at you.
  5. This is looking to be one of the best remakes of all time... Let's hope they don't pull a Rockstar on this one
  6. As a zombies game fan, is this game good? Or is it peepeepoopoo?
  7. This is my favourite 1,111th post I've ever seen someone make.
  8. How much money have you spent on all of these so far? Rough ballpark figure
  9. I'm pretty sure you can do this with PSNP+!
  10. I can't get over how true this is
  11. I admire your creativity with this, I really do. You're right, we could be at this all day, but I'm going to head off now and enjoy some real games while you defend paying to hold x for 5 minutes.
  12. It's like the gaming equivalent of smoking. Sure it's all consensual, but doesn't really make it good, does it? Because since these games have existed, leaderboards have lost all meaning. Now it's just a leaderboard of 'who can spend 50c the fastest'
  13. Don't misinterpret my point here, of course every game out there is made to make money. Everything that exists exists to make money, obviously. But if we look at the specifics here, if you you buy a spam pay4plat, you're being exploited. Noone buys them for fun, they buy them for the PSNP leaderboards, it's an addiction. Just as bad as mtx in AAA games, if not worse.
  14. Because you can't compare an actual game made by a company who wanted to make a game, to a piece of nothing pay4plat made by someone who's only intention is to syphon money out of people with leaderboard addictions. People who people these spam games (yes, spam games) are addicted to their leaderboard ranking and they need to all be removed from the store
  15. Hahaha this is one of the worst ways to defend spam scumboi plats that I've ever heard