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  1. Here we are we presented with absolute gaming mastery. Definite GOTY candidate here. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  2. Well this trophy list is dreadful. I hope this hasn't come from people complaining about how bad online trophies are. Games like this need trophies that at least semi challenging since Multiplayer is its main mode, but not overly stupid either like Battlefield Hardline.
  3. I don't want to read all 250 messages but is it confirmed these chapter 5 animals are needed for trophies?
  4. Lame platinum image, but the rest looks fun.
  5. Loving Season 9 so far. Just going to go ahead and say that Arat's death scene is one of the best death scenes of the entire show in my opinion. The writing and the way it was directed, just perfect.
  6. I'll also help even though I have all trophies, what's the best email to contact?
  7. I really want to get BO4 but I'll hold it off if the platinum is still unattainable...
  8. It's the Glenn from the Comics, and definitely no spoilers on that one
  9. They seemed to be down for only about 4 days when I first posted this, I think it's all okay now.
  10. What Shadicochao said, also if a vehicle explodes with a player in, that will also count as a death though. I'm not sure if this is true, but there are rumors that if you get blown up in a personal vehicle, stats will AUTOMATICALLY reset, so never drive anything other than the Armoured Koruma, and when there are choppers, like in Rescue Agent in Act III, watch out.
  11. From recent memory, Battefield Bad Company, Far Cry 2 and GTA VICE CITY BLOWING UP HELICOPTERS OVER AND OVER AHHHHH
  12. Very time demanding, but not TOO difficult. The DLC however is time demanding AND difficult and needs good communication with teammates at all times.
  13. Any confirmation on trophies yet? :/
  14. Does anyone at all have any answers for this?
  15. Summerslam Prediction: Finally, everyone is expecting for Brock Lesnar to lose his title at Summerslam, while I still think he will, I think he will have a shock win against Bobby Lashley/Roman Reigns, stunning everyone and make us go WHAAAA, but then I think Strowman will cash in and win against Brock, which then Strowman will feud with either Lashley or Reigns, they can easily make a story out of that. Thoughts?