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  1. Much appreciated! The red bull challenges alone was like 60 hours!
  2. #200 - Gran Turismo 5
  3. The Hungry Horde requires you to get the DLC to platinum it but that's on vita.
  4. Still nothing, can't get past the main menu start screen on Resident Evil: ORC, this is so annoying
  5. And after having failed the final stage on Advanced start over 10 times yesterday, with this new update I beat the mamaback first try!
  6. (I made this topic so it stands out from the previous one) With the season 2 update this trophy has been made even easier for the advanced start on solo. Instead of starting with 3 lives, 2 bolts and 1 nuke, you now start with 5 lives, 5 bolts and 4 nukes. Plus you can choose your fate when you land on the beach at the beginning!
  7. Still dying to see a remaster of: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift MotorStorm: Apocalypse Sonic Unleashed Call of Duty WaW, BO1, BO2 GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 Spec Ops The Line Max Payne 3
  8. How many players are needed for all the online trophies?
  9. This would be a game changer if true, I would eat this up.
  10. I knew waiting would pay off!
  11. Why did you copy my avatar?
  12. I can vouch that this is the best addition to this site, I use the list feature all the time.
  13. I hope we get Velocity 3X
  14. I'll still wait until I eventually get a PS5 to play this, but at least this sounded like an honest message openly admitting they fucked up.