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  1. They seemed to be down for only about 4 days when I first posted this, I think it's all okay now.
  2. What Shadicochao said, also if a vehicle explodes with a player in, that will also count as a death though. I'm not sure if this is true, but there are rumors that if you get blown up in a personal vehicle, stats will AUTOMATICALLY reset, so never drive anything other than the Armoured Koruma, and when there are choppers, like in Rescue Agent in Act III, watch out.
  3. From recent memory, Battefield Bad Company, Far Cry 2 and GTA VICE CITY BLOWING UP HELICOPTERS OVER AND OVER AHHHHH
  4. Very time demanding, but not TOO difficult. The DLC however is time demanding AND difficult and needs good communication with teammates at all times.
  5. Any confirmation on trophies yet? :/
  6. Does anyone at all have any answers for this?
  7. Summerslam Prediction: Finally, everyone is expecting for Brock Lesnar to lose his title at Summerslam, while I still think he will, I think he will have a shock win against Bobby Lashley/Roman Reigns, stunning everyone and make us go WHAAAA, but then I think Strowman will cash in and win against Brock, which then Strowman will feud with either Lashley or Reigns, they can easily make a story out of that. Thoughts?
  8. So I'm trying to help some guys with boosting Big Splash, and Sunken Dragon seems to be missing from the Conquest playlists? It's needed for that assignment, but if it's been patched out then the trophy might be unachievable :/ Hopefully it's only temporary? If anyone can check that would be greatly appreciated
  9. It's coming home 😎
  10. Usually platformers are a bit harder on vita, was this any harder than on PS4 or relatively the same?
  11. I've been fiddling around with the stock market and looking at guides, but even then I seem to never get a high profit, I dont understand it, surely there must be some hidden missions or ways or making money somewhere? Edit: Ahhh so I think I've found a way, thankfully I'd already bought the trevor airstrip, so if I keep farming the 5k and 7k arms race missions, I will be able to afford the nuclear waste facility, then once I've done that trophy I should have enough for the rest of the properties
  12. Starting again would be a real annoyance as I really don't want to go for the letter scraps etc again, but it may come to it I'm not sure.. As it being part of the 100% trophy it would mean doing everything else again that's the issue damn this sucks
  13. Can I still do that even starting with $0 though? If I manage to make a couple $1000 I presume my makings will be very small? I'm not sure though as the stock market confuses me a lil bit
  14. That would be great but I've already completed all the missions so I don't think that's possible :/
  15. So I was about 4 hours away from earning the 100% trophy, and of course my gamesave corrupts for no reason at all, and I'm dumb enough not to have made any alternate saves for about a week. I made one after completing the main story so I have the $13,000,000 for each character, (so I can still earn the Taxi and Toxic Waste trophies on there no problem) but that was before getting any scraps or spaceship parts and I really don't want to have to do that again Anyway what has happened is, the map is still showing me having completed all main and side missions bar a couple of trevor's ones, all paper scraps and other collectibles have counted, however all gold medal progress has gone (but I've got the trophy so it's cool) and all my characters money and weapons have vanished, now being on $0 for each character. But the trouble is, one of the only things left I need to do for 100% is buy 5 properties of all things!! I need to win a couple street races, but I cant even enter them as they cost $1000! Is there anything I can do post game to earn big enough money from scratch to finish these last few things off? Really don't want to have to restart because of this Any help would be great thank you