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  1. I don't need to reiterate what anyone else has said about that HIAC ending. But boy oh boy could a chimp write better than that.
  2. Yes I’ve noticed this a lot lately, especially in the last year. You still get some really difficult and rare platinums like Black Ops 4 and Wolfenstein 2. But games these days seem to be less MP focused than on PS3. PS3 games such as Far Cry 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 1and so on just had ridiculous trophies where you need to boost online kills for what seemed like forever. But I can’t even remember the last game since KZ Shadowfall to have this sort of trophy list. Im probably in the minority where I like online trophies, providing they’re not like the games in paragraph above, ones where you’re able to just play it out at your own pace are fine with me. I wish games these days would have some more challenging SP trophies and non-tedious MP trophies. For example I see Far Cry Primal has a permadeath mode, but no trophy attached to it, wasted opportunity I think.
  3. I got 90 stars now. These are the ones that weren't 3*: -Chroma 2* -Razzmatazz 2* -Actino Rise 2* -Reflex 2* -Reflex Redux 2* -Playground Three 2* -Atrium One 2* -Actino 1* I personally thought the DLC maps were sucky, was not a fan of the block layout at all, so I made sure I did the base maps as best as possible, only missing out on a star in playground 3 and atrium 1. I would recommend going for 3* on Shard 1, it's very possible with an hour or two practice on the jumps. It will help as some of the DLC maps are very difficult, such as Actino 1 which is just a nightmare.
  4. Yes they do. Ground War is OP. I can’t stress enough how important it is you go for Woods unlock in ground war since it makes it 10000% easier
  5. Dont give up on it! That platinum is the best feeling ever when it comes! For me though, it has to be Guitar Hero Hits and Van Halen. I’m not THAT good enough at drums. You basically have to be a double bass real drummer in order to do it.
  6. LittleBigPlanet 1 and BF: Bad Company are two of my favourite platinum icons. MAG also has probably the best one, shame I never got to play that.
  7. 'I am Bad Company! - Battlefield Bad Company' - Achieve all Online Awards. The weekly boosting dedication to this was insane. 'Strumillionaire - Guitar Hero Live' - Strum 1,000,000 times in GHTV. Why was this a thing? '8th Wonder - Guitar Hero Hits' Complete the song Through The Fire and Flames with 4 stars or more as the Guitarist on Expert. Yep. 'Raining Notes - Guitar Hero Hits' Perfectly play the First Blood section of the song Raining Blood as the Guitarist on Expert. Yep again. 'Creeping Death - Guitar Hero Metallica' Score 575,000 on the song Creeping Death as the guitarist. Yep 3. 'Masterminds - GTA5' GTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist. This took a lot of dedication and grinding but was very satisfying on completion.
  8. I've been playing in offline mode as for the past few days it was saying the online mode wasn't working, however I've noticed stars don't carry into the online mode from offline. I've only earned 14 stars so far so no big deal if I have to start again. But will I still get the trophies if I carry on in offline mode? Also will the DLC appear in offline mode when I download that? Thanks!
  9. Yes, but I’d be more inclined to stick to a few games I really love rather than branch out to try others. That’s why I like trophies as it encourages you to play more things. Without trophies I’d probably just be playing Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 on PC forever 😛
  10. This looks like it will be very common, I’m happy with this list and the icons looks great!
  11. To clarify, I did make this thread with the intention for everyone to speculate. I’m not looking for an actual answer obviously as there isn’t one.
  12. We all know the PS3 online functionality won’t last forever, most likely at some point all PS3 games will lose the ability to play online, but do you think Sony will allow to at least still sign in and sync trophies? I’ve had the 2 GT5 online trophies completed on my account for 5 years now as I want to save it for #200. But I wouldn’t want to get halfway through that extortionately long game just for them to stop syncing. What do you think Sony will do? And when do you think it might happen?
  13. Fondest memory would be spending 30 hours boosting to get all but one of the treasures and spending another 30 hours to get the final one. The fucking shitting Jade Fish.
  14. I’d say around 30-40 hours depending on skill.
  15. I found them in the boxing gym quite regularly on solos from meleeing zombies, good luck.