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  1. This took me 2 hours total but maybe I got lucky. Definitely found sitting left to the dealer and quitting at the earliest point you know you won’t win and sitting straight down makes it go faster.
  2. GoW Chains of Olympus. Very close to finishing!
  3. These in particular really aren't that bad.
  4. This is going to be difficult if Dead Ops 3 is as difficult as the last 2! Very pleased with the list over all. Perfect blend of trophies from all 4 modes.
  5. I wonder why they never added DLC trophies? Surely it can ONLY help boost sales?
  6. After nearly 20 hours on Nürburgring, I finally beat this pain in this ass track, again with the DS3! Suzuka I haven’t even attempted yet! How far away are you from the golds?
  7. I agree this is one of the most mundane platinums out there.
  8. I’m hoping this game becomes free on PS+ so all the PS+ noobs will be online, making the trophies temporarily a lot easier
  9. Games with 30 minute platinums are trash and make anyone’s trophy list look weak. Uncharted 3 is the best of the series.
  10. Would you even consider this a game though?
  11. Can we not.
  12. As many have said, Dead Nation. One of my favourite games ever and starting to consider playing it a 3rd time for a 3rd plat (which I haven't done before with any game.)
  13. I just got Gold on Monza in 2 hours 30 minutes (02:03:652) from never having tried it to finishing it with a DS3. How much more difficult are Nurb and Suzuka? What chance do I have in getting gold on the other 2 tracks with the DS3 considering that took me 2hr30?
  14. Excellent DriverReach A-Spec Level 40. Gran Turismo 5
  15. I would also like to solemnly add getting 18th place on Expert Guitar, Guitar Hero 5 Wii, Rammstein's 'Du Hast'. Fucking scenes, lads.