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  1. 32.05%
  2. I agree it's a big pain
  3. I know how you feel, I really don't want a new trophy
  4. STILL having Lesnar as champion is utterly pointless and stupid. The Tomato Sauce Universal title holds next to no credibility anymore as it isn't even shown on the Brand it represents because of his contract. Lesnar having the title just prevents young up and comers from making a name for themselves. At least give it to someone who actually cares about the sport damn it!!! The word is he's going to have it until Summerslam, counting down the days. I wouldn't care if Baron Corbin had it as this point.
  5. The Order 1886. Nothing too great, I hoped the game would be better
  7. Good news! I hope they add not too short, but not too long, fun and rewarding trophies to the MP, too.
  8. There's no mention on any guides if getting the Deluxo is worth it or not for the Criminal Mastermind challenges, I would assume missions like Rescue Agent 14 would be easier with one, is it worth it? They're currently on sale for $2,600,000
  9. Grand Theft Auto V DLC doing Criminal Mastermind challenges to finish up online, then onto the single player
  10. Kids screaming down the mic on GTA Online.
  11. Looks serviceable, nothing too bad, but nothing stands out either. Will see how it is when it's out to judge properly.
  12. Entry 4. Max Payne: [playing piano] There it was, the soundtrack to my life, and, for a few seconds, came harmony, finally. -Max Payne 3
  13. 3rd entry. "You're treading on some mighty thin ice here" - Joel - The Last of Us