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  1. After two days (on and off) of trying and failing every method I could find on the Internet and nearly giving up I finally got it to work with the fire arrow method. I shot him with it point blank and proceeded to just mash triangle+circle. I got the execution animation and it popped. I was shocked it popped. Of course I executed others aflame about a dozen other times but never got it to pop. I also had all my runes as epics because I had just sold all the ones I didn't need.
  2. Don't give up! I was at 9:20.something last night and figured I would never even bother again. But I tried again this afternoon and cut my times significantly in most all of them. After about 45 minutes I got the trophy and a total time of 6:55.74. That's hardly world record worthy but comfortably under the time needed for the trophy. I feel pretty good about it!
  3. Riptide GP2...a supposed easy plat but I’m not good at the game for whatever reason.
  4. I wanted a Rogue One Lego game when the movie came out. At this point they could add in Solo and Epiosde VIII as well. The Resistance games remastered for PS4. Thanks for for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!
  5. I found it easier as someone who normally bats right handed to set up as a left hander, hold the move controller in my right hand, extend my arm out, and just flick my wrist. I hit a homer almost every time, and it seems even easier post patch. As for the targets, I always just tried to pull the ball down the right field line and hope to hit either the 2x in the corner or the 3x in right-center. Try not to swing with much elevation and don't try and actually hit the ball, just focus on timing and angle (a relatively flat trajectory). You'll make contact almost every time no matter what. I can't tell you how many balls I hit that seemed to just miss the target, sailing over by like a millimeter. It's definitely a very frustrating trophy, but persistence is the only other tip I can give.
  6. The patch is out and I have the plat. The two score trophies popped as I started a round. I had to “earn” the 125MPH exit velocity but I popped it in my first round. Every homer was 120-plus and I topped out at 126.9 without even trying. 😁
  7. Awesome! I wonder if that means my 125 MPH trophy will pop since I have a 124.9 in my stats. Hope the update comes soon.
  8. I’ve played the snot out of this game for several days straight and it seems three trophies are either bugged or nearly impossible. First, the trophies for 50,000 and 500,000 points are almost certainly glitched. I can only assume they mean cumulative points and not individual round points, which would be impossible with the time constraint. I currently sit atop the in-game leaderboard with around 11,000 points for a single round and somewhere near 800,000 cumulative. So it’s either an unobtainable goal if it’s in a round or glitched if it’s cumulative. I am not sure the 125MPH exit velocity is achievable. I have reached, of course, 124.9 exactly once, and that was in my first hour or so playing the game in Nationals Park. According to the stat page I’ve gotten over 124 in each of the three ballparks but I rarely top 120 and the average is probably somewhere in the 110-115 range over the nearly 800 homers I have hit trying to get that trophy and grinding toward the 100 targets trophy. This trophy should have been to top 120, especially considering the MLB record for exit velocity is 119.4 by Aaron Judge according to a Google search. I just don’t know how to generate that much “bat speed” with the move controller. I doubt Gary Sheffield, who had legendary bat speed back in his prime, could do it in real life or in the game. in short, I am 100% sure two trophies are glitched and one is practically unobtainable, especially since exit velocity seems somewhat arbitrary in the game. I have hit absolute lasers that register around 100 and long, arcing hangers that reach 118+. The game is overpriced, limited, and frustrating for trophy enthusiasts, but I have had a blast playing it. I’m done for now though until the trophies are patched and hopefully the standard for the exit velocity trophy is made slightly more realistic.
  9. Just got it. :-)
  10. Can you get all the chest pieces by grinding in the same style of biome? The Egypt biome is filled with easily obtainable chests but I rarely get a necessary piece...maybe 1 per world spawn. I have exhausted the monster and the trader suppply and still have 20+ bricks left.
  11. The Tesla one is definitely the best though I beat the final boss using the base weapon you start the game with. I do like the flamethrower for the 5-2 boss. I farmed money on that level after beating the game and it makes quick work of him. You don't get much more than 100 coins on that level, but there is no platforming, easy enemies leading up to the boss, and the boss is the easiest in the game. A no-stress way to make money. On another note this game crashed about once every 30 minutes on my Pro. No such problems on the Vita.
  12. For someone just starting the game, what is the best approach to getting this trophy?
  13. Very easy plat. Just follow the guide linked and the supplemental guide dalailama1989 posted on the last page and it's no problem to plat is in about an hour, maybe less. For the failing dates trophies, I picked Rial, dialog option 2 and then 3. Ended the date quickly and just reloaded and repeated.
  14. Awesome. Thank you!
  15. Is there a guide yet?