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  1. I've been playing through Yakuza 4 and have put around 30 hours into it at this point. I finished the game on normal, finished all of Kiryu's substories and most of the other character's substories, done quite a few minigames, dated some hostesses, opened most lockers, etc. I've even got an A rank on Yakuza 4's completion on this site. However, I've only travelled 80 kilometers in the game to do that. Currently, the "Kamurocho Iron Man" trophy sits at 19.9% completion ON PSN, with this website's completion having it at 27.34%. It almost seems like you'll naturally get this trophy if you do a bit of side content clean up but from my guesstimate 2 full playthroughs with all side content completion and actively not using taxis would barely get you to 100 kilometers, which doesn't reflect the completion rate it has compared to the rest of the trophy list. What's going on here? This is an extremely long, tedious trophy to get that almost 1 in 5 people who've played the remaster has. This is really strange to me considering many of the really easy, 2-3 minute trophies like Tanimura the Gambler and Shogi Promotion (this trophy takes seconds to do) sit at under 8% completion on PSN. Yet somehow a substantial amount of people have travelled 100KM in the game? Can someone explain why this long grind of a trophy has such a high completion rate? 20% of people have purely ran through the city for dozens of hours but only 6.7% have sung all the karaoke songs, and just over 5% has played the 4 gambling games? I know the map pretty well and generally I like to take taxis here and there in the game but the last 10 hours or so of playtime I actively ran everywhere I could knowing the 100km would take a while. However, even spending quite a bit of time literally walking around I've still got 20 more kilometers to go! The 42 kilometer trophy in Yakuza 3 I got easily after casually doing side missions for a couple hours in premium adventure, I've actively ran around for close to a dozen hours in premium adventure in Yakuza 4 and I'm only 80% of the way there. Are 1 in 5 players just never looking at the minimap and purely running around for the entirety of the game? It's not even like running around in this game is especially fun or exciting. Saejima is hard to run around with in the city, all of the character's running speeds feels kind of slow anyways, and of course all characters get interrupted by enemies throughout the game. Even if it's a matter of people are just exploring the game, the rarity of so many of the side content trophies tells me people aren't even fully engaging with those that much. I'm really curious, why do you think so many people have this trophy in comparison to how much of a grind it seems like it would take to get it?
  2. I just finished the campaign. At first, I was playing on Uber difficulty to get the trophy, but around chapter 11 I switched it to the easiest difficulty possible in order to get through the game and actually beat it. I was just getting so impatient with the game, and since I just wanted to beat it I changed the difficulty. Once I beat the game, i thought I'd only get the trophy for beating the game on any difficulty, but then surprisingly I got the Uber hero trophy (complete the game on Uber), even though FOR THE LAST 5-6 CHAPTERS I WAS PLAYING ON THE EASIEST DIFFICULTY! I don't know if the game still thought I was playing on Uber, or if for some reason changing the difficulty and then beating the game on one playthrough unlocked it, or maybe even it was just finishing a majority of levels on Uber is what unlocked it, but I'm super happy I got the trophy. I wanted to say this, just in case anyone else playing on Uber finds it too hard to beat, at least for me going through a majority of the game on Uber, then changing it to a different difficulty, and then completing the game once on this difficulty in one sitting allowed for the Uber trophy to unlock.
  3. Absolutely. Of course it makes sense that a high percentage of players on this site have the trophies, but even on PSN the numbers are high. Most plats on PSN have anywhere from 0.1% achievers to 1%, a pretty small number around that range is common. Even relatively easy plats IMO like Uncharted 4 is at like 5% on PSN if I remember correctly. For Bloodborne, on PSN it's 7%. That's around 1 in every 14 players who has trophies in this game has the platinum. That's ridiculously high for a game that certainly has some missable areas/trophies, and especially one that takes 50 hours or more to plat. The "Game is easy" argument is weird to me here, too. To me, Hotline Miami was pretty easy by the time I was finished with the platinum, but I know many who'd disagree. It took many hours of practice to get to that point, in a plat that takes 20 hours at most to get. Yet that platinum is only around 10% on this site, which is strange. Now I may look back at it now and say it's easy, but there was definitely points in that game that were challenging, and I think every person who's played Bloodborne has atleast 1 boss, or area, or enemy in general that's a little difficult to overcome. Not to mention, Bloodborne is still a game that many people who don't even care about trophies seem to get a platinum in. That's the strangest part to me.
  4. I'm not debating the idea that Bloodborne gets easier the longer you play it. With Coop, the number of guides, and the different tips on bosses, you can get through huge areas knowing a couple tips and beat bosses in your first try. What I AM debating is the accessibility of the platinum in this game. Many of the trophies in the game are tied to defeating bosses, who can sometimes be in completely optional areas. Shortcuts aren't always super obvious, and particular bosses/areas aren't obvious to get to. Cainhurst Castle is not something I think someone just playing the game would figure out. Finding the abandoned old workshop takes a little bit of precision, and getting to the Lecture Building/ Darkbeast Paarl both require methods that could occur accidentally, or could be missed out on completely. In these cases, it seems as though you'd have to read/watch a guide to access these areas. When you look at any other game, by like the halfway point of the game, the percentage of people who've gotten trophies has dropped drastically. In Bloodborne, even a place like Cainhurst has a pretty damn high percentage of players who accessed it. Basically, is it just that a lot of people follow walk throughs/guides when they play these games? It would be a very high percentage of players, but I can understand wanting to see everything this game has to offer. With a lot of the optional areas I've come across so far, there wasn't any huge indicator to saying to die by the Amygdala or those snatchers in order to get to those areas.
  5. With this being the first game I've played by From Soft, I've absolutely loved it so far. It's impressive in every aspect, and the most well designed and fully realized game I've ever played. With that being said, it's also the most cryptic, least accessible, and nerve wracking game I've ever played. It's a challenge from it's gameplay, story, online mechanics, items, optional areas, and at times is so haunting, dark, and brutal it makes me take a minute or two just to get away from for a breather before going back. All of this, coupled with the large amount of content, and the overall experience of playing the game makes it all that more difficult for me to take in the fact that so many people have the platinum trophy, or at the very least a large amount of the trophies in this game. Judging by the other souls games, it appears that all of them have many more players that have gotten the platinum than your average game. Can someone explain why this is the case? The game itself is obviously much more challenging than most, and to get the platinum there are a few key trophies that are missable and some others that definitely need to be achieved using a guide. Hell, there are a few whole optional areas that I can't imagine most people would just casually stumble upon. Do the people playing these games really explore that much of the game, or are most of them following guides throughout the experience? I've gotten 40 platinum trophies so far, with most of them not being too challenging, but all of which took a good amount of time and none of which were cheap or super easy platinums. While 40 isn't a huge amount, that's definitely more than your average player, and even on the higher side for those who do collect trophies. Even with my love of platinums and Bloodborne, I can't imagine going for the platinum in this game. Is it one of those cases where going for the platinum only makes the experience of the game better? Even in that case it seems like it would take around 50 hours minimum to get the platinum even if you were great at the game, let alone struggled in certain parts, which I'd imagine some people do. It's not like Bloodborne or any of the Souls games are for a small market. They sell in the millions, and yet still have some of the highest platinum averages I've seen for any games. Are these games just so well designed and rewarding that even the trophies feel worth conquering in the same way the rest of the game does, is the platinum a lot easier than I think, or are these games for a really specific group of passionate people who just so happen to be really big at this point?
  6. Nice. Good to know I won't have to collect the same stuff twice!
  7. I was wondering if all of the collectibles that you get in your first playthrough (gold bolts, holocards, etc.) carry over once you go into your second playthrough, or if they all get reset once you start challenge mode. Also, which playthrough would be the best to get all the collectibles in? I know most people say to just naturally play the game on the first playthrough, then worry about the trophies on the second. Are there any specific trophies made easier or harder depending on which playthrough you try to get them in?
  8. So I've been playing Wolfenstein on Uber, and got to chapter 7. Everything was going completely normally (getting collectibles, cutscenes, dialogue, etc,) but one of the things you need to do in order to finish the level is to talk to Fergus in order for him to give you a key to the archives room. However, instead of the normal blue indicator thing on Fergus' door it says locked, meaning I can't get to Fergus, which means I can't finish the level/progress at all. I tried restarting the checkpoint, and restarting the level. Both times his door was still locked. I'm guessing whatever keeps track of all the collectibles in the game also kept track that I didn't go to Fergus' room, which would mean this glitch would never fix since the game always remembers once you've gotten the collectibles in the chapter. The only other objective is to find all of Max's toys, but one of his toys is in Fergus' room, meaning I can't finish that part of the chapter either. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Is there a chapter select in the game, and if so should I use that? Should I just try restarting the checkpoint/level and hope that it eventually works? Of course there's always starting a new game, but I'll try anything I can before that just because I'm playing on UBER and already got all the collectibles up to this point. I think someone else posted a similar problem before on another website, but it seems their problem never got answered properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. 1. I completely understand there's going to be glitches in a Bethesda game, hell the fact my saves haven't completely been wiped in some random occurence or my PS4 not constantly crashing every few minutes is a miracle in itself. However, my point isn't to whine about the issues I'm having. My point was to ask others who've played the game if it's worth going through everything, even if that means a less enjoyable experience, or if the game is worth simply playing for what it is in my organic playthrough. 2. This is obviously something I know, and considering how much I like the game for all it has to offer, I'm certainly considering doing a 2nd playthrough if I happen to go with the original save route. That's just dozens of hours spent in a game that i otherwise would've probably spent playing other games, which is something I guess i'll have to sacrifice if I do so. 3. Well, see the of course part I genuinely had no assurance in, considering I haven't really kept track of previous Bethesda titles and how issues in them have been dealt with. Especially since the game is so big, even if they were to patch problems I don't know if this is something that has affected enough people for them to care about looking into, although from what I've seen there have been problems for others that are just like this, or in general deal with the elevators in the game. The elevators really suck.
  10. Okay, so long story short I played through the game hoping to use one playthrough with multiple saves in order to eventually get the platinum trophy in this game. I happened to get to a point where in my original playthrough, I realized I got on the Railroad's bad side and had no way of going back. This meant I had to go back to a save from before, losing 6 hours of gameplay time, which I wasn't too worried about since most of it was doing the repeating quests by the minutemen. Also, I usually would just overwrite my save, so it wasn't like I hadn't been saving during those 6 hours, it was just I'd done something at the institute that locked me out of the railroad stuff. So, now loading up this previous save I tried to do the molecular level, however FOR SOME REASON when I first get into the institute and try to use the elevator, it won't move AT ALL. Now, maybe there are certain things I can do to fix this glitch, and although I was totally ready to do the plat in this game, it's really disheartening to have to deal with stupid glitches like this that are in the way that ruin that for the player. Especially the benevolent leader trophy, which I really don't want to do in the current state it's in, I feel like at this point I should just go back to my original playthrough, and play the game to the end enjoying it without stressing over the trophies. To be fair as well, I really don't like the Railroad, so it isn't a super big loss for me. So, main point, should I try to somehow get past this glitch and go through the game getting all the faction trophies in order to platinum it, or should I go through my original playthrough and just have fun with the game? Also, even if I did get all the faction trophies, I wouldn't even try at the benevolent leader trophy as it currently is, so can someone tell me if it's possible they'll ever fix that? I'll completely dismiss the platinum altogether if there's no chance at a patch or something to help make that trophy easier.