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  1. Limited to some eu,uk,ger,fr,nl are in
  2. Can any1 help me with this please...i m wiling to return the favor obviously. I suck at building stuff and only have rare heroes atm so ind prefer not evolving them and wait until i got at least an epic hero. I m also looking for players to work on the other trophies and just enjoy the game. Shoot me a fr on psn deathrowinmate66.
  3. Hmmmm i didnt get the trophy and i have 32 plat awards and 6 of those are heist awards
  4. Ok thx
  5. So if i download them on my us account i should be able to play them on my main belgian account right? I just want to be sure it works for these humble bundle games.. Do they accept payment from a eu paypal?
  6. was an xbox player for years but sick and tired of their ways so here i am...downside is i had to abandon my 1600000gs profile but i ll live. I managed to get up to level 13 already and just looking for people to add for trophys. None of my xbox friends wanted a ps so could do with some ps friends.. i have a ps3 and ps4 with shadowfall, ac 4, Reso and i buy pretty much all major new releases Feel free to add me... psn id deathrowinmate66