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  1. AC Revelations: This Tax Evasion trophy is pissing me off. I was chasing one at the very beginning of the game but he fell off a roof and died. Now in the past 26 hours of gameplay, I have never seen another one. 

    1. Spyro


      It’s as tricky as real life tax evasion! xD

    2. Death_Ninja


      I got extremely lucky in the PS3 version back in the day. I think it was one of the first trophies I got for the game. Like as soon as I was able to roam by myself one appeared right in front of me lol


      It's weird because I know a lot of people who only saw one their entire playthrough but I encountered over 10 in mine, must have had a lucky playthrough lol

    3. Spawn


      Check the online guides. There's a haystack where if you just wait until it's noon in the game or something, a collector will walk the area.

  2. I see that in the link now. Just thought it would be the same region as their PSN account.
  3. Says the code doesn't work for the US.
  4. Wow. It actually happened.
  5. Probably get a Bronze and Orange.
  6. #195 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) 31.85% (Uncommon)
  7. Ughhh. Just put $160 onto an Amazon card for PSN games only to find out the gift card section is under maintenance. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spyro


      Well, that's inconvenient. :(

    3. ExHaseo


      Oh, I thought you meant that you had the money on the account, but you couldn't buy the actual PSN cards. That's rough. I'm sure it'll be back up soon though.

    4. skateak


      Yeah it started working 2 or so hours after my post. Ended up buying 16-17 games haha. The sales were just to damn good.

  8. Some people just like to do two playthroughs with games.
  9. Awesome dude. Cool to see it fixed.
  10. I was a little paranoid when a FFX trophy popped on me somewhere it shouldn't and made a status update to memorialize the glitch. I would have been pissed to be flagged for it since it is such a long game but luckily it was kinda a known issue.
  11. No. By auto-pop he means PS3,PS4 and Vita games with Cross-Save and separate trophy lists. by using the save from one platform to pop the trophies without having to do it again.
  12. Son of a Bitch. I have been slacking on my trophies due to being crazy busy at work and I haven't been keeping track of them like I usually. The result of that is not realizing there are two missable trophies in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and not keeping track of when to get it.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. skateak


      Nah, checking Email in present day, the one I got. Then finding the artifact in 2012, the one I missed. If you beat the game before getting them, you can't go back to present day. 

      The glider missable that could be earned in the DLC was AC 2

    3. Spawn


      Oh, right.


      Yeah,I missed those too in my playthrough as I decided to go in blind again. I'll bother with a new playthrough if I ever end up doing all flags and the 100% completion in the Da Vinci missions.

    4. skateak


      At least like Avatar said, you can get them pretty early in the game. Right at the start of Sequence 2.

  13. Have you tried rebuilding the PS4 database? It doesn't delete any games, save data etc. That will probably be the first thing they suggest to you anyways, right before doing a factory reset.
  14. Maybe you can only get it through booting up the game itself.