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  1. You can try this one. It might allow you to kill him. Edit: Oh, NVM. Turns out Preston is impossible to kill, even with mods. Edit #2: According to this thread, you can essentially disable his quest-line by sending him to Convenant settlement.
  2. Link to the topic reference. 2:36
  3. That is crazy, I no joke might cancel my Gold Edition Steelbook Preorder. I have a 250gb limit and using 90gb of it for one game has a very small chance of happening.
  4. I am going to go for this sometime soon but I had the same feeling when I got the ...Becomes the Master trophy in Titanfall 2. Took me 3 hours straight of practice.
  5. Define nerdy or geeky. I would consider someone that knows the ins-and-outs of a combustion engine a nerd, in their field specifically. I think you can be a nerd of outside of what we would generally consider one, i.e Technology, video games, science-fiction. anime. I think anyone passionate about something could considered a nerd. I personally feel that people can be nerds of many things but geeks have more to do with the things listed above.
  6. Nice. Good luck on getting the platinum.

    1. skateak


      Thanks. I was only on the 2nd level of Deus Ex so I decided I was going to start Ultimate Storm when I get off work today instead.

  7. Might be individual games but there is absolutely 0% chance of the PS3 servers as a whole being shut down anytime soon.
  8. Interesting. I wonder if the No Russian mission would get some new scrutiny from the outrage crowd.
  9. Sony is stepping their game up. I got my $10 code through the Rewards site the same minute I redeemed my points.

    1. kingdrake2


      it's ftw, think i had to wait 15 mins to get the code to use against the hack G.U game

    2. skateak


      Bought the Naruto Ultimate Storm Ninja Trilogy myself. Don't watch the anime at all but you can't beat 3 games for $10.

    3. ResoluteRock


      @skateak You’d better start the anime or I’m coming for ya :ninja:

  10. In real life future, would you consider humans that have been (massively) augmented by technology a new race of people? I ask this because in one of the ebooks I was reading in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided it says "To cope with rising violence and racism against Augs,....." At what percentage point of the Human to Aug ratio would the part of human DNA that determines race no longer be applicable? 

    1. damon8r351
    2. skateak


      Yeah I have seen that, some interesting stuff. I more so wanted personal opinions. 

    3. damon8r351


      At that point where we would be able o augment ourselves like that, I think we would be well past worrying about bullshit constructs like race.

  11. Which is why it blew my mind when I found out that is how system chat works on the Switch. What where they thinking? I am cool with companion apps that show real-time maps and stuff but not really into the other type of experiences.
  12. Arms are so sore from bucking logs all day yesterday. Followed by marking for length, chainsawing them, sorting them by length and laying them in their respective pile.

  13. I blame my millennial peers that made a profession out of being offended and learned to weaponize peoples differences. I apologize on their behalf.
  14. Ah man, I dig it. I bought this way back at launch but never played a whole lot of it. Will have to check this out when I get back to it.
  15. Pretty lame. My boss (61 years old) loves Zelda and Mario so he bought a Switch about a month ago just for Breath of the Wild. He has big hands so he bought a controller rather than a Joy Con. He wanted help getting the console, games and controller so I picked one that was Licensed by Nintendo, for that fact alone and it already is having issues. With the controller set on the table, the left thumbstick has a drift to it. pretty much making the game unplayable. Navigating through menus is a nightmare. Of course Gamestop offered me a warranty on the controller and I turned it down because really, why would you by a warranty for a $20 controller? If it was a Scuff or the Xbone Pro one, I could understand that. Plus, like I said, it was Licensed by Nintendo so I thought it would be all good. Hopefully I can get something figured out for him. The box does say it has a 2 Year Limited Warranty. Pic of the controller in the spoiler. 




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    2. Glowbugg


      my grandma is who originally got me into gaming <3 

    3. skateak


      @Hemiak +1 for Diablo

      @Glowbugg That is pretty damn cool. What was the first game you remember her introducing to you?

    4. Glowbugg


      FF6 and mario =)