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  1. Well, shit. I'm definitely not going to argue with that.
  2. Embracer Group owns Deep Silver and THQ Nortic but they are still separate entities. Deep Siver published Saints Row 2022.
  3. Sounds like you have it all worked out at this point but my trophy popped when I killed Lionheart.
  4. The game is nearly 2 years old so I doubt it, sadly.
  5. Shout out to @fudge126 for accepting me into the Crew. What a champ.
  6. Was free for me. Just checked.
  7. Had an issue where the tutorial trophy didn't pop even though I collected everything in SpongeBob's house. Luckily you can get it quickly with a new save.
  8. I agree. Got 100% just a little bit ago. Don't let people tell you Nightmare is super hard. It's not bad at all. Especially if you manage your saves well.
  9. The reason you still get the bonuses is because patch 6.66 gave all the DLC away for free. I don't remeber the DLC just giving you stuff though, just new cosmetics that you have the ability to unlock.
  10. Ohhh, sorry about that dude. I was looking at the PS4 list and not the PS5 list.
  11. According to his profile, they earned the trophy 4 days after their post.
  12. I did all the MP back in Novemeber 2021 over two days. Don't think I ever disconnected.
  13. Someone got the co-op trophy February 2nd 2022 so I would say yeah, you can still get the plat.
  14. It's just dumb Ubisoft. Same thing happened with their games on Series X using quick resume.
  15. Some of my trophies transfered over. A few didn't though. I know I had to do the cooking rng trophy again. There definitely is cross-save but idk if it will work with the proxy method.