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  1. #205 Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers 5.16% (Very Rare) Shout out to @Ryno_757 @king3556 @voyager49 @Trope Hore and @Macabro for doing the MP trophies.
  2. Are you utilizing the bonus you get from having multiple parts from the same brand? I don't remember having any issue with the race. Think I did it first try.
  3. Just doing the currency conversion, 300-400 Euros.
  4. A minimum of 3. Once with the Warrior. Once with the Shield maiden. Then New Game +
  5. It's NxT Gen gaming man. Lol. He is too much. Big Rap/Hip-Hop fan and I don't think that is very fair though. We could take the extreme example from anything and use that to make it look stupid. Regardless of what it is. Gaming, Music, Media, etc.
  6. LOL. They couldn't even rotate the image on the screen. EDIT: This is a pretty funny statement " you can listen to music, while watching e-books." Can't even clean up the poor translation.
  7. #204 Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 28.95% (Uncommon)
  8. I don't know anything about your TV specifically but being more of an affordable 4K/HDR option, this article might/might not have relevant information for you.
  9. I am more concerned about what talents they are taking. They already ruined Drogoz for me. If they ruin the other two people I have been playing as, I am so done, haha.
  10. Bought a song? What do you mean? All the songs are free. Unless you mean plays? In that case, I don't see it being any different when a game shuts down that has microtransactions. They give you a warning to spend it, that is about as far as any company goes. It is lame, sure I agree but I don't think there would be grounds to sue. I am sure there is some caveat in the EULA or TOS that nobody reads that absolves them of customer recourse. As far as the controller quality goes, it really felt like any other plastic guitar I have held. Played over 100 hours of the game and mine works as good as the day I got it and I bought mine from a pawn shop.
  11. Man. To be a fly on that wall would have been amazing.
  12. Thanks again for the help the other night.  It will be nice to get that plat all wrapped up.

    1. skateak


      No problem man. I got another person in the session with 2 PS4's so we should be getting a date and time locked down in the near future. 

  13. Most people wouldn't think it but some places in Alaska are pretty diverse too.
  14. #203 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 36.80% (Uncommon)
  15. To be fair, the Scavenging bug has been know, almost since launch. I am surprised you didn't come across anything talking about it. It was one of the first things I saw when I looked at the .org guide. I looked in my stats after every one I picked up, just to play it safe. It never did glitch on me.