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  1. Might be obvious but is there anyway to obtain a count on your platinum trophies from the Trophy Log without counting them by hand?

    1. TheYuriG


      top left corner, the blue bar. that should do it


    2. Dreggit


      From there you can further refine the search criteria by filtering via rarity or other values

  2. No save transfer. Have to start over with a separate trophy list.
  3. Really? That is dumb. The Season Pass was last on sale March 6th and before that it was October 17th. I would check weekly, think it is due for a sale again soon. Last two times it was on sale was in a 4 month block.
  4. Probably be a sale on the Following Enhanced Edition before the Season Pass. That would be your best bet.
  5. You'll probably be alright. Blow out the dust to be safe if you haven't done it fairly recently.
  6. PS3, not PS4. I would be more concerned depending on the model of PS3.
  7. Obviously it would matter between TV to TV but I am curious on what other people set their TV's Backlight value to. Dark, Light, Ambient Light Sensor? I keep mine at 88. I never really play in the dark and my window faces sunrise.

    1. DaivRules


      I keep it pretty close to the lower third mark. No light sensor on my 10 year old lcd tv. 

  8. Most weird/laziest 'edit' to a "Teaser Trailer" I have seen in a while. They go HUD-less for the entire trailer except for a few seconds between .10 and .30 where they covered the in-game mini-map with a black box. 


    1. Dreggit


      Looks like a wanna-be Mario Kart with more than a few parallels

    2. skateak
    3. Dreggit


      Oh... and here I am making peanuts...

  9. Do you know if your Router supports UpNp? If so, all you have to do is enable it and the Router will forward the ports needed automatically and should make you NAT 2.
  10. Yes, I know I am late to the party. but Horizon Zero Dawn is so damn good. Also, the HDR is ridiculous. 

  11. Still don't understand why the PS4 Youtube app doesn't have HDR support. Pretty stupid.

  12. Pretty sure he is referring to the list of Greatest Hits titles that had games added to it.
  13. The PlayStation site messages aren't real-time? Thought they are, maybe you could try that?
  14. Pretty sure the first EA UFC game is still online for PS4 so you should be alright if you don't put it off. More games just got added about a week ago.