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  1. How many games could a Woodchuck plat if a Woodchuck could plat games?
  2. Until Dawn, Bully, Grid 2 (if the servers are still up, I got the plat back in 2013). Ratchet and Clank, Titanfall 2 (Only kinda tough trophy is the Gauntlet one) Shadow of Mordor (I have the regular game plat and just got the GOTY plat the other day) Infamous Second Son. To be honest, almost all the games on your list are pretty easy with the exception of a few.
  3. I am more curious into how many people actually did it legit and not with some piece of machinery. I did it all legit and at one point even lost 250,000 strums. Damn corrupted save. It felt good doing it though and I got a whole lot better at the game. I actually like the 6 button set up and felt much more natural when it came to chords. I could always pop in Rock Band 4 if I want the classic 5 button layout.
  4. I feel you man. Lots of respect for you being honest. Who knows, maybe someone will gift it to you. I have been reading a lot of surprise premium statuses lately.
  5. If I understand your question correctly, another user. You could use someone else's PSN ID as your PSNP name but I wouldn't recommend it of course, haha.
  6. #199 Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition 20.49% (Uncommon)
  7. I would appreciate it if someone could test Mercenary Kings.
  8. Hmm. Only one I am missing is Rocket League. I need to download it sometime. Only played a little bit of the beta a long time ago.
  9. I have the XIII and XIII-2 plats and I agree that XIII-2 would be a bad spot to start. Mainly because the story. I did enjoy both games though. Never played XIII-3
  10. Wow. Monolith actually liked my tweet. I don't even get on Twitter like that. 


  11. Yeah, you need to select "transfarring" from the PS3 and Vita at the same time. That is why it couldn't detect PS3. I am pretty sure. Are you trying to go from PS3 to Vita?
  12. Found this on the .org website regarding Comrades mode. Do I Have to Play Online?Nope! The game allows you to play with AI companions. Meaning, every trophy is obtainable offline. However, you will be subjected to AI who aren't the smartest bunch. Playing online is easier as you can often find yourself with beefed up teammates.So is Playstation Plus Required?Also Nope! Because you can play offline, and without an internet connection entirely, a subscription is not necessary. I think so. A guide I looked at seems like the characters are separate from the main game.
  13. I didn't have any issue back in 2017.