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  1. Further to my above post I finally got the trophy tonight. It popped straight after I completed story mission 6.1. This suggests that all outstanding story and side missions must also be completed in addition to the standard red triangle premeditated crimes in a given night. Hope this helps others get the trophy.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone knew of a reliable method to try and get the “not on my watch” trophy? On at least 3 occasions now I have met the requirements for this trophy but it hasn’t popped. I have been doing all the Red & white crimes in one night and getting the clue meter up to 12. The clue meter doesn’t go any higher than 12. Once I reach this point I return to the Belfry and then start the next night. All of the premeditated crimes are then marked on the map (normally 9 of them) and I complete them all without dying but the trophy doesn’t pop. Sometimes I have even went around the whole map doing additional white crimes but nothing seems to work. I’m currently at the start of story mission 6.1. I have already completed all 3 villain side missions. I am aware that other people have reported issues with this particular trophy. Is it best to try and get it after all story missions have been completed? Do the contact characters (additional quest givers) such as the Watch, Detective Montoya etc have any effect on this trophy? Does it need to be done right at the start of a new play through? If anyone can give me any advice then it would be much appreciated.
  3. Yes I had the latest patch installed and the glitch still worked. There is a new patch coming on the 27th September so it will be interesting to see whether they fix the glitch.
  4. I can confirm that as of today the glitch still works. I was using the disc although I let it update to the latest patch before I started playing. Thanks to the author for sharing this with everyone. I played on normal difficulty which was pretty tough but very rewarding. The last boss made this a 6/10 due to there being no checkpoints. Took me 90 mins to get it done. This would easily be an 8/10 if doing the master play through legit.
  5. I was on holiday for the past week so just switched this game back on today. When I turned on the console I noticed that a new patch for Lake had went live yesterday. When I updated to the new patch, my old manual saves suddenly appeared when I clicked on the load game option. I was able to load a save from the start of Day 13. I made another save at the end of Day 13 and was able to get all 3 endings. It would seem that the latest patch fixed the manual save issue for me so hopefully it will be the same for everyone else.
  6. When you pause the game and select quit there is always an auto save at that point. I’m not sure whether there are auto saves at other points such as completing side quests or finishing conversations. With regard to manual saves the game only lets you use the one slot. When I make a manual save from chapter 11 onwards and try and resume play nothing happens when I click on continue. If I then click on load game there is only one save appearing from Reynolds Farm (no idea why it’s Reynolds Farm) but again nothing happens when you try to load it. I might try one more play through without making any manual saves until I reach the end of Day 13. Maybe too many manual saves during a single play through is causing an issue. Can anyone who has the platinum confirm whether they were able to make multiple manual saves during the course of a single play through without any issues loading the saves? Are most people just relying on auto save and then only doing the one manual save at the end of Day 13?
  7. Hi There, Has anyone else had a problem loading a manual save on this game? I have the disc version on the PS5 and I have been playing on the latest patch. If I make a manual save from Day 11 onwards then the save won’t load when I try and resume play. I haven’t had any issues when making a manual save between Day 1 and Day 9. The problem only occurs from Day 11 onwards. This has happened two times (once when I made a save at the start of Day 11 and once when saving at the start of Day 13). I have been unable to see the end of the game. Don’t really want to risk a third play through until I know what the problem is. Is my disc faulty or is there a problem with the manual save after the latest patch? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.