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  1. Finished Dragon Quest XI. this game was beyond amazing. Loved every second of it.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. AlchemistWer


      Exaclty, and the experience change a lot when you have or not time to play any long game, my backlog have a lot of long games btw. 😭

    3. SaintChris77


      The everyday struggle with games. I know that, but hey somehow who have to pay rent and for your games, so being unemployed is not an option in the long run :D

    4. AlchemistWer


      Haha yeah, when you have money to buy your own game you will not have time to play. 😅

  2. Can't bring myself to finish the platinum on Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. The item grind is so annoying and boring, no fun whatsoever.


    A pity, because I liked the game.

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    2. SaintChris77


      I wasn't even at that stage to dislike gummi ship because I wanted to do everything else before that :D

    3. mecharobot


      What's the hate for Gummi ships? I've always loved rail shooters and it's certainly better than playing hundred acre minigames like honey slider.

    4. Xerxes


      I gave up at the synthesis trophy. Stupid monkeys and their slingshots. NOPE! No more of that for me. It was so much easier and more entertaining to do in KH II anyways. 

  3. Question about KH Final Mix
    Currently near the end on my no gear switch/no continue run and gotta ask if I can just beat the last boss, play until I have 100 hours, kill him again and get my speed run trophy ? Or do I have to kill him "first" ? So save while playing the gear run, kill him and reload save from the cloud ?

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Well, how I did it, to be safe at the very least, I beat him without changing equipment, then reloaded, switched to my best equipment and then beat him again for the speedrun trophy (though, I think this was when I did it on the PS3 a few years ago now).  But it still worked to get both things done in a small time frame.


      I only reloaded for the speedrun trophy in case I wasn't going to get it done with the equipment I had on (which I think might had been the case, but it's been some time since I did it).


      But again, that's just me with how I did it, so if you wish to at least keep that in mind, be my guest :)

    2. RedRodriguez87


      That's..... actually a good idea. Better than getting both at the same time like I did. :/

  4. Back from vacation, finally playing a video game after 3 weeks.

  5. Gotta say my favourite character was Carl. Old artist, covered in tattoos and was pretty open minded as well. Treating Markus as an individual being and not a piece of junk was great to see in this rather heavy game (topic wise) Didn't like how the game handeled his fate though.
  6. Anyone found a good guide for Digimon Hackers Memory ? Can't seem to find one...
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Got all the gold crowns in Monster Hunter World 300 hours playtime right now. Gotta finish the arena quests and then I'm done.
    Looking forward to the DLCs.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I plan on starting it this weekend.

    3. SaintChris77


      Nice to hear. If you need advice or something just message me.

    4. MidnightDragon
  8. Playtime: 295 hours 55/56 crowns, missing giant Nergigante. I can't get a investigation with him that makes him spawn big. Got a couple of friends 5 times a mini crown for him, but giant ? Never even seen one! And it seems like SOS investigation know which monster you need, because I can't find a single Nergigante. When I needed Kirin that was the same thing and now ? Kirins everywhere! EDIT: This thread surely has some kind of power. Complained for the first time in here and bamm, got my last crown. Finally done with it. Arena quests tomorrow and then hello platinum.
  9. Finally got all small crowns in MH World. Only one giant left.
    The grind was real...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Miles_Warren


      Congrats. :) I'm still a long way off myself. But I've only put in 130 hours so maybe that is why lol

    3. SaintChris77


      currently at 290 hours, so yeah, could be a little more time consuming for you ^^

    4. ShadowStar83x


      Well, you can always hope they give an event to make crowns for elders easier.

  10. Anyone else having this issue, I'm constantly joining investigations but it doesn't matter which monster I'm hunting I won't get a size update. Am I that close to a big/small crown or just the worst luck ever ? 120 hours in, got 2 mini and 1 big, but almost everything with a silver crown. Really freaking annoying.
  11. 1 big and 1 small Playtime 100 hrs Anyone got gold crowns from the arena event with girros, dodogama and jagras ?
  12. Ok but you never got a gold one in low rank, that part should be true. Haven't done too much high rank yet, so I can't say for sure how the crown spawns work there. But a bit of a pain if both types of large crowns can spawn in high rank. ^^
  13. So it seems large silver crowns spawn only on low rank. Gold an small gold crowns seem to appear on high rank investigations. Can anyone confirm that ? I was curious about something. I did 4 Odogaron when I was helping out my friends and we all did the main quests and the size was the same everytime. It seems that in the "story" missions the monsters have a fixed size. Got 4 large silver crowns right now after 60 hours in (started high rank just now) and only got them in investigations.
  14. Same for me, in every session people don't give a f*** about me sending them my card. You can add me if you want to. PSN: www-21-
  15. Crown hunting could really take it's time. Other than that, looks like a doable and nice list. Hurry up friday, I want to play 😁