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  1. Gotta say my favourite character was Carl. Old artist, covered in tattoos and was pretty open minded as well. Treating Markus as an individual being and not a piece of junk was great to see in this rather heavy game (topic wise) Didn't like how the game handeled his fate though.
  2. Anyone found a good guide for Digimon Hackers Memory ? Can't seem to find one...
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Got all the gold crowns in Monster Hunter World 300 hours playtime right now. Gotta finish the arena quests and then I'm done.
    Looking forward to the DLCs.

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    2. Spyro


      I plan on starting it this weekend.

    3. SaintChris77


      Nice to hear. If you need advice or something just message me.

    4. Spyro


      Will do.

  4. Playtime: 295 hours 55/56 crowns, missing giant Nergigante. I can't get a investigation with him that makes him spawn big. Got a couple of friends 5 times a mini crown for him, but giant ? Never even seen one! And it seems like SOS investigation know which monster you need, because I can't find a single Nergigante. When I needed Kirin that was the same thing and now ? Kirins everywhere! EDIT: This thread surely has some kind of power. Complained for the first time in here and bamm, got my last crown. Finally done with it. Arena quests tomorrow and then hello platinum.
  5. Finally got all small crowns in MH World. Only one giant left.
    The grind was real...

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    2. Miles_Warren


      Congrats. :) I'm still a long way off myself. But I've only put in 130 hours so maybe that is why lol

    3. SaintChris77


      currently at 290 hours, so yeah, could be a little more time consuming for you ^^

    4. The Brain

      The Brain

      Well, you can always hope they give an event to make crowns for elders easier.

  6. Anyone else having this issue, I'm constantly joining investigations but it doesn't matter which monster I'm hunting I won't get a size update. Am I that close to a big/small crown or just the worst luck ever ? 120 hours in, got 2 mini and 1 big, but almost everything with a silver crown. Really freaking annoying.
  7. 1 big and 1 small Playtime 100 hrs Anyone got gold crowns from the arena event with girros, dodogama and jagras ?
  8. Ok but you never got a gold one in low rank, that part should be true. Haven't done too much high rank yet, so I can't say for sure how the crown spawns work there. But a bit of a pain if both types of large crowns can spawn in high rank. ^^
  9. So it seems large silver crowns spawn only on low rank. Gold an small gold crowns seem to appear on high rank investigations. Can anyone confirm that ? I was curious about something. I did 4 Odogaron when I was helping out my friends and we all did the main quests and the size was the same everytime. It seems that in the "story" missions the monsters have a fixed size. Got 4 large silver crowns right now after 60 hours in (started high rank just now) and only got them in investigations.
  10. Same for me, in every session people don't give a f*** about me sending them my card. You can add me if you want to. PSN: www-21-
  11. Crown hunting could really take it's time. Other than that, looks like a doable and nice list. Hurry up friday, I want to play 😁
  12. Looking forward to the trophy list. Played the entire series for about 1 thousand hours combined. This game should increase that number a lot 😁
  13. Man Nioh is tough. Can't really find the motivation to go on. Way to a boss is fairly easy but the bosses are like 20 times harder.

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      The first part of Nioh is the hardest since you need to get use to things and don't have much, once you start to get spirit guardians and more levels it becomes easy. If you ever have a question just ask, I love the game so I think I can help with everything. ^_^

      Also, if you would like me to add you and actually help you with the levels I'm also up for that. =)

    3. ObliviousSenpai


      Hino Enma? I think you can build it to some degree although I can't remember for certain. For omnyo you want to build sloth, carnage and the debuff that weakens an enemie's defence. You pretty much just need kunais and storm kunais for ninjutsu, but I believe there are also techniques that can enhance the damage of these weapons. Try using those needles that cure paralysis whenever she hits you with her stun and shoot her out of the sky whenever she takes to it. You can also just rely on a spear build in this fight and focus on constantly moving and only hitting her 2 - 3 times per opening.

    4. SaintChris77


      @LuciaRosethorn Thank you, I'll send you a friend request :)


      @ObliviousSenpai Ok good to know! I'll try tomorrow :)

  14. My list: Best Games: BioShock Infinite God of War 3 BioShock Red Dead Redemption Borderlands 2 (finished on PS4) Dead Space Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Saints Row The Third Fallout 3 Saints Row IV Worst Games: Iron Man 2 Tales of Xillia 2 Duke Nukem Forever Assassins Creed III Greg Hastings Paintball
  15. Can't believe that users are hacking a lot of platinums and are raging and questioning mods why they are getting flagged, escpecially when they are doing it THAT obvious.

    But entertaining nonetheless.

    1. Xylobe


      I always love when someone creates a dispute thread for a game I'm familiar with. Either I get to give them a verbal smackdown or I find out about a neat new glitch-- it's a win-win situation

    2. ahoyimzoe


      Welcome to PSNP 😜