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  1. Sign me up please. Finished Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami 1 & 2 as well as Yakuza 6. Currently playing Yakuza 7.
  2. Oh sorry that was not my intention! If you can do Kiwami, you can do 0 as well. In my opinion, if you got everything else, besides these 2 then you‘re good to go. I got no problems with these but with a few others. Ultimate battles are a joke, because you can Tiger Drop everything. Getting a Yakuza Plat is one of the best feelings!
  3. Climax Battles are difficult for your sanity as well, at least it was for me. Take your time and come back to it, when you are mentally ready and fit. It took me 2 years for Yakuza 0 to get the climax battles done, but I did it. Kiwami's are a bit easier so it is definitely doable. Feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about the game.
  4. Melee 8: You got plenty of time so try to explore a bit. There are health items for you to pick up. Try to use Heat Actions, because they can heal you. The boss has pretty whack attacks. Maybe try the Tiger Drop if you can, but don't try it on his multi shoot attack. Mad Dog 3: Annoying one but not that hard. Remember use Heat Actions as often as you can (time should stop when you use them). Use Kiryu's Square, Square, Triangle combo to make massive damage. He can also perform some kind of Tiger Drop in this stance, I think it's called Counter Hook tho. In the last battle against Majima here try using Kiwami Moves (when he flashes blue, use a heat action) this stops his healing and makes a lot of damage. Also there is a bike in the area. Grab it and use a Heat Action on Majima.
  5. I struggled so much in Kiwami, but the car chase was somehow easy for me. Got it on my first try, but I watched the guide side by side. Use the video and watch the first section, pause it and try it yourself. Pause the game and watch the video again and so on. Had way more problems with the car chase in Zero, that thing nearly drove me insane. If I could do it, then you can too!
  6. That is extremely odd. I just checked again and I also got only one voucher to enter a code for the deluxe edition. Could swear I had to "buy" the Year One Pass, but it was highlighted as free. Added to the cart and the DLC was free for me afterwards. Contacting Sony or Bethesda seems to be the only option.
  7. Have you tried adding the Year One Pass seperately to your account? That pass is needed to get the DLC for free. Doom Eternal - Year One Pass If I'm not mistaken I had to add this one manually to my account to get it working.
  8. So you can go into safe mode? Is there a rebuild database like the PS4 has? I don't have my ps5 yet, so I can only guess.
  9. 85%? That means 85 from 100 consoles are dead on arrival imagine this how much shit Sony would've gotten for that. No way in hell would the PS4 be as successfull as it was if that would've happened. I hope your issue get's resolved quickly. You can't reset it to factory settings or something?
  10. Trophy hunters tend to play a game longer than the average gamer, because they try to complete it. So non trophy hunters get even less value out of their 60$ game (in theory!). Gaming grew a lot in the recent years, that is true, but shouldn't prices go up even more because of that? Companies want to make profit, so they tend to get the maximum with the least amount of effort. No I don't want that games are getting even more expensive, just saying, that companies could do it. Simple supply and demand rule. If a person doesn't look at sales it's their problem, not the companies fault. Sales are nothing that exist only in the video game market, they are everywhere. So if you want to save money but ignore sales, that's a stupid move. Also if people are short on money they'll look for every sale possible, at least I'd do that. I didn't want to point out, that you don't know anything about games. Looking at your profile you are well aware about gaming as a whole.
  11. Definition of luxury: "something expensive that is pleasan to have but is not necessary" (Source: Cambride Dictionary - Luxury). Gaming is still a hobby, nothing more. With everything in life not everyone can afford it. Gaming is, was and will never be a cheap hobby in the long run, but you have options to make it cheaper for yourself like sales etc. a price increase was long overdue and personally I was surprised it took this long. The example in the original post is still stupid, because Ultimate editions with all the goodies a game can offer will never be the go to version of a game. In the US games are 70$ now. Since PS3 times in Europe games had a original price tag of 70€ (round about 83$ right now). Sure you could find them cheaper for 60€ in different stores, but nothing changed. Consumers should look for the cheapest price. Amazon lists the new AC Valhalla in Austria for around 72€. The store called "Mediamarkt" sells it for 65€, so that's a 5 bucks increase to last gen. If gaming is your hobby and you can't afford this little increase, than wait for a sale or accept that you can't afford everything day one.
  12. Oh my bad. It's called Year One Pass and was part of the Deluxe/Collector's Edition. It will cover two single player Addons for the price of 30 bucks.
  13. It's part of the Season Pass, so it won't be free.
  14. BioShock Infinite and BioShock 1. Recently BioShock 1 got a new trophy list, which I didn't do yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
  15. No Forsaken will still cost money You can't play forsaken story stuff or the raid.