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  1. F*ck Darksiders 3. I really wanted to like this game, but it's such a mess. The gameplay doesn't fit the style of the game at all!

    After Days Gone my second dissapointing game in a row. 2019 really sucks (up to now) when it comes to games.

    1. TJ_Solo


      I don't know what style that would be other than the artwork. Each DS game plays different to match the main character. You should be ready for DS4 to feel like a third person shooter. I am not sure what to say about Days Gone other than it seems heavily played here for the past couple months. The gameplay loop is clear, has challenges, and the story is fresher than I expected it to be.

    2. Dreggit


      I haven't played 2 or 3 but I've been told they aren't really sequels to 1. In fact they apparently cover events during or prior Wars story in 1.... they may not do so until they make a 4th game based off the last horseman.


      I hope that we can get a proper game that follows after the events of 1....

    3. SaintChris777


      @TJ_Solo The style of the game seems to be "let's do our own dark souls", but the combatjust isn't fitting at all. You can clearly see, that the gameplay was designed for 1vs1 fights, but the fights can get pretty messy so you take a lot of hits from enemies you couldn't even see because of the camera.

      I loved darksiders 1 and 2, liked 2 better than 1 actually. Wouldn't mind playing a 3rd person shooter if its well made tbh.


      @Dreggit I don't have a problem with the narrative of the series. Liked the approach of Death's and Fury's stories.

      The story in Darksiders 3 is pretty good and I liked it so far.