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  1. There does seem to be a chapter select, so I don't know if that will actually help with getting trophies (once all the synching nonsense is sorted). Like, I have to hope that when there is choice related trophies (yeah, I answered the phone), hopefully you can just start at that chapter and pop the other trophy. I will get back to it and play around I am sure. I just need the headset to dry out a little due to the all the sweat......from my eyeballs.......I need more time is what I am saying
  2. I just finished the game (it destroyed me, BTW. Was kinda not expecting that) and I see that on the PlayStation, it does show trophies, but none of them unlocked for me and it also is clearly not synching yet as the PlayStation app just shows blanks for the trophy list (well, doesn't actually list anything for trophies yet, as is typical when the synching isn't happening correctly. Like What The Bat? did for a while). So I guess I will be playing this a few more times (it can't possibly hit as hard the 2nd time through) once I know these things are synching properly.
  3. Exactly this. The price talk about the PSVR2 has been all over the place. One of the big ones is related to the fact that you also have to buy a PS5 so the real cost is in the $1000 range, and, yes, that is very expensive. However, the PS5 is pretty damn great and well worth owning if you can get your hands on one (I was lucky enough to get one at launch with no scalper tomfoolery). The original headset also required that you own a PlayStation (4), and I do realize that the adoption rate for PS4 was (and still is) higher than the PS5, but it does not change the fact that you did need one to buy the PSVR 1 (and the PSVR1 was essentially the same cost as the PSVR2 unless you already had the camera and move controllers). Another one is usually related to the PC Master Race where you should just spend your money on a good PCVR headset as it is obviously superior anyway, and I guess if you already have the rig to support VR, sure, that may be a valid point. Except, based on developer feedback and reviews, it would seem that due to the dedicated hardware and a few other features (foveated rendering for one, and also.....hello Pavlov running better on the PS5 VR system) the PSVR2 can really give PCVR a run for its money. Also, I get the impression that PCVR has been on a bit of a downswing as of late with the only major notable being HL: Alex in the past few years (man I would love to be able to play Alex) so one of the prevailing thoughts is that if the PSVR2 can kind of help invigorate VR development, it can only help VR as a whole, including the PC side of things. There is an argument for Quest products too. I do own a Quest v1, and I have loved my time with it. No wires and the ability to draw a really REALLY large play area (as long as you have the space, that is) is really cool. There is one walking sim game related to touring the Anne Frank house that works so much better when you could draw the boundaries larger than the actual play space.....but I digress. The Quest products are fun and immersive and may be just enough for folks, especially if they don't have a PS5. We certainly don't know enough (anything?) about the Quest 3, but as a stand alone unit, it will be underpowered compared to the PSVR (for obvious reason). Sure, it can also connect to the PC for PCVR action, but, we already covered that above. This is a lot of words just to say that I do think that the Quest presents a good value and can kind of skate that line of being a complete system, as well as being a gateway into better VR. From what I hear, those Quest Pro controllers are killer in terms of accurate tracking (expensive, but killer). The only argument that makes any sense to me is the simple fact that $550 (assuming you have a PS5) is pretty expensive depending on your own personal situation. I had to bring my two cats into the vet yesterday for their yearly checkup with some shots and the cost of that was more than the headset. I think THAT was over priced for sure. But what I am really trying to say is that no one really fully understands other individual situations when it comes to money. Everyone has different motivations, and desires, and life requirements. There are so many factors that go into making these purchase decisions that it can make these kinds of conversations difficult. I am so deeply invested in the PlayStation ecosystem that a new headset from them just makes sense to me, Like, it feels like I NEED one, which is ridiculous, and concerning, but it seems to be how my brain is working at the moment. Others though may have a stronger sense of restraint than I do, and I kind of envy them.
  4. Oh man, speaking of trophies, I will absolutely be double dipping these games. Beat Saber and Pistol Whip I played on my Quest 1, so now I get to play them all over for multiple reasons (that they are essential and I need the trophies ). I can’t remember if I finished Job Simulator on PSVR (need to look) but I will likely make sure to grab that again (even though I also have it on Quest) when it is available.
  5. I think I mentioned it (vaguely) before, but, hey, I like to babble on about stuff I love. So from my experience with Beat Saber and Pistol Whip on Quest (I never got to Synth Riders, but I may change that with the PSVR2) is that you can absolutely put together a pretty good exercise routine. In Beat Saber, I had put together a play list of songs to play and made sure that the more intense tracks were more in the middle and the more "chill" would be in the beginning and the end. So you end up with a kind of "class" where you have warm up songs (like the first few tracks of the base game) and then it gets more intense, but then slows more down near the end for cool off. The play list is important because it removes the pause time when you stand there trying to figure out what to play next and helps keep the heart rate up. But, most (not all, but most) of the songs in Beat Saber tend to be (for real obvious reasons) you using your upper body quite a bit. Still great for cardio, but here is where I put Pistol Whip to play. Basically I found that when I play Pistol Whip, I still end up with an increased heart rate, but I also tend to use my legs a ton more (due to all the bullet dodging), but my arms a lot less (which makes sense as you are not really waving your arms around as much). So, those two games create a nice little balanced "work out". Oh, and also, if you have something like an Apple Watch, you can really keep an eye on how well it is working for you. I guess when it all comes down to it, as far as video game exercise goes, it is a lot like real exercise in that as long as you really put the effort in (as in, don't worry about what you look like when you are doing it and we all know being in VR can be goofy), you should see some results. What results? well, results may vary(obviously). Will you get swole? No, not really. You may not even thin up if this exercise is the only change, but at the very least, it can help improve cardio vascular health (repeated events of elevated heart rate within the target range for your age/weight for 30-45 minutes or so, etc...). After all that (see? I babble) I say that even if there are better ways to exercise out there (and there probably is), these two games (and from the sound of it, these three games) are all super fun and can't really be missed. Plus, when people visit and want to try VR, these are absolutely ones I found most people enjoy and really "get". Well, these and Job Simulator.
  6. I kind of love how this thread from 2020 has risen from the dead now that we are days away and people like me can pop in and report that not only did I pre-order the headset (and controller charger stand), but they processed the order last night. I guess what I am saying is that I have actually purchased a set and will probably climb the walls between now and when it finally arrives. I do already own RE:8, No Man's Sky, and GT7, so with the Horizon bundle, that first week will be awesome. I will also grab a bunch of other titles too, I am sure, but, yeah, I am so ready.
  7. Oh man, I love me some Beat Saber and Pistol Whip. Pistol Whip is for leg days (lots of squats). I will be getting them both (again..have then for Quest and can’t wait for an upgrade) as they really scratch different itches.
  8. I’m sure you already saw the good news, but I am so excited that Beat Saber is confirmed. I own it on Quest, but I sure as hell am buying it again along with song packs I already own on Quest just to be able to keep playing that game. Same thing for Pistol Whip.
  9. Preordered as soon as I could and it can’t get here soon enough. The original PSVR was my first vr headset and I had a blast with that for a while. The limitations certainly held it back and I jumped at the Quest when it came out and never went back to the poor PSVR. Now the tables have turned and I am so ready. I do hope we get more PSVR upgrades because I would like to revisit some dormant games in my library (I would love to finish Skyrim VR) but there seems to be a decent amount of content already on the way. Plus, there are some games I will certainly double dip on (Pistol Whip and Beat Saber, for example)
  10. Oh neat. I just finished RE3 today! My 100th was actually Fallout 4. I even did all the DLC and broke a Dualsense in the process of getting tickets (before I wised up and remapped the buttons).
  11. oh, interesting. I will have to try that. I happen to be playing the second playthrough now (was hoping with the change in style for that second run that it wouldn't glitch....but it does. Always as soon as you leave the bunker that first time). I feel silly considering it is really only for another trophy. Thanks for the tip. And hey, would you look at that. This seems to work. Super odd because I thought I had kinda tried this. I even deleted and re-downloaded its few times. This last time I even moved it over from the USB storage to the internal (as my PS4 games go to USB by default). Saving, closing the app, and then reloading the save does seem to work and now I can finally just get this down and move on Thank you again!
  12. I thought I would just post a quick note to say that while the PS5 version works perfectly fine (for the most part), but when I try to complete the PS4 version of the game on the PS5, most of the areas suffer from horrible graphical glitches making it darn near impossible to complete. Me being a werido, and having finished the PS5 version and knowing where to go and what to do, I am still trying to work through all the glitches, but I thought I would see if others ran into this issue. Having said all that, I do quite like the game with its PS1 type vibe.
  13. yup, exactly this. There are some very easy to miss trophies if not following a guide. I did clear this on XBox a while back, and it is a fun little game for sure. There are a few bits that can be frustrating, but I may have to grab this and go through it again.
  14. First off, I really loved the content of this collection. I spent a day or so going through the entire history section and was just enthralled by the interviews and other historical content. I turned 50 this year too and Atari made up a lot of my early gaming experience, so my interest in this may be a different than others. I guess what I am saying is that I already feel like I got my money's worth just by enjoying the content so far. Having said all that, I feel like I could really use some tips on Haunted Houses (well, probably all the other games that are tied to trophies too, but let's stay focused). This one game feels like it should be really straight forward, but I'll be damned if I can really sort out how to be "good" at this game without going insane. I think the thing that kills me the most is the concept of holding one item at a time. You go to fine the chalice pieces, and a lot of them are all behind locked doors. Fine, I grab the key, go get the chalice piece and.....yeah, now I can't get back through the door. Fine. Drop the piece, bring the key, open the door, grab the piece......door swings shut and I am locked out.......ugh, do this several times until I am on the boarder and eventually end up on the other end of the door with the key and the piece. Bring all those bits to the exit area and eventually get to leave, but certainly not in any sort of record time. This can't be right. I have to be missing something.
  15. Trigger Witch - Done I bought a lot of games on sale recently (always? Feels like always) and Trigger Witch was one of them. Mostly an impulse buy, and boy was I glad I did. This is such a fun game (and it is about witches and witches, as you know, play a major role in Halloween, so it should work here) and while the overall presentation and format feels SUPER familiar, it also still manages to feel new and does its own thing within the trappings of a "Zelda clone". I feel bad even saying that about it, but for anyone that hasn't seen this game, the easiest way to describe it is a "Zelda clone" but with guns, like uzis and grenade launchers, with great cartoony artwork, while also being quite bloody (which is a setting that can be changed. Instead of blood spearing the landscape, it can just be confetti if you wish......and you do wish for a few kills if you want all the trophies). This game also has one of the most surprising bad guys. It isn't that this type of bad guy hasn't been done before, but man was I not expecting it at all. It isn't 100% out of left field, and certainly the last dungeon really does make it so I shouldn't have been a surprised as I was, but in my defense, I was still wrapped up in the normal expectations of a game that presents itself this way. I should also mention that it has a great trophy list. This game has 58 trophies and not a one of them are super obscure. This is a perfectly balanced list of trophies with very little, if any, grind. You can also easily obtain all the trophies without having to rely on a guide as the game makes it pretty clear what you would need to do at any given time. Also, while not a hard game, it also isn't super easy. At times it is a bullet hell shooter (well, it is ALWAYS a shooter, but, sometimes more hellish), and the final boss was not a pushover, but at the same time, it should not give anyone TOO much trouble. Also, and this can be my last point, I swear, the game length is about perfect. It took me a little over 2 days to finish (the #50 on that game is a little over 3 days, so average) and it never really felt like it was overstaying its welcome. No NG+ was needed, no tons of extra side quests, just a decent Zelda like game but with automatic weapons that magically reload because you are a witch, all while making a pretty on spot commentary about society if you care about those things. OK, enough about Trigger Witch. As you can tell, I really loved this game. I did do more in Fatal Frame, but at this point, I do not believe I will finish it. Certainly not in time for this event, but maybe not at all. At least until it REALLY bugs me not having 100% on it. I just am no longer having fun with it, and haven't been for a while, so it may be time to call it. I also started Little Nightmares figuring I would get that one done, but something odd happened while playing it, I found I really don't like it. I am no doubt in the minority on this, but no one is as shocked about my dislike as I am. I loved games like Limbo and Inside, and even some of what I like to consider their precursors, Another World, Flashback, Prince of Persia, those kind of games (sorta. I may be way off base here, but these, while platformers, feel different than a game like Jumpman or Mario), but this game just annoys me. I finished the game and one DLC pack, and with two more packs to go (and the dreaded speed run) I just don't think I will bother trying to 100% it. I may change my mind at some point, but not in time for this event. I think my final tally will just have to be 10 (or 11 if we want to count Tunic twice) out of 13 sufficient. Official List Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - (PS5) (82%) Castlevania Advance Collection - (PS4) (100%) Costume Quest 2 - (PS4) (100%) Wytchwood - (PS4) (100%) Serial Cleaner - (PS4) (100%) Serial Cleaners - (PS5) (100%) Tunic (PS4 & PS5) (100%) Layers of Fear 2 - (PS4) (100%) Pyramid Quest - (PS4) (100%) Call of Cthulhu - (PS4) (100%) Trigger Witch - (PS5) (100%) Possible List Manual Samuel - (PS4) (0%) The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan - (PS4) (0%) Party Hard - (PS4 (0%) Alien Isolation - (PS4) (0%) Little Nightmares - (PS4) (68%) The Sinking City - (PS4) (3%) Inscryption - (PS5) - (73%) Cult of the Lamb - (PS5) (27%)