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  1. I have fully completed the game on Switch last year and to me basically, everything feels unchanged. I have easily managed to escape with the shield, fists, spear, and sword. You just need to find out what feels best for you. In terms of power, nothing seems nerfed. I usually prefer something like Ares or Zeus attack boon, Zeus, Ares or Poseidon dash, and that alone combined with any weapon will do just fine.
  2. Back then I just used Radial Blind from Excalibur and then back stabbed her. Instant kill. Hope that helps.
  3. Yes there is crossplay between the PS5 and PS4 version.
  4. Oh ok then I have bad news for you because I had the same issue. On some of the collectables it showed that I was missing one or two even though in fact I had all of them. This is an old bug and the only way for you to get it is by it popping randomly. I only got it when BioWare did the forced trophy re-check through a patch. Only then it randomly popped for me during a loading screen. The weapon and gear trophies have a similar issue.
  5. HI! Since you both are playing in free play you will share your instance with two other players, which means they can pick those collectables up before you can as all collectables are per instance and not per character. Your only option is to leave and re-enter free play over and over until you find a spot where they spawn and then use the load zone glitch it should still work. The collectables were a real pain to get.
  6. Hey I've found multiple ones of that and all of them came either from the boxes in the solar farm outpost or from boxes in the sewers. Hope that helps and good luck.
  7. I just finished the Freelancer Loyalty 3 requirements yesterday and the trophy didn't unlock. I really hope they get this fixed for people who have already done it. It would suck to have spent so much time for nothing.
  8. You will be able to 100% the game no problem for a long time after D2 comes out. Bungie confirmed that servers will stay online for the next coming years. And there are tons of people playing all the time. So just go for it.
  9. Yes it basically is a remake of that so they should be identical. But I haven't played it on PS3..
  10. Yes same for me. I've tried to unlink/relink my Twitter but it didn't help.
  11. I would say restart. I had glitched characters on the vita version as well but didn't notice that until the end where I couldn't find the last character and got stuck at 99.9% completion so better restart now.
  12. Hello guys maybe one of you can help me out. I'm close to the platinum but I'm missing one of the hero characters. Specifically the second character from the left top row on the third page of the hero section. I've all gold bricks, all minikits and all carbonite characters. I've also bought all the characters. I don't now which one I'm missing and where to get it so if anyone knows any help would be appreciated. Greetings
  13. You'll get this trophy in the cave of fire dlc. In The first mission there is a snake that gets revived every 4 steps. So kill it make 4 steps to revive it and do it again. You'll get this trophy in the cave of fire dlc. In The first mission there is a snake that gets revived every 4 steps. So kill it make 4 steps to revive it and lol it again.
  14. It only depends on the country version. Vita games are not region locked but they often have problems between physical and digital versions from different countries. For example I had imported a physical copy of The Walking Dead Season 1 for Vita because here in Germany we only had digital. When I later installed a digital version from the european store my save didn't work the same with the european digital version of The Walking Dead S2 where you could import your save file. So if you get the US version either digital or physical you should be fine. I hope that helps.