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  1. two more games for me for September Queen's Quest 2:Stories of Forgotten Past - Hardcore (5 games in the series on PC) -Game Started this month -Another Event (A-Z Platinum Challenge) Queen's Quest 3: the end if Dawn - Hardcore - Game Started This month - Complete 4 games
  2. Better month for me so far, I've completed the following: Devious Dungeon 2 - Monthly theme - Started this month Pic-a-Pix Colour 2 - Monthly Theme - Hardcore Challenge (4 games in the pic-a-pix series) - Started this month Overcooked 2 -DLC challenge Hopefully still time for me to finish some more as well.
  3. almost forgot about this, but i did complete 2 games for August which should count: Far Cry 3 Classic: Has several mission where you have a companion & Reverse Crawl : have constant companions in the form of units who fight the battles for you. This should also qualify for the hardcore challenge (has several animal units Bats, dragons etc) and for the complete a game you started this month challenge.
  4. Game 9: Dangerous Driving I ended up changing the final 2 games on my list, based on a couple of late game pick ups i made, this one may have been a mistake though. Game 9 - Dangerous Driving, i had heard mixed things about this games, i was interested because it was apparently made by the team who made the burnout games, and after all the discussion earlier in this thread about burnout games, and the fact that Burnout paradise is one of my favourite games, i thought it was worth a try. You can definitely see the influence of burnout in this, if it had been called burnout i doubt people could complain, however its entirely track based not open worlds like burnout paradise, it may be more like the earlier games, but i've not played any of those so can't comment. There are a series of different events which are familiar to burnout (takedowns, time trials, straight races) and a variety of different cars, completing the requirements for one unlocks the next, although to truly complete a gold medal is required which is often much harder. So far the time trials are extremely challenging, other modes are easier although the suffer due to the "rubber banding" effect on other cars, however its not particularly fun, its hard to explain exactly why, but game play largely seems to revolve around using boost as much as possible and trying not to crash into anything. So not one i can recommend unfortunately. Playtime: 3 hours Trophies 10/41 Rating:
  5. I've got a bit of catching up to again, so here goes: Game 8: Far Cry 3 So i played Far Cry 4 a couple of years ago as part of a KYC and didn't really get on with it, sop have never been back to it, however i played far cry primal more recently and really enjoyed that so was keen to try out another one and see whether it was a one off. You are Jason Brody a young person an adventure holiday with a group fop your friends, the game starts after you have been captured by one of a group of pirates and are in a cage, you manage to escape with your brother who has military training but is killed while escaping, Jason makes a number of comments about how he can't do this, but after escaping he ruins into some natives who appoint him as island savior. Jason goes from being reluctant to accepting his role new role very quickly and is soon doing all sorts of things he said he couldn't do start with, although he still seems to moan about skinning animals(needed to craft better gear) a lot. In terms of gameplay it is typical Ubisoft open world game play with lots to accomplish and you can pretty much attempt it any order you want although the story missions offer more if a structure if that is what you want. Collectibles galore of course, Overall its an enjoyable romp, i have 2 main complaints, animals seem ridiculously strong and take a lot of bullets to kill (head shots don't seem to work), and falling from even minor height seems to result in death, this may actually be realistic but it doesn't make for great gameplay to be honest. Turns out the reason i like primal more is that i far prefer the bow and arrow as a weapon to guns, but I enjoyed this a lot, it has some frustrations but it will be the first game i go back to and try to finish off. I really must go back to Far Cry 4 as well at some point to give that a proper go, Playtime : 5 hours Trophies: 16/44 Rating:
  6. The Lancaster is a pretty special plane, i was lucky enough to have to one flying about 100m above my house last month as part of the armed forces day celebrations and that was a sight to see. I think your friend is right about the pilots, i think the lifespan of a pilot in WW2 was expected to be something like 50 days which is pretty crazy when you think about it, so it was very much make do with whatever is available. Regarding american planes there is an add on (USAAF) which i believe adds an american plane but i've not played it myself, but if you are interested might be worth picking up the complete edition if that is on sale as well.
  7. Game 7 : Bomber Crew Another little gem here, although one with quite niche appeal. You are in charge of the crew of a Lancaster bomber in WWII, you fly missions from an RAF airbase against various german targets, the mission range from destroying factories and guns, or dropping supplies to downed pilots to help them survive and larger missions with harder objectives which you need to progress the story. The difference being you have no direct control over the plane its self, only the crew of 7 (pilot, navigator, radio operator, engineer, 2 gunners & a bomb aimer) you can give them commands and move them around the plane to undertake various tasks (operate the guns, fix malfunctioning systems, heal other crew members), as you progress through the game your crew members unlock new skills which can be used ti help on future missions. The game play reminds me a lot of FTL from PC or iOS, and is suspect this may have been the insperation. In between missions you also have the option to improve your plane or give better gear to your crew using money and intelligence earned from previous missions. These will help make really future mission easier. Along the way you encounter various hazards (enemy fighters, anti aircraft guns and if you are unlucky enemy aces) all of which can cause you serious damage, despite the relatively few options you have it can get really quite franctic in the heat of battle. particularly if any of your crew members are downed as you have to scramble other to carry out their tasks. On that note anyone who is downed you have a brief window to give them first aid other wise they will die and will no longer be available for future mission, when you get back to the bse you can recruti a replacement, however they will generally be lower level so it does set you back. If your plane gets shot down then the survival of your crew is upto chance it depends on a number of factors including where the crash occurred and the gear you have equipped them with, but all you can do is shift the odds in your favour it still comes down to a spin of the wheel and whether it lands in green or red and to cap it off you will need a new plane whren you get back which is randomly assigned and likely won't have as many upgrades. its quite different from anything else i've played recently and so makes a nice change. One i'm looking forward to returning to. Playtime: 4-5 Hours Trophies : 12/31 Rating: Completion :57.76% that's me finally upto date with my reviews, hopefully i can do better for the rest of the month. Next Up : Far Cry 3
  8. Game 6: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Another platform game, i really must try and get more variety into my list next time, but this is absolute gem and not one i was expecting to be honest. You are Jin, a boy who's uncle turn everyone into animals (not clear why yet), Jin himself is turned into a pig and sets out to try and undo the damage, as he progress on this adventure he gains the ability to transform into other animals, the picture above will give you a good idea which ones, and eventually (presumably because i haven't got that far yet) himself again. The animals all have special abilities and powers (the frog can swim, the snake squeezes through small holes, the lion can run very fast etc.) so Jin has to switch between his forms to progress the game and to access new areas. There is also a wide range of gear which can be equipped by various characters which gives even more option and variety to the puzzle solving. Where the game really shines though is some of the unique solutions to puzzle, I have really been cursing the game for its difficulty spikes in a few places, but generally when i'm doing this it was me approaching the problem in the wrong way no the game being too difficult. In particular there is a point where you have to freeze a waterfall and hen climb up it, except everytime i stood on the ice block they were melting, i spent a great deal of time trying to do jump and freeze at the same time before the blocks melted and almost managed to get to the top this way and with more perseverance i may have managed it, but just before i was about to give up, my wife pointed out it was because i was wearing my fire boots which were melting the ice, after changing my boots and it suddenly became very straight forwards. My one criticism is the checkpoint issue again, and dying can set you back a long way, but they do get round this slightly by allowing you to carry a potion which will revive you instantly if you die without any loss of progress. But i highly i recommend this one for anyone into platform/metroidvania type games. Playtime: 6 hours Trophies: 12/33 Rating:
  9. Game 5 : Dead Cells Another game that appears on my list because of the number of positive things i've heard about. Dead Cells is a Roguelike action platformer, that definitely deserves the positive reviews that it has received. You are an organism that inhabits a the dead body of a prisoner to investigate what is going on. the game plays as a relatively simple platformer with lots of combat, you have the choice of melee or ranged weapons and a shield but you can only ever have 2 at any one time you you are forced to choose which style you want to play. Its a typical roguelike that you die frequently, however as you progress you unlock new powers and abilities which give you a better chance next time through. These powers and abilities also open up new areas, which create multiple paths you can progress through the game, the levels are randomly generated each playthrough so there is no learning routes possible here, its very much adapt as you go. Similarly you can't be sure what weapons or equipment you will find so you do have to work with what is available, this does help keep the game feeling fresh on the MANY playthroughs you will need in order to beat the game. Its hard to describe what makes the game so good, it just feels natural while you playing through it, and while death comes regularly it never feels unfair, and normally you can see what you need to do better next time. I think i've got just over half way through on my best run, so i'm very much hoping this will continue. Its another game i'm unlikely to go for the platinum on, as it requires playing through the game a number of times on ever increasing difficulty levels, which i'm unlikely to have the patience for. But i will go back to this to beat the main game and probably attempt some of the other challenges. Playtime : 5-6 hours Trophies: 16/54 Rating:
  10. Game 4 : Inside You are a boy in a wood, you run (Always to the right) you not sure what you need to run from but you have to run, after a while you come to an area with some people you run out into the open and they shoot you (game over try again), next time you stay hidden until they have finished searching and you progress safely, but a short while later a dog is released to find you, it hunts you down and rips you to shreds, (game over), next time you manage to safely avoid the dogs by climbing over a wall, you come to lake where people are searching for you you swim underwater to avoid them and you run out of air (game over). and so it continues this game basically involves running to right until you encounter the next obstacle, which you then have to figure out how to ass in order to progress, generally the solutions are quite intuitive but they can take a few goes to figure them out and failure often means death(by a variety of interesting means) so you will die a lot in this game. The graphics are very nice and they set the scene nicely, there's really no story, the games leaves it up to you to decide what is happening but it never really confirms it, as you progress it does seem to become more sci-fi, but its really what you make of it. The ending though i really didn't like, the last half an hour or so are really quite strange. I must commend them for the design of the puzzles as they really are very intuitive, i don't think i got stuck in the whole game, not because they are easy, but because they can be figured out by good logical thinking. Overall entertaining enough to pass the time but personally not something i would particularly recommend or go out of my way to play. Playtime: 4 hours Trophies 14/14 Rating: Completion 57.87% Next Up : Dead Cells
  11. Game 3: Bad North Now this is more like it, saw this in a sale recently and thought it looked interesting, but its far more than that a real gem of a game, very simple but one of the best games i've played recently. You are in charge of a group of vikings who need to defend their island from a invading horde of vikings who arrive in boats on waves, if you successfully defend the house you receive coins which can be used to upgrade your units, before you decide which island to move onto the next. it plays a bit like a real time version of fire emblem. At first its simply a case of positioning your units between the viking and the house, but as the game move on it get considerable more complex and there is a surprising amount of tactical depth, the game operates a simple weapon triangle (infantry beats Archers beats Pikemen beats Infantry), however before starting an island you have no idea who will attack, so it makes choosing the right squad difficult, once in the mission you can multiple attacks from different directions so deciding how to split your units become important, and also using the terrain to your advantage. getting the high ground, boxing units in and flanking them all improve your chances, but none of this is explained its left up to you to discover what works, normally i'm quite critical of this type of thing, but here it really seemed to work. The game uses Permadeath, so if any of your units die that's it they are gone from the rest of the game, given how few opportunities there are to recruit units this feels like a real loss, and if they all die then its game over and back to the start (with a different map & islands) which are generated each time. The difficulty ramps nicely throughout the campaign and there are moments of panic as you try to work out how to deal with a new threat without losing one of your precious units. My only slight complaint is that on later playthroughs the early islands are very straightforward and a bit slow so it takes a while for the game to get going again. Only 11 trophies, 9 are straight forward of the last 2 one is grind and one will be real challenge. I really enjoyed this so if you are fan of tactical games i highly recommend you pick this up. Playtime: 7-8 Hours Trophies 9/11 Rating : Completion: 57.80% Next Up: Inside
  12. Game 2 : Hollow Knight I had high hopes for this as it has such a good reputation, came into knowing i wouldn't be going for the plat, as i have no patience for the sort of challenges in this game, but i thought i would at least enjoy the story and beating the game, however again i've found this somewhat of a let down. Full disclosure i didn't get that far through the game so it may pick up, but i have no plans to rush back. At heart its a Metroidvania platforming game, it has a reputation for being difficult, but to be honest i found it tough but fair in terms of difficulty, what does annoy me though is that there is no autosave so if you die you go back to the last manual save point which can be quite spread out, this for me is incredibly frustrating and unnecessary and the particularly annoying point is that you lose all the currency you've collected and it can only be recovered by finding your corpse and defeating your ghost/spirit. It took my quite a while to realise this and so i actually ended up starting again as i'd "lost" so much currency. Visually its great and i can see this is one of the games strong points. In terms of actual gameplay its entirely up to you how you explore and because of this you can reach some areas before you are really ready for them, leading to perception of difficulty. Having the relevant upgrade really makes certain parts easier. Personally i'd have preferred more story or guidance here to help you navigate through the game. Overall the game just didn't really grab me so i'm keen to move on. Will see if i come back to this after the event. Playtime 3-4 hours Trophies: 2/35 Rating: Completion : 57.83% Next up : Bad North
  13. I've played this on Steam and it actually has DLC which takes it up to around 50 puzzles, not sure if they will ever be released on PSN. Also the total price including the DLC was around £5 (in a sale), which i thought was a far fairer price than what they were charging on PSN. But overall i agree with your assessment a good puzzle game which is great for a relaxing experience.
  14. Game 1: Donut County Boy is this game short, 2 hours and I've completed the whole game, when the game came out last year it good reviews and when i saw it in a recent sale i thought it would be a good one to pick up and try out, but i have to be honest i'm really not sure where the good reviews come from. The story centres around a raccoon who has control of a hole which he is using to swallow things and send them underground, the game play is basically move the hole around the level to make objects fall through it, the move objects you swallow the bigger the hole gets which then opens up new objects that you can swallow, which you repeat until you've got rid of everything on the level. There are very occasional puzzles but nothing to challenging and there is a story but it doesn't really amount to much. So unfortunately the game is nothing more than a lighthearted bit of fun that doesn't really hold the interest for long, So really nothing more than an easy plat as far as i'm concerned. Playtime 2-3 Hours Rating: Trophies : 21/21 Completion: Forgot to record it Next Up : Hollow Knight
  15. my first game for July is Donut County most of the story takes place underground so it should count for the hardcore challenge, also counts forthe following challenges: Complete a game you started this month Counts for another event (KYC X)