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  1. Thanks, just got it myself as well, had given up hope of this ever being fixed
  2. Game 1 : Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands In stranded sails you are the son (or daughter) of a ships captain on a voyage to start a life in anew land. However the journey goes wrong and you end up shipwrecked on a island. After searching for a gathering the rest of the crew you set about forming a camp, luckily the crew seem to have a good all the skills you need to survive between them, unfortunately they all seem to have an excuse not to it themselves and everything is left to you. You are soon gathering materials, building shelters, fishing, cooking food and exploring to find a way off the island. While the other crew members do little more than cheer you on. It's a very casual game, most of the missions are simple fetch quests, combined with a very basic crafting system, for making items to use. During the first half of the game there is no threat at all the worst that can happen is running out of energy and waking up back at camp. Its also reminds me of a basic animal crossing but with a bit of purpose to it. Its about half way through the game when you discover about the curse from the title, its still fairly tame but it does introduce enemies who must be defeated in order to complete objectives. Its building towards an end game of hopefully escaping the islands. I've enjoyed my time with this and its definitely one to play when you are looking for a relaxing experience. My only complaint is the energy system, and particularly how hard this makes it to travel anywhere, if you run you use energy way to fast so you end up walking everywhere which takes way to long. Running out of energy is very annoying as you have to return to camp to sleep or eat food of which you can only carry a very limited amount and if you want more you need to return to camp to make more. This makes exploring far flung locations quite tedious at times. I'll likely dip back in and out of this until i have finished it off. Playtime: 7 Hours Rating: Trophies 11/29 Completion: 60.71% (-0.09%) Next Up: Children of Morta
  3. I've left it to the last minute but I'll join as well, Have barely played on my PS4 this year as i've been working through my switch backlog, But time to fire it up for again for this event. I'll go fro the 10 games 3 days option as normal. My list (in no particular order): Graveyard Keeper Two Point Hospital Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order A Plague Tale: Innocence Children of Morta Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands Northgard Little Nightmares Oxenfree Civilization VI
  4. Event Summary Games in order of Preference 1) Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Brilliant Coop/Party game that is fairly unique / 2) Forager - great cartoony crafting game which is good light hearted fun, let down by the stupidly low drop rate on the few last things needed for the plat 3) Cat Quest II - Casual RPG which is tons of fun even if it does include a dog this time 4) Erica - Story Driven FMV game which does a good job of hidding what is actually going on. 5) Medievil - Neat remake of PS1 game, some of the original gameplay decisions show their age now / 6) Resident Evil 2 - Great remake of what is apparenty THE survival horror game, not sure its my thing unfortunately. 7) Gorogoa - interesting puzzle game with some unique ideas, a little short for a higher rating 8) Wargroove - Turn Based Strategy game, good but relatively vanilla in my opinion, i'll stick to fire emblem 9) Kingdom - New Lands - survival game with some frustrations, could be better. 10) Frostpunk - couldn't get into this may be good game here if you can stick with it. So 3 games finished and hopefully 3 more which will follow soon in December mean its been a slightly odd event for me with progress on games outside the event my completion actually went up!, Also its arguably the best selection of games i've chosen for one of these event from my point of view so i've enjoyed doing this again. Thanks to @voodoo_eyes for organising this again and for everyone's reviews see you all next time.
  5. Game 10 : Cat Quest II I played the original Cat Quest in an earlier KYC, and ranked it highly, consequently my expectations were a lot higher this time. If you've played the original you'll know what to expect the game is very similar, if you haven't its an simple hack and slash game where you play as a cat (think a very basic diablo), its very casual in the game play as well so its good to dip in and out or just to race through it in a couple of evenings. Probably the most unique feature is that when you find loot, if its an item you already own it upgrades your existing item rather than giving you a duplicate. The big change compared to the original is this now comes with Coop, however the 2nd player is actually a dog (shock horror), the story revolves around the cat and dog kingdoms being at war, you are the ancient kings of both kingdoms who have been summoned to save the kingdoms. Other than this it is very much more of the same. Not much more to say on this, given my higher expectations this hasn't blown me away as much this time but its still one i highly recommend. Playtime: 4 hours Rating: Trophies: 10/20 Completion:
  6. Game 9 : Frostpunk I didn't get a lot of time with this game, however it certainly didn't leap out at me as something i want to play more of immediately. In frostpunk global cooling has taken over and the ice age is upon us, you take over a band of survivors who are heading north in england in search of reactors that were built by the british empire to prepare for this eventuality. As the game starts you found a city at one of these reactors. Your job is to ensure the city thrives and people survive. this is much harder than you may first imagine. the game is an RTS with the focus on resource management, I haven't come across any combat but i can't guarantee it doesn't appear later in the game. The nearest comparison i can think of is the ANNO series of games. You job is to manage your workers to ensure you have a steady supply of food and coal to keep your people alive. However even that is challenging as things soon start going wrong, people fall sick and possible even die they will make demands and its up to you to ensure these are met otherwise morale will fall and eventually you will be kicked out as leader. Coal is the key resource in the game as its used to keep the reactor running without this things go south pretty quickly. There does seem to be a lot of depth here, it models a full day/night cycle with work shifts, weather plays an impact (the colder it is the more coal you will need), and there are some good trade offs you can make, passing laws which will your city more productive but sacrifice happiness or vice versa. I failed my first attempt pretty badly, so we will have to see what challenges await when you progress further in the game. But for now its only a Playtime: 2 hours Rating: Trophies: 0/10 Completion : 60.24%
  7. Game 8 : Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Keep talking and Nobody explodes is an exclusively couch coop game, with the the slight oddity that your partners don't need to be in the same as room as you they only need to speak to you and have access to the internet. The game is about diffuseing bombs, one player is the diffuser and they are the only one who can see the bomb. the other are the experts who have access to the manual. The diffuser must describe the bomb to the experts who must read the manual and give instructions to the diffuser on how to disarm the bomb. If you have VR then the diffuser wears the headset and the experts access the manual on the TV screen, without VR the bomb is on the screen and the experts view the manual on their tablet or phone (off the internet no connection is needed to the playstation, hence they can be in an entirely different location to you). Personally i found the VR to just be a distraction so i much preferred flat screen mode. Bombs are made up of modules (up to 11 of then) each must be tackled separately within the time limit of the bomb. There are about 10 different types of module, which range from things like cutting the right wire, pressing buttons in the correct order, decoding passwords etc. The manual is very well written in my opinion, it always clear what needs to be done, but its written in such a way that it takes longer than it should to decode, and its very difficult to memorise any solutions so even after you've done a large number of bombs you are still not sure what the correct steps are without the help of the experts. That is what really makes this game. Overall its a great part game, and a novel coop experience. There is also a decent challenge as well, by the end of the game the bombs do rank up in difficulty significantly (particularly if you are playing with just 1 expert. Time played: 5-6 Hours Rating: Trophies: 10/10 Completion :60.24% (+0.07%)
  8. A couple of games that count for November for me Gorogoa (dragon) - Complete a game you started this month - Counts for another event (KYC) Forager - Complete a game you started this month - Counts for another event (KYC) - Hardcore (includes skeletons and demons amongst others)
  9. Game 7 Wargroove If you've ever played advance wars on a nintendo system then you will know exactly what to expect here. The game "borrows" a lot of its core mechanics from that series, and plays very similarly. If that means nothing to you then read on. WarGroove is a turn based tactical battle game, you are the princess of the cherrystone kingdom who becomes Queen when her father is murdered in the introduction. Starting a war, being forced to flee her kingdom the princess must fight to reclaim her kingdom and keep her people safe. The game is split into lots of missions, typically requiring you defeat the enemy commander or stronghold. But some have more varied objectives like survive, escape or protect certain units. Side missions give more variety as well allowing you to play as other characters and gain access to different races units (although they do seem to be just a re-skin of your own units) There is also a cute story line where you are in command of a dog. However basic gameplay is very similar through out. Within a battle its turn based, units can move attack or both depending on the type of unit. Results of battles are displayed before you commit to them which adds to the strategy of deciding what course of action to take, there are also benefits and penalties for some some units against other types (e.g. pikemen against knights) and the terrain type can also offer benefits or penalties. Commanders also have a Groove (A special power which needs to be charged up before it can be used) these vary between commanders but generally only seen to provide a minor boost so aren't actually that crucial. Winning the battle progresses the story which told through basic cut scenes. Outside of campaign mode there is arcade mode (basically battles without the overarching story) There is also a puzzle mode which i'm looking forward to seeing what that is like, but i haven't got far enough yet to unlock it. While I'm a big fan of the genre but personally i found this a little simplistic and a bit repetitive, i still prefer the RPG type elements in fire emblem and haven't found anything that comes close to that (i'll keep looking through, maybe one day i'll get lucky) and my biggest complaint is the sound effects in particular the phrases the characters repeat, they are very annoying. If you loved advance wars then you should defintiely pick this up, if not maybe wait and see if you can get it cheap in a sale. Finally don't play this for the trophies,Earn 3 stars on every level will be very challenging (particularly as this can only done on Hard) Playtime: 5 Hours Rating: Trophies: 4/24 Completion: 60.11% (-0.06%) Next up: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  10. Game 6 : Resident Evil 2 I'l l start with a confession, i'm not a fan of the horror genre (be that games, movies, books) i always try and stay clear, largely because i'm a big wimp, to give you an idea of how much when i played the last of us before bed time it gave me nightmares, so i had to resort to only playing it in the middle of the day. Now i have kids i don't get that option so it evenings only so i tend to steer clear of anything even remotely horror based, so why am i playing this well my brother in law considers this the finest game series in existence and this is his favourite of all of them, so when the remaster was released earlier this year i had to give it a go. Its not one i had been looking forward to but given the review i wanted to give it a fair shot. I'm sure most people already know this but the game is split into 2 stories Leon's story and Claire's Story, the characters do briefly meet in the prologue and then get separated. I've chosen Leon's story first. Leon is new police officer reporting to his first job out the academy. on arrival he discovers the town has been overrun by some sort of outbreak, after a brief skirmish he makes it to the police station and discovers how bad the situation is, what was the last safe refuge has also been overrun and the only survivor is barricaded inside. They soon discover an escape route but they need to place three medallions into a statue to open a secret passageway, to find the 3 medallions he needs to venture into other areas of the police station and face the dangers that lurk there. Game play involves exploring new areas to try and find clues, supplies or just the way forward. Its done form the 3rd person perspective and is pretty standard in that regard.You are relatively free to do as you wish although the game is subtly guiding you towards a certain route. The main challenge is ammo, or rather lack of it, you have to be very careful with your supplies and choose which monsters to take out otherwise finding yourself unprotected at a key moment. There are also some pretty neat puzzles based on what i have seen so far and I must say that they have done an excellent job with the remaster, it looks particularly gruesome, i'm not usually one who appreciates graphics but it is really noticeable here. I'm pretty sure there is a great game here, what i'm still not sure is that its one i will enjoy. Suspect this will sit on the shelf being ignored as there is always something better to play. Playtime: 2 hours Rating: Trophies: 8/42 Completion: 60.04% (-0.13%) Next Up : WarGroove
  11. Game 5: Erica A game that's almost entirely story so i don't want to spoil it here, it follows a young girl (Erica) and the aftermath of father's murder. Its told through the medium of FMV which is quite unusual in this day and age. Its very short (approx 1.5 hours long) but what i like is that you don't see everything on one playthrough, in fact you have so little information at the end of the first playthrough it really is difficult to know what is going on who you can trust. For me this added realism and puts you in the position of having to judge what you think is best. It also makes you more want to play it again to find out more. According to the trophy guide there are 6 playthrough minimum to unlock all the trophies, this is particular because none of the trophies unlock until you finish the playthrough as they all contain the requirement "and finish" which is something i hadn't seen before. Not sure how this will hold up after all those extra playthroughs but for now i've really enjoyed it. If you are into story driven games then i'd recommend trying to pick this up in a sale sometime. Playtime: 3 hours (2 Playthroughs) Rating: Trophies 13/34 Completion: 60.14% (boosted by progress in non event games) Next Up : Resident Evil 2
  12. Game 4 : Medievil So another remake of a PS1 game, i had seen lots of hype around this similar to previous release (spyro, crash bandicoot) i've not played any of these games before as i didn't own a console back in then so they are all new to me and don't come with the nostalgia factor and i'm never quite sure what to expect. Personally i loved spyro & hated crash bandicoot, so where did this one fit well to be honest somewhere in the middle. For anyone who isn't aware toy play as Sir Daniel Fortesque a knight who died in the battle against an evil sorcerer he was labelled the hero but in reality was struck down by the first arrow., now 100 years later the sorcerer has returned and cast a spell to raise the dead, however in doing so he resurrects Sir Daniel, who must now save the kingdom. This is his chance at redemption and to become a true hero. Not really sure how to describe the genre of the game, its a 3d platformer but with the emphasis on fighting not platforming, and to be honest this is where its problems are there doesn't seem to be much that can be done to avoid enemy attacks, you have shield buts its fairly ineffective at blocking attacks, so the best approach appears to be hacking wildly to "get them before the get you". I also have a problem with the health system, as your health carries over from level to level, which effectively encourages you to replay the first level lots of times in between levels in order to restore your health, which to be honest really shouldn't be necessary, and finally the checkpoint system, or rather the lack of one. If you die you start the level again which is frustrating given the length of some of them. and even then you don't get full health you get the health you originally started the level with. The remake appears to be good quality and i understand they have added some new content that wasn't in the original game. I've quite enjoyed my playthrough so far however now i'm on to the harder levels its feels like the lack of checkpoints could start to get frustrating. Playtime : 6 hours Rating: (for now could see this being downgraded) Trophies: 10/39 Completion: 60.07% (-0.1%) Next Up : Erica
  13. Ok, so as is normal with these events i find myself well behind with the reviews, however this is possibly my worst ever. Game 3 :Kingdom New Lands It actually took me a while to get my 3 hours in on this game, I've ended up fitting it in around the other games i've been playing. This is a sidescrolling survival game, you are the ruler of a kingdom, you ride around on your horse and are in charge of recruiting workers and building the tools and buildings they need. All of this is done by spending gold, which you acquire (mostly) through the activities of your workers. So it becomes a fairly rudimentary resource management game, where the survival elements come in is that every night you are attacked by monsters who are trying to steal all your gold and tools, If they steal all your gold then the next thing they go for is your crown and if they escape with that its game over. You can't fight yourself so its down to the defenses you have put in place through your workers to see if they hold.The attacks grow stronger as time passes meaning it becomes harder to survive, the aim is to rebuild a broken boat and to escape to the next island. this requires a lot of gold to complete, and often the rebuilding must be undertaken in a dangerous location. There is no time limit as such but the ever increasing attacks together with the arrival of winter (if you delay to long) which severely limits your money making ability means that if you don't complete it quickly enough it can be very challenging. Whilst i enjoyed the premise i haven't particularly enjoyed the game itself. The problems i have with it are you can't control what you workers do and regularly they prioritise the wrong things, the same with your defenders, its very frustrating when they choose to guard a tower which is no where near where you are being attacked. The game is also very poor at recognising when you are trying to spend money the ruler regularly throws money on the floor instead of assigning it to the thing you are trying to build, meaning you have to pick it up and repeat the process. The apacing of the game is also a bit slow for my liking. Overall fairly mediocre game and not one i'll be in a hurry to go back to Playtime: 3 Hours Trophies : 7/35 Rating :
  14. I played this for a KYC a couple of years ago, i got about half way through and yes its mediocre at best, and i am a fan of the Genre, I've never actually been back to finish it off (there is always something more appealing) so who knows maybe it gets better. Will be interested to hear your take on it.
  15. Game 2: Forager Cute little game this is, I had heard good things about this but wasn't sure exactly what to expect. At its basic its a crafting game, you start off on a small island with nothing but a little pick axe. you gather materials to build buildings and craft new tools and materials which gradually allows you to expand and the game builds from there gradually expanding the range of materials and hence possibility. As you get further it does introduce a few puzzles and even some dungeons to explore but they are pretty basic the core gameplay remains about resource gathering and crafting. There is very little in the way of tutorial other than guiding you through the first couple of builds you are left to yourself to do what you want when you want. In fact it goes further than that as you even all through the game when you get a new building you don't generally know what it will do (and even sometimes after it is built its still not obvious). To start with its actually pretty hard work to make progress, but as you get further through you are able to automate a lot of things and then there come a tipping point after which it almost becomes an idle game in terms of resource gathering. But how quickly you get to this point will depend on the choices you make early on, with that in mind its actually worth experimenting a bit as my first playthrough was not going well, but by restarting and making different choices early on the game became a very different experience. I'm guessing this will be about 20 hours in total to complete, assuming not too much grinding is necessary at the end, which will probably be just about the right length before i start to get bored with it, but for now it is one of the better games i've played recently. Time played: 12 hours Rating: Trophies 6/20 Completion 60.26% (+0.09%) Next Up: Kingdom : New Lands