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  1. Fantastic tip! Thank you!
  2. Frogger Returns has three golds and one silver. The Walking Dead Season 2 might have only one gold trophy, but it has a ton of silvers and you get 1,035 points for completing it without a Platinum.
  3. It's been a while since the last post, so here's one from Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online There's not a whole lot that's special about this picture, except for maybe that it's posed like a picture that I might have taken of a real person.
  4. I own this beauty, which is why I can't find it in my heart to upgrade to a PS4 Pro:
  5. This person gets it. Left to their own devices, XSEED wouldn’t have censored this game. People who are mad at XSEED over this fiasco are unaware of just how much power platform holders have over policing the content on their systems. Those of us who have been gaming for a while saw much harsher and consistent censorship in the NES/SNES days, and we turned out fine - you youngsters will be fine too. As for me, I’m going to keep supporting publishers that continue to bring niche games to the West. Yes, censorship is annoying, but the fact that some of these games even make it here at all is a minor miracle.
  6. Every time Sony releases an update that doesn't actually brick the Vita, there's a part of me that's surprised, considering how little Sony thinks of the system. ...I'd be even more surprised though, if they actually added something useful with an update like a functional PSN Store interface - or just about anything else that would improve user experience on the system.
  7. Cosmic Star Heroine has a pretty fantastic list. The trophies encourage you to explore and take in the entirety of the game without being too easy or too difficult. Additionally, all of the Persona games currently available on the Vita have really solid, well-integrated trophy lists as well. Agreed. The grindfest for the 'Online' trophies was atrocious. Stay away.
  8. Great job, everyone! Keep them coming! Here's another one of mine: Game: Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Say what you will about the Dead or Alive games as a series, but it's hard to deny that they're stunning. There's also this one from Fallout 4:
  9. I have a feeling that this game hasn't been officially announced yet, as it isn't listed on the publisher's website.
  10. Or this, haha: Anyway, in all seriousness, here's another one of my favorites: Game: Child of Light Child of Light is a game with some gorgeous vistas and animation, and I loved the fact that this picture captures that. I would absolutely hang a print of this in my house. Looking forward to seeing your pictures! Imgur works just fine for me.
  11. One of my favorite Playstation 4 features is the system's ability to capture a screenshot right at the very moment a player earns a trophy. Often times, these pictures aren't great, but every now and then, you stumble across (or stage) a gem. I haven't seen a topic where members share these pictures, so I thought I'd create one, as some of these pictures shouldn't be missed. Please be aware that this topic may contain spoilers or content that should probably not be viewed in a professional setting. I'll start with one of my favorites: Game: I Am Setsuna
  12. Personally, I find that the faster the notes move, the easier the song is for me to read. The Challenge modifier that makes the notes super fast (The Macho Way, or something like that) was a big help in clearing songs on Hard.
  13. I just Platinumed: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Persona 4: Dancing All Night (again) Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight I have all the Persona Platinums again...for now.
  14. The labyrinth could possibly be pretty brutal on Hard mode. We'll have to wait and see.