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  1. Good to see you guys making so much progress! I haven't broken 300,000 yet, but that's largely because between server disconnects, work, and spending time with the Mrs., my weeknights can't really handle the amount of time this trophy requires. On the bright side, my win percentage has crept up to 47%, which is a 13% increase from where I started. I'm still a Dark Blue square though, because I mostly fight Greens.
  2. They also gave the Platinum trophy a new, grammatically incorrect name, but yeah, it's basically the same list minus these minor changes.
  3. Reading up on the PSNTrophies forums, it seems that people have been able to boost with sporadic success when they're higher up in rank (Super Saiyan 2 and beyond). It's still not reliable, but I suppose it's comforting for most of us who are still at <300,000 BP (and rising sloooooooowly) at the moment.
  4. Pass.
  5. It’s time to bring Aabs Animals back with a Platinum! For, um, charity obviously.
  6. I honestly think a BP penalty is the best way to go for habitual quitters. Tonight was not such a great night for me - I won two, lost two, and was about to beat a guy to close out our set when the server went down for maintenance. If it's not one thing with these servers, it's another. ⚡ In addition to disconnects, I get booted from the servers quite often during the evening - this is frustrating, because my work schedule doesn't see me getting home before 19:00, meaning I don't make much progress outside Saturdays and Sundays.
  7. I remember playing this game on the PS3, and it was a fun, fast, and easy Platinum. I don't think I'll double dip (unless I get it for a huge discount), but I do have to say that I'm digging the game's new cover tile.
  8. Thanks for the review! This game seems conceptually interesting, but I don't know if I would pay full price for it. Maybe I'll check it out when it inevitably goes on sale.
  9. This makes a lot of sense, and probably explains why I've been progressing much more slowly than other people - I never win more than one or two sets in a row at a time.
  10. I believe that the game weighs intentional and forced disconnects differently. I've been booted quite a few times in the last two weeks, but my player name is still displayed in Green, indicating a high match completion rate.
  11. It's natural to hit skill walls at various intervals. If explicitly remember hitting a skill wall at 180,000 as well, but once I got past that the next 100,000 or so BP went by much more quickly. The most important thing about the grind to 530,000 is to do what you're planning on doing - taking breaks. I've gotten into patterns where I've lost ten in a row, and end up so frustrated I start making mistakes I would never have made when thinking clearly. Unsurprisingly, I do better the next day, when I'm playing with a clearer mind. Also, for what it's worth, someone on GameFAQs mentioned being matched with someone who was at 550,000 BP via ~400 wins from ~900 matches, so chances are that you'll get there eventually if you're willing to put in time. It takes a sizable amount of skill to get the trophy with ~200 wins or so but I'd like to think that persistence and patience will get you there eventually. PS - Keep fighting that tendency to rage quit! Losing hurts, but it may be difficult to find fights once your name starts displaying in Purple. I know I tend to avoid people who have Purple names like the plague.
  12. OH GOD WHY I wanted to be done with this glitchy piece of garbage, and now they've not only added more trophies, but terrible trophies as well. Speed Daemon and Triumph Through the Dimensional Rift are going to suck if this list is legit.
  13. Yeah, being kicked is infuriating sometimes. I notice it happens to me more at night that anytime else, so I know when to grind Zeni now haha As far as losses, the amount of BP you lose against other players goes like this: Higher Rank < Your Rank < Lower Rank. There are seemingly random exceptions, though. I lost to a Saibaman yesterday, and lost only a very small amount of BP, despite being a Saiyan at the time. It was balanced out by the fact that I only gained a miniscule amount of BP when I beat them in the next two games of the set, of though.
  14. Well, you're off to a solid start! Keep it up!
  15. Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been taking breaks from Ranked to play Story Mode so I can set up Zeni farming later on. I've cleared all three Arcs on Normal and the Super Warrior Arc on Hard. The computer starts to really stack the cards against you in hard haha