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  1. Todd Howard is dangerously out of touch with reality, it seems. Outside of a small group of hardcore fans, people really don't like this game.
  2. That's certainly a large part of it, but I believe that there's also a fair bit of shouting about sex and nudity from corners of the UK as well. I can't speak for Mexico and Canada though. It's a shame though, because it robs viewers/gamers of a lot of fun moments that are not necessarily sexual, like this objectively hilarious moment from the Pokemon anime here:
  3. Yeah, Nintendo's approach this generation can be summed up with "If the ESRB/CERO/PEGI states that this is not straight-up pornography and/or torture porn we're cool with it". I think this decision might have come directly from within Spike-Chunsoft itself.
  4. I'm a little torn on this myself. I personally do not have a problem with censorship of sexualized nudity that portrays children/teenagers or characters that look like children/teenagers. Sala, on the other hand does not look underage (not that this means much in anime/games) so I think the censorship in this case is kind of silly.
  5. According to the official website, the following changes have been made to the game's Western console releases: It seems silly to censor such a seemingly minor thing in an M-rated game, but whatever - I'll probably still play the PS4 version because a game with such ridiculous and amazing name belongs on my trophy list.
  6. That's because the original post is 2+ years old, friendo.
  7. @The Blakk Vulture How enjoyable did you find this game? The story and the setting seem really promising to me, but I'd like to hear from someone who has already completed this game before I commit to a purchase. Thanks!
  8. This is some lazy fucking trophy art.
  9. Perfectionist - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  10. I love the redesigned Ribbon of Rarity! It's a keeper!
  11. Nope. The chances of this happening are so meager that they're probably not worth considering.
  12. It took ages, but I finally managed to 100% Ni no Kuni II. I'm excited about never having to play this game ever again!

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    2. ChristIllusion12


      Well done, I still got the first one to do on PS3 :(

    3. DamagingRob


      This game might never get out of the backlog. :lol: Congrats!

    4. darkamdusias


      @Orphioon Between the last two DLCs, I took about thirty hours or so. The content itself isn't naturally tough, but it's incredibly grindy (reaching the new Level cap of 150 and repeatedly running the Lost Labyrinth for gear takes time). Additionally, the Lost Labyrinth is 100 floors (thankfully, and option exists for you to skip the first 20 floors) and the Solosseum Slog is 30 stages (made up of approximately 100 fights). You can beat all of it easily if you are willing to grind for levels and gear - there is however, and artificial difficulty component in the Solosseum because several bosses are damage sponges, and all the battles are timed. 


      @Edunstar84 The DLCs aren't fun for most, as they are a combination of long grinds, collectible hunting, and time trials with a little bit of story mixed in here or there. If you are the sort of person that likes to complete games though, the sense of pride you get from 100%ing a game that only ~250 other people have done makes the experience almost worth it. Almost.

  13. Nope, there are no missables. For the record though, you're overpaying if you spend $10 on this DLC.
  14. To be fair, if somebody tolerates this DLC enough to 100% it, they'd have to be incredibly masochistic, and/or intensely determined - that's got to be a skill, right? 😂 To put things into context for everyone else, this DLC is so bad that it's what caused me to give up full-time trophy hunting. What a mess.
  15. I agree - I enjoyed the base game, which I found to be a charming, if somewhat flawed experience. The DLCs released for this game however, almost seemed designed to punish people for buying the game's season pass. I'd recommend that you stay away from the DLC unless you're a completionist - there's not much in the way of fun to be found here (which defeats the entire purpose of playing a video game in the first place).