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  1. Yeah, it's kind of weird that in an expansion full of endgame content, we got a tacked on currency that's of no use to anyone who has a full-fledged kingdom.
  2. Level 5 has indicated that the Season Pass will include some sizable story content, but has not shed very much light in regards to what that content is going to look like just yet.
  3. I don't normally dig translucent consoles, but this one is gorgeous.
  4. The trophy list also seems a lot more forgiving than its predecessor's. Barring a huge spike in difficulty, this should actually be a fun, achievable Platinum for most.
  5. I'd be interested in knowing the difficulties of S-Ranking missions as well.
  6. Yeah, this is going to be grindy as hell.
  7. The difficulty here is really going to depend of how tough Mission mode is. The trophy art is impressively lazy, though.
  8. This list stinks. Guess we'll find out for sure on Turdsday.
  9. Sounds Shapes. Silver trophies for days.
  10. This seems delightful - it’ll be cake if the solutions aren’t randomized, but tricky if they are.
  11. This new look is perfect! Thanks for the fix, Sly!
  12. For what it's worth, XBOne's backward compatibility is awesome compared to what Sony has offered in the last several generations. The last truly backward compatible full-sized Sony console was the original 60GB 'fat' Playstation 3 that launched in 2006 - twelve years ago! I'm not particularly encouraged that Sony will consider backward compatibility for the next generation as they haven't really been making consumer-conscious decisions lately, i.e., refusing to budge on pricing for proprietary Vita memory cards (even as they killed the system!), resisting the integration of cross-platform play, not allowing users to change usernames, and not including 4K Blu-ray playback on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft might not be perfect, but they've gotten quite a few things right in terms of the consumer experience this generation - Sony needs to up their game, or they're going to risk losing consumers to Microsoft and/or Nintendo over the next few years.
  13. Flower. All of these years later, this game is still one of my favorites. Neon Chrome, Never Alone, and Child of Light are also pretty great.
  14. Sadly, I don't think it matters, because I think this PP died from nosebleeds.
  15. Yo! Belated congrats on the Dragon Ball FighterZ plat!

    1. Aexuz


      Thanks! I'm glad that grind is finally over :>