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  1. Well, that's comically fast. At least the trophy art is lovely.
  2. Sign me up for Golden is Unbreakable, please! I've Platinumed every game except Royal (working on it) and Strikers, and have done all the Ultimax DLC. Thanks @MissShake!
  3. This is going to be a tough list for most because: 1. The Expert Challenges will probably be quite difficult. 2. Veteran Fighter will almost certainly require 65 consecutive wins in Endless mode. 3. Getting 30 Ranked wins without boosting will be extremely difficult because the people hardcore enough to play this game won't be easy to beat. All that said though, KOF2002 is still a great game, and deserves love. I hope Capcom vs. SNK 2 is somewhere on the horizon.
  4. Level 121 is underleveled for this fight. If the enemy's Level is in Red (Zagg is level 123, I believe), they take reduced damage from your attacks. Given that the only criteria for an S-Rank is speed, I'd say you'll need 10-15 more levels to be able to do this fight safely. Adjusting your tactics tweaker to do increased damage to brutes should also help you take Zagg down slightly faster.
  5. I'd agree that you're either underleveled or underequipped. I'd recommend getting as close to Level 150 as possible and getting a ton of rare equipment from the Labyrinth if you're planning on seriously tackling the Solosseum. PS - I agree that this DLC totally sucks.
  6. Yep. Pre-orders open Friday: https://limitedrungames.com/collections/scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-the-game
  7. https://www.dualshockers.com/marvels-spider-man-remastered-ps5-save-transfer-ps4/ This is a relief, trophy wise. Being able to jump right into New Game+ will be great.
  8. This seems, I don't know, potentially delightful? I'll probably give it a shot when it goes on sale.
  9. Yep, I backed this on Kickstarter ages ago. Cool to see it finally coming out.
  10. This looks like a mobile game, and plays like a mobile game, so I'll buy it when it inevitably drops to $5 in the PlayStation store - you know, mobile game prices.
  11. I had the exact opposite experience as you, but it seem like you and I just have very different play styles, which is fine. Looking at your trophy list, it seems like you don't seem to have much interest in games that recreate history or are narratively driven. Your preferences seem to lean towards faster paced games and titles with quick Platinums (which is totally cool) - Ghost of Tsushima is not that. The game isn't meant to be played at a fast pace. It's instead a game that challenges you to simultaneously reflect on the island's pristine beauty and the human/environmental cost of war. Combat isn't something that's necessarily the focal point, in my experience - immersion in the recreated island's natural identity and the lives of its people was what kept driving me forward. The collectibles were fun too, as it taught me about thirteenth century Mongol history and culture, and I enjoyed getting peeks into the thoughts of NPCs through collectibles - some of whom you never meet (the monk's gradual journey through "Conversations with the Khan" is a good example of this). Again, it's totally cool for people to not care about this stuff. For me personally though, I enjoyed petting foxes, taking baths, composing bad haiku, and educating myself a little bit - it made the island seem like a living, breathing place. As for your misgivings about the armor and the sword kits, that's also a matter of taste. I liked seeing all the crazy designs that existed for the sword kits, even if I didn't immediately utilize them. The ability to dye my outfits made sword kits that I previously would never have looked twice at suddenly become more appealing when I changed the color of an armor set. As for the armors themselves, I found that different armors were good for different situations. Did I feel like sniping a bunch of Mongols from a distance? Tadayori's armor. Did I want to annihilate and entire Mongol platoon in a single standofft? Sakai armor. Did I want to hang out in Ghost mode all day? Ghost Armor. Duel time? Gosaku's armor. Was I in the mood to be ridiculous and weird? Fundoshi. Could you realistically make it through the game with 1-2 armors? Absolutely. Making the most out of every armor kit that came my way was one of the best parts of the for me - though admittedly, it would have been nice if the developers had included a way to save setups so that I didn't have to change my armor every single time. Your argument that the game largely boils down to "follow an NPC and defeat all Mongols" is also purposefully reductive. Any game can be made to seem boring if you just reduce it to its basic component parts. If you described Tetris simply as a game where you "moved blocks for 90 levels" or Street Fighter as a game where you "punched some dudes and shot fireballs" or DOOM as a game where you "ran through levels shooting things and picking up keys, rinse and repeat", they'd all sound derivative and boring too, despite being some of the best games of all time. For me, again, Ghost of Tsuhima happens in the moments between Mongol fights. Jin's horror at "dishonorably" killing someone for the first time. The rich man who realizes in the most traumatic way possible that money doesn't solve everything. Taka gradual transformation throughout the game. Hell, even Jin's growing attachment to his horse in the downtime after missions were all wonderful little moments. To reiterate, I think you and I just play very different games. Ghost of Tsushima is my Game of 2020 (barely beating out Final Fantasy VII: Remake, which in a lot of ways, is its complete opposite), and that's cool. I think that some of the backlash to Ghost of Tsushima also comes from a general fatigue with open world games at this point, something that you're certainly not alone in. I however, last played an open world game in 2019 (Marvel's Spider Man), and before that, Final Fantasy XV's main campaign in 2018. I haven't been as burned out on the genre by playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, Far Cry. Assassin's Creed Origins/Odyssey, etc. in relatively quick succession like many others have, which might be one final reason I found Ghost of Tsushima so novel. Also, I'm a history nerd and loved all the cool little touches - can't rule those out.
  12. Space Pioneer, which is the Platinum from alone with you. Everything about this game was a slog, and it's one of the very few games on my list I actively disliked the entire time I played it. I probably would have given up on this altogether if the force of my resentment for this game didn't keep me motivated, haha 😂 Generall Historie of Plantes, from Proteus. This trophy wasn't hard - it was, much like Alone With You, tedious and kind of glitchy. Oh, and hipsterific in the most unironic manner imaginable.
  13. This was my reaction exactly. If anything, it probably won't be the glitchy mess Comrades was when it released. Gods, that was a nightmare.
  14. I can only speak for myself, but yes, absolutely. Final Fantasy XV's DLCs aren't perfect, but they boast two of the best fights in the history of the Final Fantasy series (Ignis vs. Noctis, and the Omega fight). The Gladio vs. Gilgamesh fight is also quite good, and the bits of story that each of the DLCs add to the overall narrative makes them all worth getting if you liked the original game.
  15. Looks like a pretty straightforward list though. Get your nostalgia goggles ready - and also maybe some protective gear because Anakin really, really, doesn't like sand.