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  1. I ended up marrying Serana. In addition to being beautiful, she's also really handy in a fight. She also doesn't sparkle, which is a plus.
  2. This looks like a pretty standard Senran Kagura list, which is to say it will probably be an enjoyable and stress-free Platinum.
  3. Hm. I'll have to check those out. I swore off them for a while because of how glitchy some of them are, but am happy to give them another shot if it means being able to add them to our local multiplayer rotation.
  4. Yeah, I glanced over that list briefly before I made the topic. I took some notes, but figured I'd ask in the forums too to get a list of more recent games to complement it.
  5. Hello, PSNP Community! I have a couple of friends that I play co-op games with semi-regularly; they're casual trophy hunters, and we all enjoy playing games where we can all earn trophies together. The last two games we played were Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Zombie Vikings, and we enjoyed the fact that (with the exception of a few trophies), we could get the Platinum trophy together. Are there any other games like this on Playstation 4?
  6. I'm using the Okami 'Providence' theme that came with the Okami HD pre-order. It's stunning, and the music is perfect.
  7. Guess so.
  8. So, I was glancing at the trophy list for Toro, when I found something interesting. Toro, a game ostensibly about bullfighting, in addition to being labeled as a 'Sport' and 'Simulator' game, has also been labeled as 'Pinball' and 'Erotic'. This probably isn't an error, and is actually hilarious, but it might need to be updated sooner or later.
  9. That's You, mainly so I don't have to bother with the trophies and just play the game haha
  10. Generally enjoys sampling lots of different games versus putting tons of time into any one game. Probably enjoys buffets.
  11. As a suggestion for an addition badge idea (if it hasn't been suggested already), maybe there should be a badge for completing all of FFXV's DLCs. It has so much extra content that it could create a mini Project Platinum for itself.
  12. I think that might be the case. It would be weird if the shop closed without giving you access to eight random stamps. The stamps in question might also be exclusive to Z-Unions at higher levels.
  13. In some ways, they do because I hear that the colors for Bardock and Broly are really difficult to get without Premium Z coins.
  14. As far as angles go, Roman/Lesnar was entertaining. The two of them were never going to have a good match, and workrate wise, it unfolded like something out of a video game with the two combatants spamming signature moves and finishers for its duration. It was much better than that farce of a Raw Tag Team Championship match. AJ/Nakamura was disappointing though, but I'm glad there are more matches planned between the two down the road. Asuka/Charlotte was my match of the night, though. The two ladies did an amazing job, divisive ending be damned.