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  1. Definitely! I’ve been wanting to switch to xXx_69_uR_Mum_xXx for years now, and I’m chuffed that Sony is finally going to let me do this! (Unless one of you steals this amazing username first. Honor system, people!)
  2. If you're just playing vanilla Dragon Quest XI, this is probably one of the easiest Dragon Quest games in recent memory - I haven't played using any of the Draconian settings yet, but having all of them enabled drastically multiplies difficulty. As far as in game challenges though, the toughest things in the game (Wheel of Harma, Trials, etc.) are markedly easier than DQ VIII's Dragovian Trials (for me) and easier than perfecting Dragon Quest V as well.
  3. I earned Dragon Quest XI's Platinum trophy today. It took be about 115 hours, and about a quarter of those hours were spent doing non-trophy related thing, i.e., doing every side quest, earning horse racing prizes, hunting down hidden character events, collecting extra mini-medals, and generally exploring the world. My journey through the game was magical, and it reminded me all over again of why I fell in love with JRPGs in the first place. The world was vibrant and beautiful, the voice-acting was perfect, and the story, while not particularly revolutionary, kept me invested in the characters and the world around them for the duration of my journey through the game. The developers also did an excellent job with the trophy list, and used it to encourage players to explore the game as much as possible. The horrendous grinds and annoying mini-game trophies present in many modern JRPG trophy-lists were nowhere to be seen - indeed, getting from Level ~70 to Level 99 took me a little over an hour, and the game only required one fairly east first-place finish in the Gallopolis horse races. Additionally, miss-able trophies were nowhere to be seen, so the game did not penalize you for playing through it without a guide, making my first playthrough even more enjoyable. The absence of trophies related to speedrunning and Draconian Quest modifiers also kept the game stress-free, which was great. I play games the Dragon Quest games to explore and relax, and can pick up Dragon Ball FighterZ or Persona 4: Arena again if I really feel like challenging myself. As a side note, I also loved the fact that super-rare materials to craft outfits and weapons rarely required players to rely on probability alone - most could be purchased or easily stolen in the post-game, making the normally annoying task of material-gathering a relative breeze. All in all, I find myself sad that I seem to have run out of Dragon Quest XI for now - I know that 115 hours sounds like a lot, but really this game was so wonderfully crafted that I still found myself saying "Wait...that it? There's nothing left to do? Seriously?". If you're a JRPG fan who doesn't own this game already, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy as soon as you can. You won't regret it.
  4. You were actually initially correct. The Comrades expansion is ~$20 USD without the Season Pass - my mistake!
  5. The free trophy updates were: - July 2017 update - Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades - Comrades March 2018 Update
  6. Man, the poor Vita has probably died the longest, most painful death of any system I've ever seen. It's been a constant tug of war between Sony trying to pull the plug and its fans trying to keep it alive. I've been a Vita user since 2012, but I just purchased a Switch because I know that the Vita isn't going to be supported in a meaningful way for much longer. (Well, that a Pokemon Let's Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild and...)
  7. I was hoping this game would come out on a PlayStation system! It'll be a Day 1 purchase for me!
  8. No. There are lots of trophies for getting characters to Level 99, collecting armor sets, getting Puff-Puffs, etc.
  10. Haha, I think that would probably make people cry, because it's be 60+ hours for one trophy.
  11. Sony decided that the Vita wasn't fading quickly enough, so they decided to give it some help.
  12. This GIF is amazing.
  13. So according to this video, the game appears to be some sort of visual novel style game with an overt focus on...panties? Most of the trophies look like they're pretty simple visual novel style trophies, but some of the "Trick" sections in the Episodes could be, well, tricky. Does anyone else have thoughts on this list?
  14. Yeah, it's kind of weird that in an expansion full of endgame content, we got a tacked on currency that's of no use to anyone who has a full-fledged kingdom.
  15. Level 5 has indicated that the Season Pass will include some sizable story content, but has not shed very much light in regards to what that content is going to look like just yet.