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  1. Haha, I meant this year in general, but yes, fair point. Both Gold and PS+ have underwhelming offerings for August.
  2. It still has good games. The low-quality titles being released at the end of its lifespan doesn't diminish the amazing run it had as a handheld.
  3. I legitimately thought this the amount of stutter I was seeing was a video issue until the content creator mentioned that it was just the game. Wow.
  4. Wow. I'm legitimately impressed with how underwhelming these choices are. Microsoft is killing you here, Sony.
  5. Pretty simple for me - I grew up playing couch co-op games, and they have a special place in my heart. The two trophies in my cabinet are the two Platinum trophies I've earned via couch co-op gaming with friends. 😄
  6. Here's a playthrough for anyone interested - it looks quirky as hell, and I'm here for it.
  7. No, thanks. Hard pass. Live service games can be good, but they're often awful.
  8. 100% Completing games is part of the fun for me. We'll see how that goes when I pick up Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade, though. The Weiss fight looks insane.
  9. Update - I ranked up from Sennin to Kagura last night after Platinuming Burst Re:Newal. Wonderful game. 😁
  10. I loved Cosmic Star Heroine, so I'll be pretty excited to pick this up! Now if only I could find a PS5...
  11. Solid write-up! Thanks!
  12. I assume this will be an upload via the game itself and not Playstation Plus?
  13. Exactly. I find the complaints about Kingdom Hearts III's trophy list to be especially unjustified, considering that the developers added a separate trophy list via DLC specifically for players looking to challenge themselves with the game.
  14. The trophies look pretty straightforward and story related. Looking forward to playing this, because it looks chill as hell.
  15. Sadly unsurprising, as Sony seems to hate the Vita as much as many of us seem to love it. The system would have done so much better if Sony had actually bothered to give it a chance.