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  1. Gatekeeping is shitty behavior, regardless of whether you find it funny or not. Online communities should be welcoming places, especially for niche hobbies like trophy hunting. There's plenty of stress and judgement out there in the real world, so there's no need for that nonsense here. Also, if the integrity of a statement is so fragile that a single comment from an internet rando can "ruin" it, then maybe it's not something worth defending in the first place. 🤔
  2. Maybe you can just enjoy a thoughtfully written, well-crafted game without casting aspersions on how other people collect trophies? That, or you can silently snicker to yourself when Sony inevitably adds New Game+/difficulty-specific trophies like they have for several of their other games (Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us, etc.) and pisses people off anyway? Either way, grow up.
  3. I'll be extremely interested in seeing what this headset can do that other VR headsets can't - at USD $550, it's already going to be a pretty expensive device, especially when considering what I already spent on acquiring a PlayStation 5 in the first place. Sony had better get ready to astound people with this the PSVR2, or it risks becoming an even more niche device than the PSVR1 - especially with the absence of backwards compatibility with PSVR1 titles.
  4. I wish they had save-transfer in this game even if they decided not to implement auto-pop. It would have been fun to re-experience the game again with all my powered up personas while re-earning all the trophies. As it stands, this is such a minor upgrade over the PS4 version that I probably won't buy it unless I see it at a DEEP discount. I love this game, and I've already put 100+ hours into it twice. Without much in the way of new features, it's going to be a while before I play it a third time, especially with Final Fantasy XVI on the horizon.
  5. I looked up some gameplay, and it looks...kind of bland? Maybe it's just not my kind of game, but the gameplay doesn't exactly do a whole lot to get me interested either. Nothing about this screams Dragon Ball to me once you get past the surface-level aesthetics.
  6. That feeling when a series of "Missing Timestamps" trophies completely screws with your milestones. 

    I love my Vita, but I'm sad about this happened. 

    1. Astray404


      But at least those trophies are still legit, and most of your plat trophies won't be screwed if you notice it before getting the plat with "missing timestamps"

    2. Karnacharya


      Ah, that's good to know. Yeah, the issue seemed to resolve itself midway through my journey through the trophy list, but the fact that half my trophies are timestamped and half are not timestamped is really weird. 

  7. Sometimes characters don't appear until you've completed certain story missions. Harlan didn't appear for me until very late in the game, shortly before the MenShen portion of the questline started. If you've already beaten the game and don't see him though, yeah that's unfortunately a glitch. 😩 Also, as an update on my own trophy progress, I started a single player game, and basically re-did the whole thing. All the remaining trophies unlocked when they were supposed to, but I did have a potential issue with Flatliner when the entry for 438 Hung did not unlock after "The Board" mission. I deleted my save data from my system and downloaded a new copy of my data from PS+, and the entry seemed to have magically appeared in my file. All that said though, I would recommend turning off the auto-upload of save data for this game, even if you're playing single player - trophies, quests, and codex entries glitch often even with this new patch, and many glitches (or any DLC trophy glitches, really) are going to mean restarting the game from scratch.
  8. 04:00 - 178 05:00 - 85 06:00 - 50 07:00 - 109 08:00 - 97 09:00 - 83 More than I'd like honestly, because insomnia lol/sob.
  9. UPDATE: For both our benefits also didn't unlock for me tonight, but unlocked for the host. Outside of the graphics and music, this game is a legit disaster. I'm sorry I ever played it.
  10. Trophies are still bugged as of September 16, 2022. Both Win and Flatliner failed to unlock yesterday in an online co-op campaign with my friend (I am not the host - he unlocked the trophies with no issues). At the rate we're going, I'm not optimistic about For both our benefits either, which is going to be extremely annoying. I've already resigned myself to a completely fresh playthrough once we unlock all his trophies. On a side note, Bring a knife to a gunfight and First Melee Kill also did not unlock for me, despite the fact that I have several melee kills. This may be due to the fact that I have not purchased the DLC, but I can't be sure.
  11. I am crazy hype for this. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get this on PS4 or Switch just yet though - the PlayStation ecosystem has trophies, but the Switch wins in portability now that Vita isn't an option (RIP). I'd get both if DLC purchases carried over between systems, but since that probably won't be the case I have a tough choice ahead of me.
  12. People have already listed some of my suggestions, so I'll just add these: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection Zombie Vikings Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 1 & 2 Chicory: A Colorful Tale Haven Moving Out Overcooked: All You Can Eat Edition KeyWe LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga River City Girls Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Wizard of Legend Beyond: Two Souls
  13. Not really. I liked liked my PlayStation 3 while I used it, and there were several things it did well. The PlayStation 3 era also had a ton of cool, quirky games, i.e., Rain, Super Rub 'a' Dub, Tokyo Jungle, The Unfinished Swan, Flower, Journey, echochrome, Noby Noby Boy, etc. that really gave it an identity all its own. That said though, it also followed the PlayStation 2, which is one of my favorite consoles ever, and the PlayStation 3, in my opinion, never lived up to the heights reached by its predecessor. Additionally, the system was also kind of a pain to develop for, so it definitely rubbed a lot of developers the wrong way. All in all however, I found it to be the most "meh" of Sony's console releases. The PS1, PS2, PS4, PS5, PSP, and PSVita, all had things that really stood out to me, but the PS3 really just kind of occupied a spot in time. It was never a bad system, but it was never truly great in my experience.
  14. So, if I understand you correctly, developers should be paid zero dollars if they want to add new content to the game? Pray tell, where do you think that the funding for expansions should come from? Who will pay the composers, the level designers, the testers, the marketing team, and the licensing fee charged by Sony and other platform holders for publishing updates to their game? Think before you type, fam.