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  1. It definitely seems like my kind of game. I just keep getting distracted by other games over the years. Actually my whole list are games I think I will love but I just keep getting distracted from them.
  2. Sign me up this will be my first event ever on this site. I’m hoping it will help me get over my gaming slump. I have plenary of games to play but I’m struggling to get myself to play them. This is my tentative plan I made for myself. It may change with the mass effect rereleases coming out and also when the new ratchet and clank comes out. But for now this is my plan. 0 - Ghost of Tsushima 1 -Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 - Okami HD 3 - Pillars of Eternity 4 - Fallout: New Vegas 5 - Immortals Fenyx Rising 6 - Darksiders Warmastered Edition 7 - Spyro 2 8 - Spyro 3 9 - Hollow Knight
  3. I would love to be added. I need more psn friends
  4. Every once in a while I'm getting a freezing glitch and my character will just stop moving.