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  1. Be wary of bleeding but hole.
  2. I am a DEX build player since Demon Souls. I love the Uchigatana in Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 but for me in Dark Souls 2 I love the Blacksteel Katana. With 40+ Dex and Blacksteel Katana +10? Oh damn... That shit hurts. I use different elements too. I am multiple +10 Blacksteel Katanas. I love the poison especially dealing with invaders.
  3. No Pyromancer? Hmmm... Is there any pyromancy like stuff? I love playing with flames. I played Demon Souls and Dark Souls but I always stick with the dex build (Uchigatana build?) The katana-like sword. Mind recommending me dex/pyro like type build? I am planning to start with Deprived class!
  4. I have a question if you manage to finish the survivor+ mode will you get the trophies easy up to survivor and easy+ to survivor+?
  5. You finished Survivor already?
  6. I would also suggest Royalty class, I used it because of the SOUL ARROW spell. Well you would basically use your SOUL ARROW most of the time. The Silver Coronet has bonus MP too.
  7. 5 knives out of 10 knives.
  8. Also what does the new game + do? I am not yet done with the game. Is it like if you play new game+ your weapons are already upgraded?
  9. If you lose a match those the number of your recruits or people of whatever you call them decreases?
  10. Yes I stopped playing Tekken Revolution. I thought F2P can make me see some more challenges for people will more likely to play because it is free to play. But yeah... Sad..
  11. I don't have issues with spammers. I can counterattack them easily. But I am just tired of seeing spammers. I wanted like challenge. Well it's life. It is F2P.
  12. I don't mind you spamming when you are new to fighting games. I understand. We have different playstyles when we play games. I am just tired of seeing spammers and it makes me kinda bored. I wanted challenge though.
  13. Well. I get your point. It's the gamer who has their own ways of playing games.
  14. Probably they are spamming to death until they rank up. I am just reminding those trophy hunters there that just to get trophies and to rank up that they must like be truly be that fulfilling? What's the term? I can't explain LOL too deep. I just want challenge on tekken that is all.
  15. Nah. I am alright with spammers. I just wanted challenge like more of air combo-ish type of online peeps. I get tired of spammers spammers spammers.