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  1. It did not work for me. That is why i did it the normal way.
  2. took me 1:14 the Normal way. It is really easy and You have plenty of room for mistakes.
  3. Trophy popped normaly for me.
  4. Servers are just Trash. It is the same with every blizzard Game launch. They will never learn...
  5. I Killed the Catfish and got the trophy. Killing the fish definitly does not lock you Out!
  6. I must say that i am willing to pay 100 bucks for a really well made and polished Game which offers fun for the whole playthrough and good visualls and Sound over 50 bucks for a buggy 08/15 Game with Tons of Patches and gamebreaking bugs.
  7. I am playing this Game right now cause i got the ps5 version on Amazon uk for 15 €. Even that Money is too much for that crap Game. It is really really Bad even If you Love the 90 Jump & Runs.
  8. Same for me. Trophy popped at the end of a Mission.
  9. I will get this Game because it is in Discount until tomorrow. At this price even If it s....s it doesnt Hurt. Trophys Look Strait Forward. We will have to See how hard it Is to get the Ranks....
  10. I have all 6 Primagen Keys and the trophy popped. Nur when i am in the Hub area to Insert the Keys it says key 6 is missing so that i cant enter the Fight against the Primagen. Anyone knows a workaround?
  11. As soon as you get to act 2, you find ether more frequently and you get 5 every day for the daily. I am sitting on 30 ether right now. Colour changed to orange now. Dont know what that means...
  12. Take my Money, i'm in!
  13. Seems i am the only one really Loving the new Design. I Like it!
  14. There are really Bad Bugs. Two Times i did not get a skillpoint when leveling Up.
  15. I also took it with ps now. Great franchise!