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  1. Jeah played the whole day today. finally enjoing this awesome game!
  2. i stop playing until then. it does not work to save the file on usb. cause it destroys save the moment you head back to main menu or close the game and you can only upload afterwards.
  3. I dont know if anyone else has these problems, but for me the game is unplayable right now. Every now and then the save function does not work and you loose progress of hours over hours. Anyone else faced this?
  4. add me as friend with massage to get the online trophys done!
  5. Sleeping Dogs on Ps3! Such a great game!
  6. Did you ever play the game on pc before? ^^ Its definitely a hard platin!
  7. Got the trophy today. Everything fine!
  8. Nope in daily only 1 or max 2 people get the platin cup at the moment. Glad i already have platin because its hell harder now!
  9. Would also be very happy to win the code. Good old Mega Man days! Btw Mega Man 3 was my favorite
  10. I got the contract today with Level 14 and I can confirm that i had over 2000 Points in the category!
  11. The Wolf Among Us. It is a really Easy and fast Platinum!
  12. Where do I get one of the materials for the Pthumeru Ihyll chalice. The Last material you need 1 of. I didnt find it yet in any dungeon.
  13. Which Dungeon do i need to clear to fight the Blood Queen?
  14. We are assaulting the bug homeplanet now. The Timelimit is 48 hours. But I am not sure if that is good because after 7 hours we are very very far behind the time. Not sure if we win this war.
  15. Nope I also did exatly 20 Kills and didnt get the Trophy. Also I got the 15 kill Trophy with 16 Kills.