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  1. Yeah the PS PLUS packs usually come with 4 items for your car and there is usually a new pack whenever the game has a new season. I don’t want to buy the rocket pass since I don’t play the game to much so I only get items from free challenges and PS PLUS packs.
  2. I have been trying to go for the platinum since the beginning of the year and have been claiming all the PS plus item packs whenever I can. So I was wondering if you knew if the PS Plus packs help progress the stocked trophy. Edit: I’m sorry if this was answered somewhere else but I just wanted to know.
  3. Hello DinnieStar, I hope you are doing well. I am sorry for responding late to this topic but I do have a solution for your problem since the same thing happened to me. Now if you have downloaded the update and collected all the ties and the trophy has not popped then you will have to play the dlc levels and collect all the ties there. Don’t worry because the ties only take around 10-15 minutes to collect and there many guides on YouTube and you do not need to finish the levels. I hope this fixed you problem and I hope you have a good day :).
  4. Wow I actually didn’t know that the ps4 version had god mode. I haven’t played the game since 2014 on my pc before I started trophy hunting so I didn’t know about that. Also I was wondering what you might think the difficulty be with god mode. Thanks for the reply and happy trophy hunting.
  5. I’m planning on getting this game sometime this year and I saw that there were more bosses on PS4 than on PS Vita. So I was wondering if that meant that the platinum for Vita might be easier and if that means it might be a 7/10 instead of a 8/10 or possibly even easier.
  6. I was trying to go for Dirt 5 but the stuntmaster trophy was really annoying me. I was with reaching level 50 and driving 1,000 miles, but I spent so many hours trying to get 30,000 score on the events and I couldn’t seem to do it. So if you have in tips for me let me know.
  7. Thank you so much for all the suggestions. Need for Speed is a good pick for me because I’m not that good at racing games and the trophy guide says it’s a 2/10 difficulty so I can probably do that. I’m definitely not going to be doing the dlc because according to the guide it’s a 9/10 difficulty. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Concrete Genie are both games that I have started , but I haven’t finished yet. From the 30 minutes I have played from Concrete Genie and the 2 hours I have played from Jedi Fallen Order I have enjoyed my time with both of those games and they seem like very reasonable platinums. Eventually I will return to the Sleeping Dogs DLC , but for right now I’m going to try and focus on the platinums I’m trying to get. Prototype 2 and Infamous: Second Son are both games that look very fun and have very easy trophy lists. I know that Infamous is on the PS Plus Extra tier so I will wait for my Essential tier to expire and then I will upgrade to the Extra tier. Prototype 2 looks really cool so I will wait for it to go on sale so I can purchase it. Thank you so much for the amazing suggestions and I hope you have a great rest of your day/night.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion . I really enjoyed the story, the world, the combat and everything else about this game. I do remember spending around 1 hour and 30 minutes on a single Valkyrie ( I forgot the exact one) but I never got to the point where I was about to punch a hole in my wall. The ravens might be a little tedious , but overall the game looks like it’s possible for me to platinum. Again thank you so much for the suggestion and I hope you have a wonderful day/ night .
  9. I’m currently working on LEGO Batman 3 on the Vita and I’m going to start Far Cry 6 in a few days but I don’t know what should be next platinum trophy. So I was wondering if some of you could look through my account and recommend me some good platinums. I wanted to mention my skill level is about a 4/10 so no grindy or super hard games. I also wanted to mention was that a few of the games on my trophy list like Sonic Forces, Brink, Cars 2 , I Am Bread , Marvel’s Avengers, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD, Red Dead Redemption, and Sonic Adventure 2, Mortal Kombat 9, Broken Age, DOOM 2016 , Need For Speed and Garden Warfare 2 are all games I played during my PS Now free trials and EA Play 1 Month Membership so I don’t own them and can’t play them anymore. So thank you to anyone who will help me pick my next platinum. Note: You can recommend new games as well