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  1. I can also confirm the glitch. Both my 10 & 25 Win trophies double popped after picking up the game again since it was free on Playstation Plus. I can't say trophies have ever glitched on me in a good way but I'll take this!
  2. Dang Nai, you have a lot of great titles in that back log. But out of the whole list, I'd say knock out DMC for ps3 if you're feeling it. A played a good chunk on console and pc and loved it. I know some hardcore fans of the series hate on it, but I certainly enjoyed it being new to the series. My buddy got the plat and did the DLC and to this day its still one of his favorite plats. Very rewarding with all those play throughs according to him! Just some thoughts
  3. As a lover of Film Noir, this game look awesome. What are your thoughts on the trophy list? Has anyone played on PC?
  4. I've been waiting for this game for a while now. After my first VR love being Rush of Blood, this game looks so promising. I feel for those who do not own VR though. I love the connection to Until Dawn as well! Like Rush of Blood, I think this will be a must own for all VR users.
  5. VR Games I own: Playstation VR Worlds Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Loading Human CH.1 Batman Arkham VR Resident Evil 7 Job Simulator FarPoint Waddle Home Catlateral Damage Until Dawn, Batman, Job Simulator, and Resident Evil are all awesome. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with the Farpoint experience. I find the game isolating and is just not my cup of tea - but I love watching my friends play it!! Loading Human is worth passing on for sure. The arm/hand embodiment is quite clunky and acts as a presence breaker. I'm hoping to pick up a Pro soon. Anyone use VR with their pro? Thoughts?
  6. Thanks a lot, Calhoun for the specific info! I went back on a new save and retried the parts and the trophy popped for me. 👍
  7. So, I've played the game through, and apparently haven't combined an item. Perhaps the trophy didn't pop for me, or perhaps I am missing something? When have you guys earned this trophy and what specifically have you combined to earn this?
  8. Batman Arkham Asylum! Great way to start off my ps3 career!
  9. If you're into Star Wars, Battlefront is a must. Also DOOM is fantastic Batman Arkham Knight is an incredibly fun game and has so much DLC Lastly I recommend The Wolf Among Us, and Tales From the Borderlands - which IMO are the best Telltale games
  10. Whether it's completing 200 trials in XIII or 100 in XIV, it's basically impossible at my skill level. Regardless seeing the list gets me so excited for a new KOF!! My favorite fighting series!
  11. I can remember when I first got my PS3 as a Christmas present years ago and it came with Civ 4 and Batman Arkham Asylum. I played Batman for a few minutes to receive a Ping, and a trophy. Immediately intrigued, I went to the XMB menu to look through the trophy list, and immediately I was hooked. Eventually after many psn accounts over the years, I settled on this one and officially began hunting.
  12. I've been meaning to pick this up!
  13. I love the PS3. I hope it sticks around for a long time, along with the vita. As of yet, I haven't played a lot of killer titles like I did on the PS3. VR may or may not have an impact on the PS3 and Vita, however I'm hoping that impact won't be large enough to kill either system. Regardless, I think I'll be a playstation guy for life.
  14. This definitely looks like one of UFC's easier lists. However there looks like there will be a handful of very tough trophies. Regardless, definitely something I'll be considering!
  15. I'm not an expert when it comes to fighting games by any means, but if you're looking for a 'beginner' fighting game for vita, I'd recommend Street Fighter X Tekken. I have yet to play it, but to my understanding it's a good fighting game to start out with. Also, if you're concerned with trophies, Mortal Kombat X has an easy trophy list relative to other fighting games. I recently got the game and it's loads of fun. But I still am having difficulty getting my timing and spacing down. All in all, building up skill in fighting games seems to take lots, and lots of time and practice. So I suggest buying one game, and focusing on building skill in that one game! Good luck!