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  1. Checkout this shows some improvements to resolution & framerate on the base fat PS4
  2. Yes indeed! check out this video...runs terribly on the base PS4 !!!
  3. i am almost done with the platinum but i have yet to get this trophy... which car is it that will give me this trophy? do i simply have to do the tasks or purchase something in them?
  4. Game is total trash, didn't expect a marvel game to be THIS bad.
  5. aim...skip drive... everything....
  6. you probably changed the difficulty,,,i just got that trophy without any issues at all
  7. its because of the controls...not the AI
  8. i was 1st most of the time when i did it...what are you talking about ?
  9. Took me 3 hours of trying. The thing is it isn't hard or challenging but just plain frustrating, annoying and pointless. Totally ruined the experience of the platinum. My tips - 1) Tap 'X' after slowing down on sharp edges 2) If you get 1st dont stress on rushing the race, get a little slower focus on finishing the race 3) Block the AI when you get on the last straight section of race! CHEERS!
  10. doesnt matter if you play with others or solo...any hive counts....i got the plat last night and it unlocked exactly at 50
  11. I got some tips for people going for this Platinum on this POS game. I just got the platinum and i am so relieved. 1. Don't upgrade your gears which has only 5 boost levels to upgrade, when you get 130 rank gear 2. Dont spend any upgrade modules until you get level 130 gears. 3. Change gear to higher ones after every 2-3 missions. 4. Dismantle every low and old gear. I'll add more if i recollect anymore by editing this. Cheers! 😁
  12. yes! this trophy list is pure cancer...whoever was incharge of trophies should be thrown out of crystal dynamics -__________-
  13. yeah...that sounds true too...
  14. so the trophy for reaching total 250 hero levels...unlocked at 222 only! CHEERS!