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  1. Was it digitial version? Edit- YES! works on fully patched game... thank fuck....the game is ridiculously annoying nonetheless....this exploit made it much better
  2. does that mean even trophies are disabled ?
  3. Deadly obsession is a joke on NG+...yes there are some annoying sections, but it felt like a breeze. make sure you buy large ammo pouches, full ability plants like focus,perception,etc. also full upgrade the 4 weapons you will be using on DO. also purchase the best skills such as the one which disables the slipping mechanism of the game during platforming.and then start NG+ use focus and perception all the time during combat. also make sure you are fully loaded before the last boss as he can be annoying af.
  4. i used the cheats on ps3 version to breeze through this game....i wanted to know if the ps vita version has those cheats intact?
  5. I used the cheats to breeze through this game....though i wonder if the same cheats work on ps vita as well? because the vita lack R2 and L2
  6. if anyone is having problems with getting loose ends 4, make sure you complete EVERY other side ops missions. also clear the outpost where the mission takes place which is at bottom right corner of the dam map. also the mission only appears if you access the journal using the laptop. Hope this helps! Cheers!
  7. i am starting this on PS5 right now
  8. so the said gig has glitched for me like so many others....i dont get any final calls from rogue to close the gig. i am playing on PS5 if that makes any difference :/
  9. happened with me too....load an earlier save....thats the only solution....luckily i had a manual save before saving takemura....
  10. i got the watson trophy today....luckily nothing as such happened.... try restarting the game completely
  11. i see....but i have already platinumed it on ps4 on launch in i am gonna breeze this time
  12. does immortality and 1 hit kills in accessibility settings disable trophies ?
  13. I completed the entire game using touchscreen. make sure you put tanks controls to ON before you even move manny a tiny bit after the game's 1st cutscene. using touchscreen DOES NOT void the trophy. just got the platinum 😘
  14. thanks man! that was a quick reply
  15. i found this in my ps3 library just now....i was wondering if it has any online or unattainable trophy or not