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  1. I have made a video guide for easiest gold medals which i used to get to 70. Do check it out on Youtube. and also subscribe if it helped you!
  2. thanks man...yeah...keep doing em...
  3. Okay guys...i got to rank 40...and collector's role is helping alot. I've made a video guide... do check it out
  4. Awesome Year. First of 2020 gonna be Red Dead Redemption 2! 3432 => 4067 1091 => 1277 415 => 513 112 =>134 Best Game - Spider-man & God of War Worst Game - Control
  5. i absolutely love this game. i just hate ranking up.
  6. I started red dead online yesterday...and i've got majority of the trophies but now i just need to rank up. the grind seems very boring. many people told that collectors is good way to rank up quick. even many videos. thing is i need 15 gold to buy the collector bag. i am still on hardly 9. its so frustrating to increase the gold. does anyone have a quick method to rank up and gain gold ? please help
  7. i too started the online today....majority of the trophies are very easy. i need help with countering a free roam mission...can you help? add me on PSN - bboysunny93 and mention that you found me on PSNforums
  8. WORKING!!! As of 28th DEC 2019... I had problem spawning 'archaeology for beginners'... Got it instantly using this method... but remember that you have to 'Replay' It, wont work on this mission on 1st time. its working
  9. yeah i got it...after the counter set to 300...i didnt reset at all
  10. 0/10 This game is a masterpiece and goes undoubtedly one of my most favorite games of all time. The story is outstanding The characters have such depth. The graphics are at its peak. The world actually feels alive. People who are calling this game overrated and shit are probably retarded in the head. Sorry.
  11. item requests are NOT needed for 100% completion
  12. i have got the 150 miles trophy already. waiting for last 300 miles
  13. so i got to around 190+ miles for my last trophy i.e. 300 miles with any bike. i kept the R2 holding on a custom race made specially this trophy and all of a sudden the counter for the miles in stats got stuck. now the one in single player stats is still increasing but the one in personal stats is stuck on 190.5 something. any body else facing issues?
  14. yeah i got em!
  15. yes. i bought it on my indian PSN and episode 2 and 3 are missing.