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  1. The city itself surely looks the best among 3 games. the character models are weird af though. GTA 3 has best character models IMO
  2. i am gonna start the game soon and i remember this mission being annoying without cheats. how do i do this ? are there any guides?
  3. some youtubers have got it....but i couldnt tell if this feature is present
  4. my country still has 4 hours to release this game. can anyone confirm if we can replay missions after story is done ?
  5. yes. now available for indian PSN too
  6. Worked like a charm...! Make sure your computer and ps3 is connected by exact same method.
  7. Can confirm! You need Russian account to access the free upgrade for region 2.
  8. Same here. Done vita version 6 months ago. Now doing PS3. Its really frustrating in few levels. But was vise versa while doing on Vita.
  9. Works on digital ps5 version. Fully patched. I did it myself just now on 21st September 2021.
  10. The first compass upgrade is NOT needed for the trophy. just got the trophy recently.
  11. oh okay! then i will start the game soon enough
  12. i meant the PS5 version of the game. not PS4 damn that just sucks
  13. so many are reporting that trophies are bugged. should i shelf it for few more months ?
  14. they are TRASH anyway
  15. 2/10....just got done with platinum.