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  1. How did you purchase it?
  2. Borderlands 2 for sure! I have been known to go back to Infamous Second Son on occasion as well
  3. I wish there were ways to just disable trophies on games you didnt want to hunt for. I would play the bioshock series finally.
  4. I didnt know about the infamous one! I think my last trophy was a dead drop or something so he never made any comment when I got it.
  5. Kung fu panda. Took me hours to find a few pieces of scrap. After that game I vowed to never play another "easy" plat game unless I liked the series.
  6. This has been happening to me too. It drives me crazy.
  7. Part of me wants the easy plat.....Another part want to have it on my list but dont play it to lower the 100% average lol
  8. Devil May Cry 5. I know I'll never plat a DMC game but I love the series.
  9. Whatever the green one was.
  10. I say spider-man just because I never wanted to put it down. I struggled to want to play GoW. It was fun but eh
  11. -Nope -This is a Nes classic? You act like Sony is pulling this out of their butt. Ps1 has a lot of great games people would love to play again and will buy this. Calling it a rip off and saying Nintendo won't care is stupid. -I'm guessing they will have a lot of the games that made PS1 such an amazing console. No doubt they will announce some hits. -Free...that's cute -I agree but they know people will spend it so why not. Of course its a cash grab. That's any business. They know people will eat it up. I say good on them Also why is everyone crapping on people wanting g trophies? Seriously get off your high horses. Trophy hunting is as good of a reason as any to want this. Okay I'm done now. As you were.
  12. Crazy Rats Are Flying Towards You EXPLORE
  13. I've done it twice. Once with bastion as they were rushing the escort objective at the end (also got the four kills with the tank trophy too) and once with D.va during a random hero match
  14. Kung fu panda.
  15. I had just watched a Naruto marathon and my brain was shot. Was making a purchase on my PSP and needed an account......didn't realize you couldn't change it later....