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  1. I am working on a trophy on the PS5 version. I'll try it and let you know
  2. Does Pyramid Head's Final Judgement not count? Killed two and didn't even get the first trophy
  3. Pretty sure the "pre order bonuses" are in the box so you should be safe. I may be wrong
  4. Ps5 but with the ps4 disc just incase something happens to the system *knock on wood*
  5. It is SO FUNNY that I am seeing this now because I am at 68 plats and have been trying to decide what to do for 69. Any suggestions?
  6. Aliens: Colonial Marines was a really fun game
  7. I pulled Mona and Xingqiu in one multi. Next two pulls were both sucrose
  8. Devil May Cry 5. I more so don't have the patience lol
  9. Seriously, not hating on Ben 10 as a series but do enough people actually buy these games to warrent them making more? Are they actually good? I feel there are/were so many other cartoon series that would make better games than ANOTHER Ben 10.
  10. These comments are hilarious. Why anyone cares enough to start stomping their feet is beyond me. I think he looks better 😂
  11. How did you purchase it?
  12. Borderlands 2 for sure! I have been known to go back to Infamous Second Son on occasion as well
  13. I wish there were ways to just disable trophies on games you didnt want to hunt for. I would play the bioshock series finally.
  14. I didnt know about the infamous one! I think my last trophy was a dead drop or something so he never made any comment when I got it.
  15. Kung fu panda. Took me hours to find a few pieces of scrap. After that game I vowed to never play another "easy" plat game unless I liked the series.