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  1. For this trophy, me and a couple friends figured out how to achieve this with just two people and find it to be the easiest way possible to get this trophy. What you want to do is get into a Vs. Survival match with just you and a friend or someone you’re boosting this with. Whoever is going for the trophy should be on the human side and the person you're boosting with, on the Zed side. Proceed through the match until you finish the 4th wave before the boss fight. Now at this point, whoever is on the human side should have a decent amount of money for what needs to be done next. During the prep phase, the person on the human side should buy some C4 (2 is the max) and set them together in an open spot. Keep repeating this process until you have a considerable amount of C4 set (about 6 or 7 should do it) Now, when the boss fight begins, the person on the zed side should go to the human player and stand on all the c4. Now, proceed to shoot the Patriarch until he has about 35% health left. Make sure not to damage him past this, because the auto-heal starts up around this point and damaging him further will make him inject himself with the health syringe. Finally, the human character should equip the C4 detonator and mash the hell out of L2. This should be enough to kill him before he heals himself. Simple!
  2. For anyone going for the Monster Who Cried Girl trophy.. To first get the right mannequin that wint attack you, you have to use the face powder on the ground in front of them. Once you get the mannequin, go to the massage parlor and set the mannequin in the middle of the floor. You'll need a red dress, heels, the sun hat, toy jewelry that you can get at the arcade, and green cotton candy for the wig. Took me a long ass time to finally figure out the last thing I was missing was the cotton candy!