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  1. This game is one of the best ever made! Its up there with Balan wonderland
  2. I think it would be a cool feature to have on someones profile. You can see their average trophy / platinum trophy rarity. It would be more of an incentive for some gamers to go for harder platinums to get their average platinum rarity lower on their profile, instead of platinum 10 games in 1 hour every other day. Of course some people could care less about this number, I think it would be pretty cool to have next to completion percentage etc..
  3. correct
  4. You did crypt of the necrodancer, you can do anything
  5. you can do every trophy in custom match aside from party trophies. this includes rematches and toast
  6. So I did this method on both the PS5 and PS4 version of the game. I realized that there is a generous amount of time given in between ringouts to still be able to get a double ringout. As long as you have one other player, you can set up a free for all against 2 very easy bots and your partner. As soon as your partner spawns, have them run to one side of the map with you so you can hit them once. After you hit them, make sure they just jump/fall off the edge to get you the ringout. After they spawn back in, have them immediately go to whatever side you are on so you can do it again. Just rinse and repeat and if you do it fast enough, each time it will count as a double ringout. Just avoid whatever side the bots are on. You will likely have to go back and forth from side to side. You can do this in a 1v1 as well but obviously it will take longer. Edit: This is a nice alternative and faster than the taz method who was also just nerfed today. It took me a 15 minute game and 3 minutes from the second game to do all 100.
  7. dang I was just wrong about everything. I guess I just didnt pay much attention my second playthrough as I was going fast lol
  8. You have to remember as there is nothing in game to tell you what you are missing. And yes, my fastest playthrough was an hour and 16 minutes pausing it does NOT work. It still adds to your time.
  9. I just finished my second stack of the game, but those wanting to do it all in one playthrough can do it! The only thing I would reccomend is not getting the music sheets in chapter 4 or 6 because that takes quite some time to play through all 8 songs. That can be done after you complete the game in chapter select.
  10. Thats odd. I just did the platinum and had no issues trophy wise
  11. are you sure you finished the mission with doc where he shows you how it works first? you dont actually get use of it until after that area. (he will have you clear out a few on a fence when you first get access)