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  1. Hey everyone . For those wanting to do the multiplayer trophies but only have 1 remote. You can use the ps5 remote play option on ps4 and then use a ps4 remote as a second remote and it can also split. I tested thos method and it worked for me even though ps4 remotes cannot play ps5 games, the remote play seemed to work. Hope thos helped
  2. Played the campaign twice without dying or reloading and trophy dod not pop. Started again fromm ssdd and after eaxh mission was completed successfully . i saved and quit as soon as next mission starts and selected the mission from mission select screen each time. Trophy finally popped today after completing gulag. I think the theory of when you say resume mission does count as a restart checkpoint as this is the only thing that i did on my first 2 playthrough and the trophy did not pop. Good luck
  3. I have the same problem been playing for over a month now and no boss battle encounters. Can someone maybe please clarify if there are certain rules or times the bosses appear