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  1. Monthly update for July 2018: 1h Tetra's Escape Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 22 Trophies • 1,230 Points 1h Super Destronaut DX Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 14 Trophies • 1,230 Points 5h Monopoly Family Fun Pack Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 15 Trophies • 315 Points 5h Save the Ninja Clan Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 31 Trophies • 1,230 Points 10h Q*bert: Rebooted Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 9 | 9 Trophies • 315 Points <--- 10h Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 17 Trophies • 315 Points 10h Deep Black Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 7 | 21 Trophies • 1,230 Points 12h Race Arcade Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 23 Trophies • 1,140 Points 15h LEGO Movie: The Videogame Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 2 | 49 Trophies • 1,200 Points 15h Escape Dead Island Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 5 | 61 Trophies • 1,425 Points 20h Psychonauts Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 38 Trophies • 1,215 Points 20h MUSYNC Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 5 | 27 Trophies • 1,170 Points 35h All-Star Fruit Racing Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 5 | 46 Trophies • 1,185 Points 35h Vampyr Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 29 Trophies • 1,230 Points 40h Demon Gaze II Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 45 Trophies • 1,215 Points 45h Starwhal Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 23 Trophies • 1,140 Points 50h Reus Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 5 | 29 Trophies • 1,230 Points 100h Battleborn Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 61 Trophies • 1,380 Points 100h Guitar Hero Live Trophy Guide (PS4PS3) | Difficulty: 7 | 50 Trophies • 1,215 Points 200h Metal Gear Survive Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 52 Trophies • 1,200 Points OP will be updated soon! happy hunting, dernop
  2. huh, that's strange. what exactly did you do differently this time from when we tested this? i'm just curious why we couldn't get it to work the last time 🤔
  3. yep, this issue has been there for a long time now
  4. You have to sacrifice the cleric to prevent the glitches in the second phase! Then you can also make a backup save right there so you just have to fight the second phase of the boss if helping someone with Dedicated And yeah, you can definitely use the load last save option from the menu to get out of it, but you will have to replay some minutes of gameplay and go to the final boss again etc. Nothing too bad tho
  5. afaik it is not possible to do any kind of boosting on one system, so you need two PS4 to be able to "self-boost". i just used my PS4Pro for my main account and my old non-pro PS4, which i kept especially for stuff like this, for the Alt
  6. this not-so-random encounter was in fact the companion(quest) i also missed in my first run, so i didn't even bother doing the other ones after that, because you have to do ALL on a single character i did the 5k kills in DM mode myself, as described on trueachievements. ALT account makes DM game, you enter with a wizard on your main (where you wanna get the trophy on), DM spawns 100 or so spider eggs (yes, they count!) and your wizard just uses this dagger cloud ability on them to kill them all off instantly... repeat. had to reload DM mode some times tho, it got super laggy after some time. i would also recommend to pause the game with touchpad while laying down the eggs, or they may spawn early. not sure if it's across characters or if NPC kills count... i would just assume "yes", but boosting it as described is way faster anyway, so i wouldn't really bother. I backuped/restored ALL save files to be absolutely sure. Btw you can backup your save file after the checkpoint in the final fight (so AFTER the first phase), basically after you decide the fate of one of your NPCs... this way you only have to complete the second half of the final fight while boosting, which makes it WAY faster. we boosted it like that yesterday, so this is confirmed to work but yeah, of course restoring the backup save affects your progress, since it just gets reset to the old state. i would boost Dedicated in one go and not make any other progress inbetween. In my case it was the last trophy i needed, so it didn't really matter anyway.
  7. i recently noticed that those crashes may be the main culprit btw. i was doing some dungeon crawls for several hours and got a crash. just out of curiosity i checked my savegames and noticed that the latest savefile was from over two hours ago! so it seems that DM mode doesn't really have any autosave, which somewhat makes sense, since you are not really making any (ingame) progress there... i'd suggest trying to quit back to main menu every 10 DM runs or so to trigger an autosave and to perhaps even reduce the risk of crashes to begin with. at least i mostly encountered crashes if i was in a game for an extended period of time. going back to the main menu may "reset" whatever is messing up the game and makes it crash.
  8. i got my hard mode trophy last night (after playing on hard from start to finish, without touching the options) and tried to boost it with @JorgeSleep this morning. I restored my backup save from right before the boss and invited him to my game (the very same game/save where i did get the hard trophy). Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work and Jorge didn't get the hard-mode trophy. So at this point i'd say it's confirmed that at least that one isn't boostable. But if the Dedicated trophy is indeed boostable, as Jorge just described it, that would indeed be awesome. I really didn't think it would work this way
  9. @big_bob002 i tried that and unfortunately it didn't work. i switched to hard-mode immediately after beating said boss, before even walking towards the moontear, since you don't even have to "interact" with it. the cutscene will play automatically. tbh i didn't read about this trick anywhere, not even on TA (which is/was quite a bit more active in terms of tip for achievements and even cheesing via multiplayer), so i guess this just doesn't work in most games you have to start a new game on hard and if you ever touch the difficulty slider after that it is invalidated for this run. sure there are some exceptions, but it seems this isn't one of those. but it was definitely worth a try, now we know a little bit more about the game about the other coop stuff: seems you can't get the "hard" trophy in a coop game whatsoever, this was also confirmed on TA. only the "complete game in coop" one. the game even warns you that only your character progress is saved, not any story stuff at all. so while i also cannot confirm or refute the claims about the "Dedicated" trophy i highly doubt it will work, given how the game handles other story/completion related stuff (not getting side-quest trophies as a coop for example, because it's not YOUR story). I already started a "hard" run from scratch with my second character last night. It's not really "hard" hard, but enemies are quite sponge-y so i guess this will take a while. Otherwise i got all MP trophies done at this point and even all characters at level 20 plus the 50 dungeon crawls, which could be done solo, but it's WAY faster to just cheese it via MP... so get that done while you can!
  10. just got my 25 DM trophy about three games after my alt account got the 50 dungeon crawls trophy. I started both together and only played with those two accounts since yesterday so i did at least 50 DM games overall i'd say. Not sure tho Perhaps they copypasta'd the achievement/trophy stuff and accidentally check for 50 games too, like with the dungeon crawls?! oh well, just glad it's over. Btw here is a quick video, as promised, how i did ALL of my DM games, so that definitely works out eventually: I did three full runs, including all loading screens, in this video and it's under 9m long. So it's really not THAT bad andnow i'm gonna grind out some levels
  11. i actually used "Spider Eggs" from the Spider or Beast group for this, since they can be killed super quickly and don't even spawn bodies if they get destroyed in egg form, thus not lagging out the game at all. You can more or less just spam them super quickly and the elites (i used Undead -> Ikkuzus for that) can kill them instantly. When the Ikkuzus have their "fire aura" activated you can even spawn-kill the eggs if you spawn them inside said aura. I got the summoner trophy in only 2 or 3 DM sessions that way and it took me only around one hour. I tried different stuff before and restarted DM a couple of times, i'm almost sure you can do the summons in only one DM game that way. So if you want to combine this with leveling up the other player inside the dungeon, use Giant Spider instead for more XP gain. If you only want "Summoner", use spider eggs. For the possessions i really just spammed "possess/release" over and over again on a camp shopkeeper. It is literally just spamming: UP UP UP X, over and over again and took me around 30 minutes. Pretty sure i already did more than 25 DM games last evening so this definitely seems a bit buggy. Unfortunately PSN servers had some problems last night, so i was forced to stop and will continue this weekend. You can really get those DM runs down to 1-2 minutes tops (without loading times ofc) once you know what to do. I captured a quick video of me doing three of those runs in around 10 minutes (including loading times), so this really isn't too bad. If i can i will upload this to youtube later, if someone would like some visual aid on that. It's quite fun to be honest and the deadline even adds some challenge/motivation to all that.
  12. it's a dexterity based fighter, dual-wielding rapiers. getting the special weapon "swift" later on will make you attack twice as fast. combined with the high critical hits and all the recommended skills i can already see how this trivializes the game (most likely even on hard mode). but i'm not really there yet, so i can't tell you for sure. here is the detailed guide: if this method really works like mentioned, i guess it would be best to just create six characters right from the get go (one for each class) and level them all up first, as long as the servers are still online. also don't forget to give each character/class another race (for the "Dedicated" trophy), so you just have to quickly rush through the story with your maxed char, once all that other stuff is done. just as a reminder: you have to create the following race/class characters (Warlock and Tiefling from DLC are not needed): (Source:
  13. you are very welcome! i will let you know when i make it to the end and have an end-boss backup save, if you still need the coop trophy then. if you'd do the same in case you reach that point first, that would be highly appreciated of course
  14. just to throw some more info into this thread: i started the game yesterday evening and quickly power-leveled my main/first character (dex-based, dual-wield fighter. very strong / borderline OP according to steam guide) with the little XP "exploit" i read about in the IGN guide : Start a NEW Rage of Demons story (solo, easy) Go right and up the stairs to talk to the female NPC near the fireplace Go back down where you came from and exit the area Assemble your team (doesn't matter) and fast-travel to the only available place On arrival (long loading screen), you will get 1200XP for completing the quest Save and Exit, repeat It takes about 5-7 minutes per round, depending on loading times, but you can get to level 7 or even 8 relatively quickly to give yourself a head-start for hard mode or just to make easy even easier i guess. After all we're on the clock here I will now begin the game on easy and try to rush through the main quests only first to get the coop trophy done as soon as possible. Hard mode in NG+ with this overleveled character (and especially with the allegedly "OP" fighter build) should hopefully be a cake-walk then. Even if this adds an additional playthrough to my journey. Btw i personally will be using the gamepressure guide for getting through the main quests quickly. I made quite "ok" experiences with GP guides in the past, they are certainly not the best but always got me through the games without many problems: Guide looks quite decent so far, with all those maps etc. I wish everyone good luck for the race to a new (most likely forever) UR plat
  15. thanks for all the info, much appreciated! since you seemingly can't get the "hard mode" trophy in coop anyway i guess it would be better to boost the coop one in an "easy" game instead? i would definitely be interested in boosting this one, because i'd have to play through it completely for it otherwise. i guess the DM stuff can be done more or less from the start?