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  1. Thanks for confirming, i updated the OP. Kinda strange that this hasn't been fixed yet tbh 😁
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately i haven't touched the game in quite some time now But if someone tests and confirms the skill book exploit, i will happily update the OP!
  3. Yep, just happened to me too after killing my very first enemy in the game... See you later in the disputes, i guess 😁
  4. it's the "luck glitch" or "gold coin glitch"... by using a gold coin before talking to the maiden your luck stat will raise to 10k+ if you then use the Blueblood Sword, which scales with Luck, you will be doing thousands of damage plus basically guarantee ultra-rare drops from enemies (pure bladestone *cough*). oh and btw there is also a "wrong warp glitch" in the remake, which more or less lets you kill bosses in almost any order you like, even skipping most of them and finishing the game in under 20 minutes. guess this will be very interesting in some years from now, coming up in disputes
  5. Thanks for the confirmation, I updated the OP!
  6. to be perfectly honest i had to think for a second or two what you even mean and what this change has to do with the time needed to platinum it, until i realized that we put the trophy points and the end of each entry 😁 this was basically just an afterthought or "gimmick" and i would personally ignore it, or even omit the trophy points completely for all future updates. it's not really that important for the main purpose of this list in my opinion. btw i'll try to find some time to update the OP with your next update, or the one after that at the latest.
  7. thanks for letting us know! i updated the OP. guess you could still try to save-scum the money exploit by using your non-scrap junk. would potentially take ages, given the loading times, tho'. luckily i have a normal and a supreme jerk game ready to play with millions of dollars in it. always good to be prepared, i guess will wait for some more patches until i play it, still kinda glitchy and slow. hopefully they continue fixing all that stuff.
  8. Update: Patch 1.07 is now live. I will test later if those exploits still work, until then make sure to cancel the update if you want to use them. Just checked, both exploits are still working on patch 1.07
  9. I tried it this morning, works like a charm... together with the unlimited money that's rather game-breaking lol. Guess Supreme Jerk will be a cake walk if you can just spam rockets
  10. Ah yes, i read about that somewhere, too. Good tip. I will definitely also give that one a try later on, just make sure to make a hard save before so you have multiple tries. Perhaps even use a turbo controller? 😅
  11. yep, my bad. you need barter level 7 for this perk! guess i mixed that up with with the 5% chance or something. i fixed the OP, thanks!
  12. Tbh i never even tried NOT using the square button, because it would be way slower. And you will see if it worked directly in the lower left corner when your money goes up a bunch, no need to leave the shop interface
  13. Both exploits have been patched! Skill book exploit confirmed to be working up to patch version: 1.12 Money exploit confirmed to be working up to patch version 1.07 (Checked on 2021-01-28) Skill book exploit: (thanks to @Game_Knot) After reading a skill book, simply "drop" it (the context menu stays open after reading), pick it back up, rinse and repeat. This way you can use any skill book an unlimited amount of times and basically max out all skills on all your characters. Some skill books you can get rather early in the game, like Lockpicking and Brawling. See here for a full list and their locations: Money exploit: This has been fixed with Patch 1.08. Antiques Appraiser will NOT trigger for Scrap at all anymore and overall it will only give 40x instead of 50x the money on proc. I guess you could still try to save-scum it using the non-scrap junk. There is already an unlimited money exploit for everyone that wants to make buying gear or ammunition a non-issue and you can do it as early as level 4, because you need one specific perk for it. More specifically you need the "Antiques Appraiser" perk from the Barter skill (Barter Level 7), which gives you a 5% chance to sell Junk for 50x the actual value. This can be easily exploited by selling all your junk to a vendor (via the Square button) and then buying back all of your "Scrap" for $1 and repeat. It is a little bit random ofc (5%), so it may take some tries for the perk to trigger, but all you have to do is basically pressing Square, buy back all scrap, repeat and eventually you will have more than enough money for the rest of the game. Or just repeat this process later on, whenever needed of course. Unfortunately those sliders to choose the amount to sell are _horribly_ slow, so i basically just press X a bunch of times, since it will just buy back half of the stack every time... good enough. Obviously the more scrap you have, the better. So make a habit out of it to collect as much scrap as possible and keep it on you (btw make sure to buy back all your scrap from the vendor when you are done duping, so you can repeat it later). I'd suggest creating a "skill mule" once you reach the Ranger HQ and just pump everything into Intelligence and Barter. Once this char reaches level 4, get the perk Antiques Appraiser and you're done. Just take that one with you whenever you wanna make some cash.
  14. is there _any_ way to play the FF14 Free Trial if you already own, for example, the Starter Edition in your account? ANY at all?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. dernop


      Don't worry, i'm not expecting anyone to solve my problem for me or anything. Basically just making smalltalk at this point :)

      You already helped me by confirming some things more than enough, thanks!


      Guess i will try it eventually for sure, i heard so many times that people are loving ff14 and that it's one of the best MMOs out there. I also enjoyed ESO quite a bit, but my problem is that i quickly lose interest in such big games and move on to something else. But i'll see! ;)

    3. mako-heart


      I'm also locked out by this, and furious.

    4. dernop


      Same here and i really do consider this a trap and quite bullshit by squareenix. When they offered the free starter edition of course i got that one, because there is no way this could ever be detrimental for me, right? Right...? Oh well.