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  1. thankfully, it is! i played it on my pstv, I don't think i could've handled the controls on my vita tbh
  2. first of all: thanks for the feedback. always nice to see that this list helps some people. please don't think i'm rude for not really answering here, but i just try to keep off-topic posts to a minimum myself, because there are quite some people subscribed to this thread for the monthly updates and i don't wanna spam them with notifications otherwise, as it has already been correctly stated by others: if there are multiple guides, i list all of them. and i don't really notice unlisted guides, because i only do incremental updates, so i don't check older guides basically. this could mean that they don't exist anymore or that time/difficulty has changed. about guides being unlisted: i thought about this, but i think we should keep those guides in the list. that the guide here on PSNP is gone, doesn't mean you can't do that game anymore in the given amount of time. You can still use the list to generally find easy/fast games to plat, you'd just have to get the actual guide elsewhere for now. So it still holds value imho. alright, with a little delay this month, let's get down to business (quite some guides this time): Monthly update for September 2017: 3h Factotum 90 Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 13 Trophies • 285 Points 3h Fairune Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 2 | 12 Trophies • 315 Points 5h Tachyon Project Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 25 Trophies • 1,185 Points <--- 5h Grow Home Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 19 Trophies • 315 Points 5h Ghost Blade HD Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 38 Trophies • 1,140 Points 6h Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 1 | 36 Trophies • 1,155 Points 6h The Simpsons Arcade Game Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 3 | 12 Trophies • 315 Points 8h SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 2 | 35 Trophies • 1,185 Points 8h Life is Strange: Before the Storm Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 35 Trophies • 1,215 Points 10h Thimbleweed Park Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 34 Trophies • 1,215 Points 10h Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 17 Trophies • 315 Points 15h Collar×Malice Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 37 Trophies • 1,155 Points 15h Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 50 Trophies • 1,230 Points 18h Gravity Rush Remastered Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 64 Trophies • 1,710 Points 20h Alone In The Dark Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 50 Trophies • 1,185 Points 20h Handball 16 Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 5 | 26 Trophies • 1,140 Points 20h Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 50 Trophies • 1,155 Points 20h Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 36 Trophies • 1,200 Points 20h The Bard's Tale Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 2 | 52 Trophies • 1,155 Points 25h Super Time Force Ultra Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 4 | 34 Trophies • 1,140 Points 25h Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 13 Trophies • 315 Points 30h Micro Machines World Series Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 7 | 44 Trophies • 1,185 Points 35h Caladrius Blaze Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 7 | 49 Trophies • 1,200 Points 40h Everybody's Golf Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 8 | 31 Trophies • 1,155 Points 50h Dead Alliance Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 45 Trophies • 1,170 Points 50h Destiny 2 Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 7 | 14 Trophies • 1,230 Points 50h Valkyria Revolution Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 4 | 28 Trophies • 1,200 Points 60h (P)Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 21 Trophies • 1,215 Points 65h One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 37 Trophies • 1,140 Points 70h Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 3 | 62 Trophies • 1,515 Points 70h Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 44 Trophies • 1,215 Points 75h ワンピース 海賊無双2 Trophy Guide (PS3Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 40 Trophies • 1,185 Points 75h One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 3 | 40 Trophies • 1,185 Points 75h Resident Evil Revelations Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 7 | 56 Trophies • 1,230 Points 75h Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 6 | 44 Trophies • 1,230 Points 80h World of Final Fantasy Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 49 Trophies • 1,230 Points 100h Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 1 | 21 Trophies • 435 Points 100h Sheltered Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 22 Trophies • 1,215 Points 115h Bloons TD 5 Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 48 Trophies • 1,200 Points 130h プロ野球スピリッツ2015 Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 49 Trophies • 1,230 Points 200h WWE 2K17 Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 59 Trophies • 1,230 Points Others: Mecho Tales (PS4/Vita, 2-4h) 36 Fragments of Mindnight (1-2h, could be a bit difficult-ish if you don't like platformers) Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror (~3h) Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim (can be done in 1h. one or two semi-frustrating, little luck-based trophies) The Book of Regrets (~5h, like a VN or text-adventure. choices only) Planet of the Eyes (~1-2h) Perfect Angle (~2h) Don't Knock Twice (~1h) That should be it for now. I'm a bit busy currently, but i'll try to update the OP somewhen on the weekend at the latest! happy hunting and see you next month
  3. yeah, exactly! so basically like: intitle:"[GAMENAME]" the "site:" prefix tells google to just show results from "" and "intitle:" means, that the game name has to be in the title of the page, which should be only the case if it's the main page of the game itself. otherwise you would get worse results, because the game name may appear somewhere else on the page (like "people also bought this and that"). the quotations around the game name forces google to search for this _exact_ phrase, so you have to enter the game name exactly as it is listed in the store. so for example intitle:"demons souls" wouldn't work, because there is the apostrophe missing in demon's. you can, of course, just remove the "intitle:" prefix to get a more fuzzy search, but the results won't be as exact
  4. just click the google link i provided and you should see a complete list of PSN stores that have this game currently. but no, poland doesn't seem to be one of them right now, unfortunately. so your options are either to create another alt account in UK or so, or just wait until the game gets relisted eventually.
  5. last time i checked it has been taken down just to be relisted for the way more appropriate price of 9.99 eur instead of almost 30. i always use or just a special google search for stuff like this: intitle:"Perfect Angle" seems like it's currently only available in some EU stores (UK, IT, ES, FR etc), but not in NA unfortunately. so right now you'd have to buy it on an ALT account in one of those regions.
  6. Unfortunately no news since the last time I checked. so it still seems to be hit-and-miss with this trophy Best thing you can do is simply give it a try or so with the tips provided in this thread. And at this point, I'd be really surprised if they ever patch this. So "keep trying" seems to be the best thing you can do. I'm sorry that I don't have better news, good luck!
  7. oooh yeah, that was indeed easy to misunderstand. i fell for that in my first run of the game. i actually ended up deleting my save and collecting the first 15 again, ugh.
  8. TL;DR: Make sure that "Replays" are ON in the options, or the "Who's Laughing Now" trophy for the last boss won't unlock! (Replays are On by default btw, so I guess this isn't really a common case) So when I did the EU stack of this game yesterday, I tried to save a bit of time by setting Replays to Off before beginning the game. Little did I know that this would cost me 1+ extra hour in the end. When I did the last boss I went for the secret ending first, which didn't unlock the trophy for beating the last boss. I thought that was a bit strange, but I guessed those two "endings" are just mutually exclusive or whatever, so I did the last boss again the normal way: still nothing. I retried several times, restarting and even reinstalling the game to no avail. So I deleted my save and did a quick speedrun of the levels (you can take all the secret exits if they're faster and change your ninja with triangle to complete some levels in seconds btw, this won't affect any trophies) and when I finally reached the last boss after an hour or so: still no trophy. Then I realized that the only thing I did again was changing Replays to "Off". So I gave it one last try, switched that back to On, beat boss 3 for the 10th time or so and the trophy finally popped right there on the Replay screen! I guess this last boss is a special case because it goes right to the credits if you don't have replays, skipping the trophy trigger or something. otherwise fun little game and fairly easy trophies, recommended!
  9. Thanks again! Like i mentioned on youtube: just make a backup to cloud or usb at the very last checkpoint to get the other ending. Don't PlaythrouGH Twice ...
  10. Monthly update for August 2017: 3h Statik Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 16 Trophies • 315 Points 5h Demetrios Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 38 Trophies • 1,200 Points 5h Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 2 | 12 Trophies • 315 Points 5h Undertale Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 2 | 30 Trophies • 1,140 Points 8h Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 2 | 15 Trophies • 1,140 Points 8h Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 12 Trophies • 285 Points 10h Outland Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 4 | 12 Trophies • 315 Points 10h Neon Chrome Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 14 Trophies • 285 Points 10h Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 21 Trophies • 1,155 Points 15h Sonic Mania Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 18 Trophies • 315 Points 15h The Witness Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 14 Trophies • 1,230 Points 15h Hunting Simulator Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 3 | 31 Trophies • 1,185 Points 15h LEGO Movie: The Videogame Trophy Guide (Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 35 Trophies • 1,200 Points 20h Neon Drive Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 7 | 14 Trophies • 315 Points 20h Superhot Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 27 Trophies • 1,185 Points 20h Downwell Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 8 | 23 Trophies • 1,185 Points 20h Plague Inc: Evolved Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 55 Trophies • 1,275 Points 30h Sports Champions 2 Trophy Guide (PS3) | Difficulty: 7 | 44 Trophies • 1,140 Points 40h Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 34 Trophies • 1,170 Points 60h Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 85 Trophies • 3,030 Points 100h Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 40 Trophies • 1,140 Points <--- 100h Marvel Heroes Omega Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 6 | 37 Trophies • 1,200 Points 120h Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Trophy Guide (PS4Vita) | Difficulty: 3 | 53 Trophies • 1,200 Points 200h Friday the 13th Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 4 | 51 Trophies • 1,170 Points 350h Let It Die Trophy Guide (PS4) | Difficulty: 9 | 13 Trophies • 315 Points Other easy : Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan (your typical 3-4h Artifex Mundi game) Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS4) Uncharted: Lost Legacy (relatively short and easy Uncharted game. No surprises here) Bears Can't Drift EU/NA (If you liked MarioKart, you'll like this one, too. Nothing too hard, only the 4-player local co-op trophy can be a bit annoying) ICEY (US Stack. Nice and easy game. Quite fun, too ) Perhaps all those Energy Balance/Cycle stacks. Some people may have problems with Energy Balance, even with the "solver", tho. OP will be updated soon. BTW it seems like i exceeded the limit of allowed icons () in my OP, so all new listings there will now only have the (P) flag in front of them. Even in the sub-10h category. Sorry for that. Happy hunting, see you next month
  11. no definitive info yet i guess, but there are: first achievers are from NA, so most likely NA stack. first achievers are from europe first achievers from Korea. the language dropdown would suggest Korea, too.学校という名の迷宮 (JP) first achievers are from asia and available languages are english and chinese. so Asia/HK/China
  12. well, i guess if you "play" it like the quotee suggested, it's basically a Debug Menu Simulator
  13. yeah, this happened to me on level 2 hard and i heard from some other people, that this happened to them too. luckily you can just speedrun through the level to get the level complete trophy, no need to collect or kill anything besides the boss.
  14. if i remember correctly, you don't have to clear all levels from a tier to get to the next one. the trophy on the other hand is for completing all levels on that tier! I'd go back to tier one and check everywhere if you actually completed everything. may be completely wrong tho', too long ago