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  1. in my opinion trophy hunting by itself, with leaderboards and all, is basically pure elitism, at least by a huge part. and i'm guilty of that myself... who else would care for 'not real' stuff like that? so you can't really complain about that!
  2. i was also going to recommend the already named page (, so i would suggest to simply filter/order by your criteria and search for the first/best model that is currently available in stores somewhere?!
  3. this would basically work, but on the other hand this is exactly my problem with the whole "hiding trophies" system and a flaw by sony i think. if i hide my trophies, then they should be exactly that: hidden. from everyone and everything. the first thing that came to mind when i saw the blue "H" on my profile was: WTF? this is completely against the whole purpose of this feature! i want to hide stuff from the public, not point even more attention towards that. basically like having a huge sign: "dernop is currently surfing porn in incognito mode" on my browser or in my facebook feed funny thing is, i just recently unhid all of my hidden trophies, because i noticed that the general opinion tends towards "hiding trophies is suspicious cheater activity!", while i just hid them because of my completion rate in the first place. but i thought leaderboard rank (plus not being "suspicious") is worth more than a high completion rate. especially if you hide trophies only for having a high completion rate... that's basically cheating too. because you could just hide all games that are not 100% and have a 100% completion rate, what an achievement (not) so i just don't care about completion anymore from this point on
  4. of course you should, if it's not glitched that is the trophy is for beating the game at all basically
  5. i just realized you're the guy from the ps3t (witcher) forum, "hi there" on topic: ok, so at least in this direction (psn > ps3). that doesn't really mean it takes the earlier ones. psn timestamps could always have priority and will always overwrite the ones on your ps3. one would have to test it the other way around
  6. plus, if someone is abusing the flag system that much, by flagging people they don't like ten times a day, i'm pretty sure the mods will also do something about the premium-member in question. for example by removing the flagging-rights or whatever. to another thing that was discussed here: if you are really able to actually change timestamps, that are already on sonys servers, with a hacked ps3 then this is really bad news indeed! i didn't believe that this would be possible, at all. i mean the timestamp is already on sonys servers, why would they accept another, new one? the only thing i CAN imagine is, that an earlier timestamp overrides a newer one. (like in many IT-related scenarios, when delta-updates or sync'ing is involved) this could even happen (and be tested) legitimately by having two ps3s. just get a trophy on your first ps3 in any game offline and get the same trophy on the second ps3 (same account of course) 15 minutes or so later. only sync your trophies on the second ps3. after that, sync the (earlier) trophy from your first ps3. either the timestamp on the first will be updated to the newer date, or the earlier trophy has priority and gets updated on sonys servers. actually, i would be really interested in how this is handled, to be honest...
  7. could've just used it yourself and offer the actual guide instead! one time only and you delete it afterwards, of course *cough*
  8. i also immediately thought of apotheon that being said: if it doesn't work by simply switching the difficulty in the witcher, one should try to change the difficulty to "death march" before the last mission, save and quit to menu, start a new game on "death march" difficulty and then reload the first save again. it worked that way in some other games, too. i guess because the in-game "never changed difficulty" flag didn't get reset when reloading the first save or something. but however it MAY work, i think i'll just start and play on death march too. shouldn't be much more difficult than bloodborne or the souls games, i guess/hope
  9. you don't really have to make a backup if you're playing on easy anyways, do you? but i guess it can never hurt basically someone just need to switch difficulty for the last story-mission if they're playing on easy/medium anyway to confirm this for everyone, since they basically got nothing to lose by testing this! but somehow i doubt it will work. would be a huuuuge "beginners mistake" by the developers!
  10. that's a JSON response and status 500 is most likely the HTTP status code and stands for "internal server error", so it's quite generic. but normally you shouldn't see that kind of (technical) messages. where exactly do you get this message? when logging in with your playstation? or with a browser when logging in to the PS store or something?
  11. haha, just like the last "flagged" post, where people found many more 'suspicious' games quite some pattern here.
  12. come on, don't be so naive... it could also mean that you "looooove an injection" *wink* this MAY sound very immature, but to be perfectly honest i also immediately made that connection in my dirty mind somehow. but then again, i'm pretty immature in general when it comes to stupid jokes and stuff
  13. the obvious solution would be: if you have the platinum in a game, don't show any other trophies from this particular game in the list, because obviously you got the other rare ones of that game, too (DLC aside). but i'm pretty sure this has already been discussed and the answer was. more or less, it's okay how it's working now
  14. 545 in april for me, which is my current record (besides my trophy challenge in july 2014, where i got 1337 trophies) may and june will be slow for me, since i'm preparing the next trophyjuly challenge right now and just gathering games
  15. sure, but you have that in almost every statistic. it's not about 100% accuracy, it just has to be representative. and a statistic with all users psnp is tracking, i would definitely call it representative! plus we're talking about very old trophies and thus very old accounts. the possibility that an account this old has been picked up by PSNP by now is very high, i think. someone who never went online or has already closed their account will of course not be included in this statistic, but i think that can be neglected.
  16. interesting topic... according to kotaku buzz quiz tv, LBP, PAIN and some others were some of the first games with trophies: but it would be a quite simple sql query for Sly to find out who got the first trophy ever (at least on PSNP anyways), i guess! *hint*
  17. dragostea din tei is STILL awesome... a friend and i even bought the single on ebay some years ago! for me it would be almost all the 90s eurodance or trashpop (like barbie girl, backstreet boys, nsync and so on), which i mostly still like today!
  18. i think it's this one: (edit: someone was faster, i guess it's the same movie) btw: i literally just googled "japan horror movie" and some of the names i got from the subtitles, like "mayumi" and "sachiko"
  19. i guess it must be way easier with the crotas end raid, since when i played it back then, almost no one got the flawless raider trophy and it was quite the achievement. today there are many people with this trophy, it feels almost like "too many". but i guess that's what you get if you have a shared list with the (hacked) ps3 *cough* good thing is: there is a service which logs all destiny activity, since it's a online-only game: ... so you should be able to look up an achiever there and see if they really did a flawless raid around the time when they got the trophy... i did some random sampling with the "latest achievers" some time ago and there were quite some "misses", but i didn't really care. you can't report one trophy anyways ... perhaps i'll attempt it sometime again, too. when the new content is out or whenever.
  20. framerate and letterbox was a bit annoying at first, true. also the FOV as someone mentioned can be a bit off putting in the beginning. but once you are past that, it's a very good game with some challenging combat (especially akumu mode was quite a challenge), but i had tons of fun with it in the end. i'm actually thinking about getting the trophies on ps3 again sometimes, but perhaps that's really the worst version of all and even more slowdowns, lower framerate etc. perhaps i'll rent it first and look how it's "feeling" on the ps3. but for 15-20 bucks i'd say: buy it and don't give up too early, because the beginning will perhaps annoy you until you get used to all those things (framerate, fov, letterbox).
  21. yeah i basically got what you're trying to do, since i looked into that myself some time ago. i also find that topic quite interesting, but like i said there isn't really an option to "connect to your ps3" unless it's jailbroken and that's not really an option here i guess. so just mimic what the raptr app is doing or reverse engi... err i mean take a REALLY CLOSE look at how the playstation android app is working (there are plenty of tools to take "really close looks" at android apps *cough*) and with this knowledge you should be able to just login to PSN with your app and track the activities of you and all your friends at least. would be quite some work, thou i guess. and don't get me wrong, i'm not advertising (or suggesting at all) that you should do it, since it's not exactly legal i guess plus against sonys TOS of course. it's just how it could, hypothetically, be done
  22. this is definitely not true, since you can earn trophies offline and sync them later. plus even if you are online, you mostly have to manually sync to make them appear server-side (and thus on PSNP etc). so they're at least saving some kind of delta-update or transaction log (as in some file systems or sql databases etc) of your trophies earned, i guess. to me it sounded exactly the other way around. if PSNPs standpoint on this matter is "we won't do anything about it, since it's out of the user's control", i'd say us trophywhores should download all the games at once and hope this glitch happens on as many as possible ... because legit trophies and stuff but seriously, i also find this stupid. it's okay to not ban them for having one glitched game or whatever, but those times shouldn't definitely NOT count towards any challenge stuff like fastest achiever and so on! on topic: i also would like to be able to report ps4 games. at least for some kind of review. i already posted in the borderlands2 board about an impossible fastest time. just look at the 100% club: sub 9 minutes is definitely NOT possible. and i don't really care if it's a game dev, sony's CEO or just some lucky guy with a weird glitch. if it's not possible for _everyone_ to get even remotely close to that time, it must not count for the fastest achiever challenge. i really think this should be a no-brainer?! then again, i think some people (including me) take trophies way too seriously... but hey, it's a 'sport' and with pages like PSNP there is now a 'league' for it. so since we're not FIFA, why not keep it fair in the process?
  23. last time i checked this is correct... psn doesn't record playtime at all and so you can't really obtain it by any means. IIRC Raptr was only logging playtime if the desktop app was running. they did it by basically logging in to PSN (you could also chat and see who's online with the raptr app) and watching what you were playing i guess. that info is always there if the person is online ("currently playing XY"). so one could do it by having some kind of dummy PSN account with a bot and everyone who wants to have their playtime logged, would have to add this PSNP logging bot as PSN friend. but you would have to implement some of the network protocol in your application (similar to Raptr or the official PSN app for smartphones) and i guess this would break many rules of the PSN terms of service etc. so this isn't exactly a valid option for a semi-official service like PSNP, unfortunately but it would be technically possible!
  24. i'm pretty sure PS3 and PS4 can't play together, both have their own multiplayer...
  25. premium can update every minute, to be exact. normal profiles every hour, last time i checked. but could be wrong, or it has changed with all the "recaptcha" stuff?!