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  1. framerate and letterbox was a bit annoying at first, true. also the FOV as someone mentioned can be a bit off putting in the beginning. but once you are past that, it's a very good game with some challenging combat (especially akumu mode was quite a challenge), but i had tons of fun with it in the end. i'm actually thinking about getting the trophies on ps3 again sometimes, but perhaps that's really the worst version of all and even more slowdowns, lower framerate etc. perhaps i'll rent it first and look how it's "feeling" on the ps3. but for 15-20 bucks i'd say: buy it and don't give up too early, because the beginning will perhaps annoy you until you get used to all those things (framerate, fov, letterbox).
  2. yeah i basically got what you're trying to do, since i looked into that myself some time ago. i also find that topic quite interesting, but like i said there isn't really an option to "connect to your ps3" unless it's jailbroken and that's not really an option here i guess. so just mimic what the raptr app is doing or reverse engi... err i mean take a REALLY CLOSE look at how the playstation android app is working (there are plenty of tools to take "really close looks" at android apps *cough*) and with this knowledge you should be able to just login to PSN with your app and track the activities of you and all your friends at least. would be quite some work, thou i guess. and don't get me wrong, i'm not advertising (or suggesting at all) that you should do it, since it's not exactly legal i guess plus against sonys TOS of course. it's just how it could, hypothetically, be done
  3. this is definitely not true, since you can earn trophies offline and sync them later. plus even if you are online, you mostly have to manually sync to make them appear server-side (and thus on PSNP etc). so they're at least saving some kind of delta-update or transaction log (as in some file systems or sql databases etc) of your trophies earned, i guess. to me it sounded exactly the other way around. if PSNPs standpoint on this matter is "we won't do anything about it, since it's out of the user's control", i'd say us trophywhores should download all the games at once and hope this glitch happens on as many as possible ... because legit trophies and stuff but seriously, i also find this stupid. it's okay to not ban them for having one glitched game or whatever, but those times shouldn't definitely NOT count towards any challenge stuff like fastest achiever and so on! on topic: i also would like to be able to report ps4 games. at least for some kind of review. i already posted in the borderlands2 board about an impossible fastest time. just look at the 100% club: sub 9 minutes is definitely NOT possible. and i don't really care if it's a game dev, sony's CEO or just some lucky guy with a weird glitch. if it's not possible for _everyone_ to get even remotely close to that time, it must not count for the fastest achiever challenge. i really think this should be a no-brainer?! then again, i think some people (including me) take trophies way too seriously... but hey, it's a 'sport' and with pages like PSNP there is now a 'league' for it. so since we're not FIFA, why not keep it fair in the process?
  4. last time i checked this is correct... psn doesn't record playtime at all and so you can't really obtain it by any means. IIRC Raptr was only logging playtime if the desktop app was running. they did it by basically logging in to PSN (you could also chat and see who's online with the raptr app) and watching what you were playing i guess. that info is always there if the person is online ("currently playing XY"). so one could do it by having some kind of dummy PSN account with a bot and everyone who wants to have their playtime logged, would have to add this PSNP logging bot as PSN friend. but you would have to implement some of the network protocol in your application (similar to Raptr or the official PSN app for smartphones) and i guess this would break many rules of the PSN terms of service etc. so this isn't exactly a valid option for a semi-official service like PSNP, unfortunately but it would be technically possible!
  5. i'm pretty sure PS3 and PS4 can't play together, both have their own multiplayer...
  6. premium can update every minute, to be exact. normal profiles every hour, last time i checked. but could be wrong, or it has changed with all the "recaptcha" stuff?!
  7. those features don't exclude each other... you have the fastest achiever in the 100%Club and you would have the fastest (platinum) achiever in the "platinum club" sub-page. i mean just look at those two pages: they're basically the same, but the platinum one is "missing" a column
  8. i recently asked a very similar question, which yielded some nice results: plus someone pointed me in the direction of a "easy platinum" thread: or you could use the "trophy stats" page of PSN as a general hint of how many people got a platinum in a game (usually: higher completion rate equals a good and/or quick platinum): you are using the wisdom/research of other trophy hunters here, basically the trophy stats link is not filtered by platform, but you can filter it to show PS3 titles only!
  9. it mainly depends on when your profile was updated last.. you can see it on your profile page, directly under the "trophy milestones" block on the right. in your case (xTheUndeadGamerx) it would be: "Update in 23 hours, 48 minutes"!
  10. i guess since all the "captcha" annoyance, basically. but you can't really blame PSNP for some crazy people, updating profiles with thousands of bots the whole day. so it's just self defense, so to speak.
  11. i also really like those trophy speedruns... really fun! i guess one could shave off some more time by doing the factions (12 weeks) first, stop at the last day and upload it to the cloud, then do the other faction up to the last day and then cash in both more or less at the same time (complete the second journey, download the cloud save and complete the first one). same could be done for the difficulty trophies if you want to go that far: play game offline and complete all but the last chapter on grounded+, upload save to the cloud and delete/recreate your psn account on your ps4, which should delete the local trophies. then do the last chapter and have all diffculty(+) pop at the same time. with this and very careful planning, it should be doable in under 2 days. perhaps even sub 1? could be a fun challenge!
  12. to everyone: thanks for all the suggestions. be assured that i saw and noted them all! many telltale games (for example all TWD season2 versions: ps3,ps4,vita) are already on my list. i also included "tales from the borderlands", GoT and the "telltale-like" life is strange for both platforms, but i don't know how many episodes will be out until july. fortunately i got a "dual tv" setup with ps4/ps3 in my living room, so i tend to do those multiplatform telltale games basically simultaneously. sometimes even with the vita version too, so it doesn't take much time to do all three. i did that with wolf among us, more or less. otherwise, thanks for the kind words. unfortunately i don't have the _whole_ july though, since i don't have enough vacation days, but three weeks (plus some days) should be enough. and as you can imagine, i get very mixed responses about that. not everyone is seeing this as "a dream", but rather unnecessary or plain stupid plus for the money i'm spending on games right now, i could easily do a full-blown one or two week vacation with hotel and everything ... but well, everyone has different hobbies i guess. so long.
  13. nothing wrong with a bit of self-advertisement if the guides are good normally trophies are not "all i'm after", this almost sounds kinda sad tbh, but in this case, i guess it's true (in terms of the challenge, i mean). oh, something else. perhaps somehow has experience with that. i platted MGS3:snake eater some time ago and i think i still have quite some saves (basically all of them) on my PS3, as i tend to make a new save every "chapter" or new area. with those it should be possible to relatively quickly plat the vita version of MGS3 too, right? i think i saw a cross-save guide over at you just have to save at the right places. i could def. prepare that with the saves i already have!
  14. but that would mean i cant really prepare it, because i would have to sleep (save) for that, doesn't it?
  15. looks very promising, thanks. definitely goes on my "to consider" list speed is not THAT much of an issue, so i guess i would try it on my main directly. perhaps i'll just watch the speedrun video before as preparation!
  16. thanks for the link. this looks very similar to the "project platinum" thread on i'm also looking at. unfortunately i already did most of those easy platinums already that's why i was mainly looking for "preparable" trophies. but thanks for the heads up with deadly premonition. i don't know that game, so the trophylist just seemed like that could be all turned in at once or something. so that was valuable information right there! to the reply that just came in while typing this: i actually platted minecraft in last years "trophyjuli", but took me a bit longer, since i began to do stuff myself and later found someone who boosted with me
  17. that's a good suggestion, but unfortunately i already did both versions (ps3 and the definitive on ps4) of sleeping dogs and also skyrim plus all fallouts already but definitely helpful if someone else stumbles upon this thread, thanks! definitely some good suggestions there, i already got all the GoW ones, trine2, terminator salvation and at least the first jak&daxter. not so sure about the other two j&d's. but i will look into naruto and AC, thank you!
  18. so? what kind of argument is that? the times are still not "legit" or "legitimately achievable", so it shouldn't be here on this site nor count for any kind of leaderboard etc. working for a company and somehow being able to simply unlock your own games' trophies, is just as much of a unfair advantage or cheating as everything else (using save games etc.) by this logic i would just have to start working as a software engineer at sony and simply unlock all trophies for me, to get to #1 leaderboard. and since i work for sony and have unfair advantages in terms of trophy-access, this would be legit... is that what you're saying?
  19. just got the same error, the HTTP certificate isn't valid anymore ...
  20. i guess that's why you can't report PS4 games, because it isn't hacked yet. but as soon as you have a game with cross-save, this becomes completely irrelevant, because you can hack your game(save) as much as you want on your hacked ps3 and simply transfer this to the unhacked/safe PS4... kind of like a built-in backdoor. so this "PS4 is not reportable" system has a flaw right there! perhaps a report whitelist for PS4 games with save transfer?! i wish a mod or admin would finally read this thread ... *cough*
  21. i basically had the same problem, after playing bloodborne. because in the souls games before, i always either played a pure strength tank, or a pure caster from a safe distance. when i started SotFS after BB, i started off as a strength build again and it felt off, so i started from the beginning and did a dex/quality kind of build. i put just enough levels in str/dex to wield a quick weapon (i used the rapier 90% of the game, until i got the stronger version 'Espada Ropera' from Chancellor Wellager in Endgame). once upgraded, those weapons are very strong with their high counter damage, especially (or unfortunately 'only') agains single enemies, like bosses or if you lure regular enemies out (because it only has those 'stabbing' attacks, which barely every hit more than one enemy). for defense i mainly raised my agility to 100+, so i could dodge everything. i never used a shield ONCE in my whole three playthroughs of SotFS! At first it felt a bit off for a souls game, but i quickly mastered that new playstyle; guess bloodborne was a great help in that department. and in the end i got the plat and had a LOT of fun with this new playstyle. it almost felt like a whole new game, which was a plus!
  22. yeah, i'm pretty sure we would've heard of a PS4 hack by now! the timestamps basically look legit, in terms of order and stuff. but i did hear about some kind of trophylist-swap-glitch or something. but i dont know any details?! i'm pretty sure it's doable in a day or so, especially with (very) carful planning. i actually did think about some kind of speed-challenge (fastest achiever), but when i saw that guy with 9 minutes i thought: why even bother if you can't get to the top legitimately. to make (at least the platinum) REALLY fast, you could prepare a new character on your PS3 and boost it via splitscreen to maxlevel or at least 50-60 something. the new character would have to be the guest, so his story doesn't progress. once it's set up and you have decent gear you either upload that save to the ps4 and faceroll the story on normal mode. You should actually level that char to some level above 50 plus 99% or so experience, so that you'll get the level trophies with the next level up easily. Or to make it even quicker, but much more time consuming (preparation that is): Play with your new character on your PS3 and save&quit right before every story related trophy. Upload and immediately download that save to the PS4. The PS4 actually makes copies of the downloaded char, so you can have quite a huge list of the same character right before the next story trophy... etc (don't know how many saves you are allowed to have, but perhaps you have to skip some steps that are very close to each other, trophywise. or simply upload the first batch to the PS cloud and/or USB, so you can have effectively double/triple the amount). Then, once everything is set up, just load the saves one after another and pop the story trophies in matter of, i guess, an hour or so... for the challenges, visited areas, and cumulative trophies import your "platinum" char from ps3, fast travel somewhere, donate to moxxi, do another slaughter dome round, kill the raid boss etc and then do the "temporary" or random stuff like finding michael amaril (i think that's the name?!), find donkey mong and so on. i think you get the point... should be possible to clock in the platinum (perhaps even DLCs if you do them this way, too) in way under 10 hours, legitimately! but as long as the "9 minute guy" is up there, i wouldn't even try that anyways... gotta run now, have a nice weekend everyone!
  23. It stands for custom firmware.. So basically read it as "hackable" But the ps4/vita thing about reports actually makes sense, a little bit. I still think it's not possible by any means. The loading alone plus dlcs and temporary stuff like level up a goliath 4 times or find the fellow vault hunter wich is random rare etcetc
  24. i also noticed that... it is cleary hacked or a glitch or something. why can't the person be reported as a cheater? perhaps some people actually are more equal than others ... any mods/admins that could clear that up please? Edit: seems like the lack of report button is because it is a ps4 game and not because of the person, since the ps4 is currently seen as 'unhackable' i guess. So i apologize for the "animal farm" quote