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  1. the problem with this game is that it's a lot of fun, so there are an inordinate number of lifers still playing that are nearly impossible to beat.
  2. There have been people playing every night since I got the game. It's usually the same group but the games are very steady and I've never had to wait except in the other rooms that no one plays in. I've made it to level 35 of 50 in about a week without boosting.
  3. As of November 20, servers still up, but I've never seen more than 100 players at once, and they generally stick to one room. Lots of people are level 50, and like to pretend they're the big fish in the little pond. Funny thing is that many are gaming noobs with only a few games played and seem to think blur is it. Most aren't interested in boosting either -- they just play for fun, which is cool, but makes it hard for the rest of us to get the online trophies.
  4. Gran turismo 5 & 6 are phenomenal games, but I think he was looking for arcade style racers, not simulators.
  5. i played rb3, but it just didn't feel the same for me. bought the keyboard too, but that's become a paperweight and forgettable. the game overall just felt very average, even tedious at times.
  6. i'm up to about 10-12 games that are near platinum, but i just gave up. you can either list your almost plats or give a number if you're too embarrassed to show them. the rules are simple: no more than 3 trophies from a plat, and no more than 1 of each type are needed to finish a trophy list. give your reasons too. for me, most near plats were from hitting a wall and having enough of a particular game (too much grinding, difficulty level, lack of interest, or lost save files).
  7. I only played gt 5 & gt 6 but they are my favourite racing games on ps3.
  8. rock band peaked at 2 darksiders and red faction had only two games each on ps3, but were heading downward the F1 (annualized) racing series has been inconsistent and getting worse
  9. the garage management system was cool, but when i played, the servers were terrible and unreliable.
  10. recommend a good motorcycle racing game for ps3?

  11. it is now!!!
  12. The great Burnout Paradise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (both made by Criterion games, awesome developer) GRID 2, DiRT 3 DRIVER San Francisco Midnight Club: Los Angeles MOTORSTORM: APOCALYPSE Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Blur The good / average Need for Speed: Rivals Shift 2 Unleashed Split/Second Test Drive Unlimited 2 WipEout HD F1 2012 The ugly GRID Autosport Need for Speed: The Run (both these games are incredibly boring and repetitive)
  13. as my ps3 career draws to a close, i would like to play one more racing game that is motorcycle specific. can someone recommend a decent game to play? thanks!
  14. recommend me a ps3 motorcycle game!

  15. King's Quest - Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember free for ps3 and ps4 users Offline trophies: 17 (15, 2) https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/games/king%27s-quest-chapter-1-a-knight-to-remember/cid=UP0002-CUSA01447_00-KINGSQUESTCHAPT1?smcid=pdc:us-en:pdc-games-detail-kings-quest-chapter-1-a-knight-to-remember-ps4:leadproductinfo-buy-download:king-s-quest---chapter-1-a-knight-to-remember:up0002-cusa01447_00-kingsquestchapt1:pssocial:blog:game:kings_quest_chapter_1_release:7_27_15
  16. for me it's either dead space 2 or uncharted 2. waking up in a hospital straight-jacket and stumbling around trying to find the exit in ds2 was awesome and scary at the same time. hanging off a train that's dangling from a cliff in uc2 was equally exciting for me to play. what's yours?
  17. does anyone know if Life Is Strange episode one will be available for free?
  18. i never owned a PS1 or PS2, so i was very excited to play twisted metal on PS3 when PS+ offered it. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! this game was never patched. it was made principally for online play and has the worst servers ever. the respawns were terrible. the online was horribly unbalanced. and i couldn't boost this game for all the money in the world. there are basically three types of people playing this game: trophy hunters, people that actually like playing TM, and a$$hats that deliberately stop you from boosting just because. AGHHHH! i was aiming just for 50% trophy completion, but i couldn't even get that because of the boredom, frustration and anger i'd feel after playing for only an hour. the worst part? it could've been a great game, if only....
  19. i didn't mean for the rules to be so rigid, i just wanted to see how many other players were as ridiculously close to platinums as i have been. good responses so far! Jay_Cash: Spec-Ops: FUBAR, i died so many times on hard level, i didn't even bother trying for this trophy.
  20. Counterspy is my favourite psn game this year through ps+ -- loved it! it reminded me a lot of old arcade game, elevator action
  21. yes, no more than 1 bronze/ 1 silver/ 1 gold. Guacamelee! and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are both 2 gold trophies from platinum, but i don't count those games. i didn't do Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Crushing Mode because i died a lot during my hard play-through.
  22. like the bottle says, you're not worthy!
  23. great tip! i think part of the problem with this trophy is that neither of the guides i read stated you need to do full, long-weekend qualifying on races that R&D will be done; otherwise, you won't get the email to change paths. in other words, don't do one-shot qualifying for every race!
  24. i did almost 6 full play-throughs with clean-up and co-op included. don't listen to the haters, part 3 was great dead space fun!
  25. i went back to red dead redemption just to improve my completion rate. i hated the game the first time i played it, but when i went back to it last summer, i completely fell in love with it and nearly got 100% of trophies. if not for psnprofiles and the stats it tracks, i wouldn't have played it again.