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  1. I decided to expand my Fire Emblem Game Collection and bought this one :awesome:



    1. serrated-banner9
    2. Azemya


      fun is my first switch game cause i recently bought the console 😂

      I know the story of Fire Emblem Three Houses thanks to a friend so i decided to get this one instead cause it was in a sale :lol:

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      Have fun with your new Switch, Azemya. 😄 I have a little Switch backlog to tend to, but that will have to wait. Will eventually be back to finish the Senran Kagura series, among other things.

  2. Knuckles on the Nogleths[NGS] Proof of defeating Nogleth.The beatings won't stop until they apologize. Just did a bit progress in the New Genesis Part of PSO2 (sadly i didnt get the full trophy set for this character yet )
  3. I got no or more accurate only a bit trophy progress on my Games lately 😅

    to focused on Final Fantasy 14 at the moment..

    preparing for Pandæmonium Savage Circle 5 - 8 :awesome:.

    Will continue Nier Replicant and Soul Hackers 2 soon !

  4. No Mammet Is an IslandAchieve sanctuary rank 10 in your island sanctuary. I'm finally done
  5. It is so good
  6. On an Endless Adventure, Once Again![PSO2] Proof of clearing a quest in Multiplayer.Our adventure is just beginning! We're counting on you for the next quest! Finally decided to play this again
  7. Greenwood Treasure Hunter (I)Open a total of 100 treasure chests in Avidya Forest, Lokapala Jungle, Ardravi Valley, Ashavan Realm, Vissudha Field, Lost Nursery, and Vanarana. I don't think i need to say something to this one
  8. One Fell SwoopEliminated 4 enemies or more in a single attack. So far the Gameplay is good. Reminds me strong on Persona Only downer for now is that i don't have any AOE Skills..yet. The only Group Attack so far is when Ringo is using Sabbath, which triggers when attacking a enemy's weakness
  9. i got the game from the eu psn store today. Had to pay 25 Cent lol. As someone who played the older titles of the series I'm happy we can finally play this one on console.
  10. So i started Soul Hackers 2 earlier and i really like it so far. :wub:

    So we follow the Heroine Ringo to meet the Guy she needs to protect...kinda hard when he is already dead....Well whatever just Soul Hack him back to life :lol:

    and also i didn't expect the Normal Battle theme would be such a banger :awesome:

  11. Soul HackedHacked Arrow's soul. My first Impressions so far are positive That Intro and the Opening was really nice I already like The main heroine!
  12. Journey: "The Rain Seeps Into the Soil"Complete "Varuna Gatha." I really love Sumeru so far. So many things to explore