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  1. I started playing this yesterday with a friend in online co-op. the progress stacks for both players, and the trophies pop for both players as well. The only thing you have to keep in mind, is when you pick up Boat coins etc. both players have to collect them by themselves. If one player picks it up, it will still be there for the other player to pick it up too
  2. Wait, when was that? My trophy list on PSNP is wiped as well, I updated my account like, 10hrs ago. Will it be adjusted by itself again?
  3. Got it for free as well. I've sponsored 2K enough by buying their games over the years.
  4. No. Found out the hard way
  5. If anyone is still there, they just did a patch for the game a couple of days ago, haven't had the issue myself, but so far so good.
  6. Or you can play it again on easy, and use the Survivor and no-vitachamber glitch at the end of the game. That'll save a lot of time,
  7. Recently started watching this anime! Love it so far
  8. Oh I see, I misunderstood. which trophies do you still need? Maybe I can help you out with getting them. Yesterday I go the 4 consectutive wins trophy with a friend, servers were so empty we could just go 1vs1
  9. Is the multiplayer really that fun? I just want it to get it over with..
  10. Is this glitch by any chance suddenly patched? yesterday morning I had no trouble finding glitched servers, but I havent found a single one ever since..
  11. I did this too with a friend last night, it has to be a public match, but we did 1v1 Gang Shootout, since no else was online, conveniently, after 4 consecutive wins the trophy popped.
  12. Since the latest update there are no more weapons to buy in the store, The ones I still need have all disappeared..?
  13. Hope they gonna fix it, cuz this is really lame.. I don't want to be forced into a lobby with only Dutch ppl..