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  1. Breasts are the only correct answer here.
  2. Yeah we tried Divinity (I assume you mean Original Sin) but we weren't really enjoying it. I think because it's turn-based. Especially since OS requires more strategy than something Diablo and my girlfriend hasn't played those types of games much, if at all. I did enjoy playing it by myself though. We've played it, but I prefer to pretend Sacred 3 doesn't exist. It may be an ok hack and slash game (though IMO it fails at that), but they removed just about everything that made Sacred 2 amazing. I didn't enjoy 3 at all, still hoping we get a real sequel to 2. I played it on Xbox already! So much regret... I'll take a look at the rest and see if there is anything we can agree on playing. Thanks guys!
  3. Well I'd prefer not to have splitscreen, but it's better than nothing!
  4. Gah I'm stupid, I forgot to include what we've played. I'll edit it in.
  5. Looking for something to play with my girlfriend. Something like Diablo, Sacred, or perhaps BG:Dark Alliance? EDIT : We've played all the Borderlands, Sacred 2, Diablo 3 (both editions), Child of Light, Dead Island (all), LotR : WotN and Dungeon Siege 3. I guess a better way to phrase it would be coop RPGs that aren't exclusive to Xbox or multiplat, I suppose.
  6. Need more platinums : x.

    1. Beauty Blade

      Beauty Blade

      oh wait...too busy on Xbox. G_g

  7. KoA and Sacred 2 are one of the few WRPGS I can actually stand. In KoA and S2's case, I love them both.
  8. If they removed the ability to buy/play used I'd probably buy about 95% less games. I buy games a lot of my games used nowdays because they aren't worth the new price to me...removing the ability to get them used will not suddenly make them worth the new price. I'm not going to pay 60 dollars for a game that will effectively be worth 0 as soon as I open it, except in very rare occasions where I absolutely want the game. If companies want more people to buy new, make games worth the new price. Your dumb, generic shooter with a 5 hour campaign is not worth 60 dollars. That's a problem with you, not the consumer.
  9. Started Ni No Kuni a few days ago. It borrows an awful lot from Pokemon but it's an enjoyable game nonetheless.

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    2. BeautifulTorment


      Levelling up a character is such a core mechanic in many games. It wasn't even done first by Pokemon so that fact is irrelevant.. So if only one idea is similar to Pokemon... it means an awful lot of the game is? My original question is still completely valid

    3. ASlimeAppears


      I named three things (capturing monsters, leveling and evolving monsters, having to forget moves to learn new ones) and never said Pokemon did it first, merely that the combination of mechanics in Ni No Kuni was an awful lot like the mechanics in Pokemon. I think you are trying too hard to find something to argue about. Are you telling me the monster taming in NNK is nothing like Pokemon?

    4. BeautifulTorment


      I said the mechanic is one thing and doesn't qualify as "an awful lot". You're making it sound like a ripoff in the OP when the game is in fact very different.

  10. Am I the only one bothered by how it says "certain single player games" instead of "all SP games"? It stands to reason all SP games should function just fine, and games that do have MP but also have SP experiences should be ok too. That quote doesn't make me feel that way.
  11. Kingdoms of Amalur - need more loot games Shadow Hearts - Enjoy both the one with a subtitle, and From the New World. I remember playing through the subtitle-less one twice, which was extraordinarily rare for me to do before I got into trophies/achievements and had real (huhuhuhuhuhu) reasons to do so.
  12. VI V X-2 (not a typo, job system too good)
  13. It's still batshit insanity nonetheless. No good can come of this ; |
  14. How do you even forget to do that? With the way corporations work there's probably an employee whose entire job is stuff like this.
  15. A new loot game. Since Sacred 3 seems to be losing its loot-centric focus there isn't any new loot games on the horizon...and I really like loot games >_< I mean, I guess there is Diablo 3, but I haven't heard a lot of good stuff about the loot. Or good stuff about any of it actually...